The storm

A fiver year old Jennie huddled agents the cold rocks in her bright yellow raincoat. The rain dripped from her hood on to her pail check, joining with her tears to drip off her chin.


Only meters away the sea crashed and clawed at the rocks, sending salt water into the darkening air. Jennie could hardly move from the cold and fear that trembled though her small body. Something in the back of her Childs mind told her to clime away from the water but her froze fingers couldn’t grip the slim covered rocks.


“Daddy! Mommy!” the thin cry was wiped away by the wind and rain. A wave sent spray over the small figure. She gasped with the cold and made herself smaller agents the rocks calling out again. “Daddy! Mommy!” there was no answer. Again and again she cried out for her parents until the waves snatched at her feet. Trembling Jennie tried to force her numb fingers to pull her up the rock bank. Inch by inch she climbed but the sea climbed faster.


Lights swept the night in the distance as Jennie struggled to stay out of the sea’s icy grasp. Soon she could hear her name being shouted into the storm.


“Daddy! Mommy hel-”


The shout was cut off as water knocked Jennie’s feet from under her. Desperately she reaches for the rocks but the wash had already dragged her away. Water burned her throat and eyes. One moment she was under the dark surface the next she was being propelled towards the rocks. 


The impact forced the water and air out of Jennie’s lungs. Something wrapped around her ankle snagged on a rock as she slid back towards the darkness below her. A bright light filled Jennie’s vision. She was only half aware as someone screamed her name.


It happened all to fast for her to keep up. Something moved above her, sending rocks tumbling down into the leaping darkness. A Hand griped her arm, pulling her up and out of the water. More rocks fell and a different set of hands snatched her to a warm body.


Jennie eyes flicked, giving her snap shots of scene. Her father face set in grim determination. The shadow of a huge wave. A green face flashing though the water. Black.


Jennie woke suddenly and snatched her hands under the covers. They throbbed with the cold as they had those fourteen years ago. The feeling bought too many painful memories back. She couldn’t just lay in the dark and let them wash over her like the waves has that day.


Flicking the bed side light on, Jennie sat up and worked some feeling back into her finger tips. A storm outside tapped at her window. She threw it a regardful look and prayed there where no lost children that night.


Slowly as her hands warmed Jennie picked up a framed photo from her bed side table. She only had two that where kept there. One was herself and Adam on there first date. The other a picture of a family’s fishing trip. Jennie smiled at her fiver year old self proudly showing a fish to the camera. Her mum and dad stood in the background looking on just as proudly. It was how the day had begun. By the end of that day there would be one less people in that family.

The End

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