Pandora's Box

David walked out of the door and fell, catching himself on the empty gurney moving through the hall. A hospital? He thought, but something else caught his eye. A blue lockbox was on the gurney, protected by layers of foam and the guards that had pushed him off. They did that, didn't they... What is wrong with me? The drugs, I guess. He walked down the aisle, following it. It turned into a metal-walled hallway, and the gurney hooked on to the bottom of the stair rails, sliding down  the long staircase. David clutched the rail on the way down, like he was barely learning to walk at all. Where are my memories? he thought. He reached the end of the hall. He punched in a code that he thought he didn't know and followed the box to a room with one way mirrors everywhere. "David, you don't know what you're doing, do you?" the voice said. "And I was thinking that your curiosity was gone. Oh well. Meet Pandora's box. One lockbox, mimicking the human brain's function completely, only with better recall and smaller neurons. We equipped one with eyes, ears, a mouth, and all of those, and it's sentient now. It hooked itself up to a man while he was sleeping, replacing his memories with its knowledge. That man is you, Dr. Long.

The End

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