David Long

The bright light turned off.  David tried to get up, but it was like a huge weight was sitting on every part of his body.

"I see that you've found our force-field." the voice said. "It only works one way, so we can operate."

"Operate?" David said. What the hell is that supposed to mean? He thought.

"The nature of David Long's protection requires alteration of some organs. Nothing will change, visually." the voice said.

"Oh,that's fine... then... and he fell asleep.

When David woke up, he could already tell that the field was off. David got up. Where is dr. Long, he said. or did I? did I say that? he thought.

"wherrr..." he said. What? I can't talk! he thought.

"David Long is making an appearance in Central Park, New York today. You will know how to assassinate him when you see him."

The End

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