Chapter One (part two)Mature

My sleep felt as if it was cut short as I felt the ground under me disappear and a bright light burning through my eyelids. My eyes fluttered open only to be greeted by the sun. I looked up and saw the silhouette of a Mark’s face as the sun began to rise behind him.

“Shh,” he hushed me as I began to open my mouth. I quickly glanced around as I saw cops and men in white coats surrounding the hotel we were just in and assessed the situation in a split second.

I jumped out of Mark’s arms and latched onto him like a leech. “Wha-..” he seemed confused but his arms instinctively went around my waist. “PDA usually makes people uncomfortable,” I said and laughed a bit as we made our way towards a possible getaway car.

With our backs towards the crowd of people, I was glad that Mark had convinced me to dye my hair a natural looking blonde while chopping off a good seven inches off. In short, my hair went from being long, brown, and slightly wavy to shoulder length, blonde-ish, and almost completely straight.

We walked together to a small Honda Civic and stood facing each other at the passenger side. Mark reached into his pocket as he leaned towards me backing me into the car door. His face was inches away from mine as we peered into each other’s eyes.

I heard him picking at the lock of the car door with his amazing lock picking skills he only needed one hand, the other was in my hair.

To be completely honest, I was taken aback by Mark’s aggressive approach, but it was my idea in the first place so I played along letting my hands wrap themselves around his neck pulling us closer but not touching.

The door behind me clicked and I reached for the door as Mark pulled my hood over my head as he pulled away and ran to the driver’s side.

I slid into the car and unlocked the car for him, but a cop was already making his way towards us. Mark didn’t have enough time to hotwire the car so we went back to ‘making out’. “This is getting old.”

“It was your idea,” he smirked as he pulled me closer to him.

“I didn’t think we would have to be doing this for this long. Besides, I thought you were good at this whole ‘car-stealing’ business. What’s taking so long?” I mocked.

“Well having a pretend make out session with a pretend girlfriend is really distracting. He pulled my hoodie a bit more to cover more of my face with one hand as the other struggled to connect the wires. The cop drew closer and as he began to turn to face us I slowly climbed over into the driver’s side with my hands slowly unbuttoning Mark’s shirt hoping that this would cause the cop to skip this car.

With luck on our side the cop slowly swerved to another car to inspect it proving that he was obviously a new member to the popo squad.

In seconds, the engine roared to life as Mark used the few seconds that the cop had looked away to start the car. “This never happened.” I glared at Mark who was clearly enjoying this pretend stuff.

“I have a hot girl on top of me in a very small and enclosed vicinity. I’m not too sure I can pretend this never happened.”

I rolled my eyes as I crawled back over into my own seat keeping my hood on in case the new cop decided to give us another look.

We pulled out of the hotel and onto the road for the fifth time this week with no destination. Our only goal, or rather my only goal, was to stay away from anyone in a white lab coat.

“Where to, your highness?” Mark said as we pulled onto the highway.

“Not too sure yet.” I shrugged as I stared at all the cars we passed, wondering what an ordinary life would feel like.

“Lets play twenty questions. You ask me twenty questions and then I ask you twenty.” I groaned as I realized what he was doing.

“I’m not telling you anything. You’re just a moocher.”

“A moocher?” Mark seemed taken aback.

“You’re mooching off my ‘adventure’. You know all you need to know for this ‘adventure’ to be fun.” I quickly averted the game.

“Five questions?” He pressed.

“Fine, five.” How bad could it be?

There was a slight pause as he thought about what he was going to interrogate me with. “What’s your full name?”

“Are you going to Google me?” I grew suspicious.

“Are you going to answer the question?” he countered.

“Alexandra Baylie Heathe.” I reluctantly answered.

The End

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