Chapter One (part one)Mature

Alex is part of an experiment called Project Life Force that has been shut down by the government but continues without many people doing anything about it. Alex is the only one who's genome matches this mystical Life Force energy and has mutated her into a super human which has ultimately enhanced her senses, strength, speed and agility. Her and the other experiments must learn to control their powers before leaving for the outside world. Until then, they must train while avoiding the white coa

It hurts. It hurts to look back and see the past taunting me with its terrifying memories. The memories that made me wake up screaming, dripping sweat as if I had been running a marathon. I cringe every time I close my eyes hoping that maybe I’d fall asleep and dream about happier things, but I knew better.

I lay in that hotel room bed thinking back, wondering if the outcome would’ve been different; if the choices that I made then could have been different, possibly leading to a brighter future, but every time I played back those few seconds that would soon change my life forever, I realized that there wasn’t anything I could’ve done differently that would have changed who I am today.

I curled up on my side tugging at the blankets so that they were tucked tightly around me, but I soon felt them pull back. “Alex,” his ragged voice whispered as he pulled even more. “No hogging the blankets.”

I turned over only to see the back of the person I let tag along with me on my ‘adventure’ and glared, even though I knew he couldn’t see my frown. “Can’t you sleep on the floor and let the lady have a bed to herself?” I tried to shove him off, but he didn’t budge.

I sighed as I walked over to the closet that was only a few feet away, considering this was only a one bed hotel room, and reached for the blankets that were identical to the ones Mark was curled up in. I walked back to the bed and grabbed the pillow my head was just recently comfortably planted on and tossed it onto the floor next to the bed Mark was now sprawling all over and placed my head back on it as I tucked myself under the few extra blankets in the room.

Mark groaned a bit as if he was trying to tell me something which was quickly followed by a loud thud and a chuckle.

Mark had managed to roll himself off the bed and land right next to me dragging his pillow and basically all the sheets along with him. He threw his arms around me and nuzzled his nose into the curvature of my neck as he whispered, “I got lonely.”

I tried to shove him off but he was a good three times my weight and held me down without even trying that hard. I rolled my eyes and let my body be consumed by his warmth, and with this comfort I slowly drifted away into a deep slumber, but before I lost consciousness I vaguely remember hearing Mark. “I know how to put a baby to sleep.”

The End

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