4º Chapter - Preconception

Madalena was painting a picture in her room, having as a model an alterated foto, made by her in the computer, with a wonderful landscape with someone in the middle. The painting was for a neighbor who asked her to make a painting for her to put it in her living room. At the same time that she painted the picture, she was speaking by the cellphone, which she had stuck in her ear, with her old friend Diana, from who she separated when they went to differents universities, since her friend went to Porto.

- So, do you already have a boyfriend? - asks Lena in a playful tone.

"He´s not really my boyfriend... yet. I met him in my first day of University and we have been together all the time in school breaks, or getting out a little when we can. We went to the cinema once " - informs her Diana, clearly proud of her situation, maybe believing that her relationship was evolving in the right way.

- In my opinion that relationship will evolve more than that - suspects Lena, with certainty of what she was saying.

" I hope so. Is what I most want. He´s so nice "

The redhead girl continues her delicate moviments with the pencil, while she was speaking.

- You have to show me his foto.

" I will send to you by email. I will not put it in facebook yet because maybe he will not like it ".

- Yes. Is to soon yet for that - agrees Madalena - He can think that you are advancing to much fast with the relationship.

" Is exactly because of that".

In that moment, she hears the bell, and, knowing who was, Lena hurries up in the phone.

- I´ve to go. My neighbour is here for we go run by bike together.

" Ok. I´ll send to you my boy´s foto when I can".

- Yes, do that that I wanna see him - she says, dressing her elastic sport´s shorts and white t-shirt, made by the same material - Goodbye, Diana. We continue this conversation in another time.

" Do a good run, Lena "

After turning off the cellphone, Lena goes to open the door and let her neighbour enter.

- Good morning, Cecilia. I will just prepare my snack for the run. Wait just a second - she says, running to the kitchen.

- It´s ok, Lena. Don´t have hurry. We have all day to run - she says, relaxed, sitting in the couch.

Cecilia was a tall and slim woman, with dark brown hair, in a mushroom´s  hairstyle, and had dark brown eyes. She was almost forthy years, that her maternal and mature features were given to her, but, even that, she had good look, for her age.

After putting a sandwish, a juice and some energy bars, in her small blue bag, Lena puts it in her back and leaves the kitchen with a bottle of water in her hand.

- We can go now.

- Good. Today is making a wonderfull day. We must take advantage of it - says Cecilia, animated.

- You have right. Because when the winter returns we will not have so many days like this.

Both smile to each other in concordance, and walk together until the exit of the building, where were their bikes. They go with them to the street and ride on them. They follow by Campo Pequeno´s road until they arrive to the semaphore where they stop, together with the others cars. In less busy roads Lena has the habbit to cross the red signal, since was less dangerous, but in that moment, the cars´s moviment was more intense, so they don´t even thought of doing it.

The driver of the car next to them, looks from his closed window to the figures on the bikes next to his car, but with more intensity to the redhead girl, who he recognizes immediately. Her figure was unforgettable to him since the first time that he saw her, and always gave him will to make make fun of her, not in a bad way, but only to cheer up his boring days. He opens the window and puts his head lightly in the outside.

- Hey, RedHead! Where are you going?

Recognizing the voice of that person and his firm tone, with a little enjoyment of making fun of her, Lena turns slowly to her side and sees Leonardo in the driver side.

- You again? - she says in a dragged tone.

- I can say the same thing to you, you know? But that is not the question. I asked you where you are going? - he insists with the question, not in an imperative way, but simple and firm.

- I´m just running in my bike by there, just that. But what do you have to do with that?

- For nothing. Just curiosity. But also to advice you to stay away from troubles and to be careful with the cars, to not happen the same thing that was about to happen the other time - advices him, with some enjoyment, making her remember the day when she almost went to the middle of all those cars that were following in the perpendicular way.

His intromission was beginning to annoy her. She had will of jump from her bike and scratch him all but, at the same time, she was hesitant of hurting his perfect face, that she couldn´t hesitate of contemplate, quietly. 

The green light made her wake up from her thoughts and only says to him, sarcastically, before she follow her way:

- Don´t worry, that I can solve my own problems. I don´t need your help.

And follows her path, together with her friend Cecilia that was observing, surprised, the conversation between them.

Leonardo follows too in his car, still observing Lena, until she and her friend follow by a bend, while he follows by another way.

Madalena and her friend continued the route by the streets of Lisbon. Cecilia noticed that Lena was more accelerated, probably because of the tension that the conversation that she had with that young man, caused.

- Lena, slow down, please. I can´t follow you like this - she beggs her.

Seeing the distance that she was from her friend, she stops her bike and waits that Cecilia could reach her. Finally she can approachs of her.

- Sorry, I didn´t notice that I was to much farway from you.

- It´s ok. But don´t go so fast, because you can have an accident following like that - she advices her.

- Yes, you have right.

And they continue their route. Two hours later, after they leave their houses, they stop their bikes in a place, where were some wood benchs next to the road. They lean the bikes next to one of the benchs, and sit in it, taking their bags from their backs. After that, each one takes their snack from it.

- I was really needing this - says Lena, devouring an energetic bar. 

- Me too. Running by bike is good, but also tires us very quickly - agrees Cecilia, so tired like her, but eating more slowly her snack - Who was that boy who talked with you in a while? - she asks, curious.

Lena hurries to swallow to answer her.

- I just know him by seeing him by there. His name is Leonardo and always underestimates me every time that he sees me - she says, showing her annoyance because of that.

- It doesn´t seemed that to me - says Cecilia, with a roguish smile and with an advising look - I´m psychologist and what seemed to me was that he was just kidding with you.

Madalena looks to her with strangeness.

- Kidding? Why?

- That I don´t know, but for what I understhood, he wasn´t underestimates you. He was just kidding with you. 

- How do you know that?

- I already told you. I´m a psychologist - she remembers her, looking mysteriously to the infinite - And we can know those things.

- But why he would do that with me?

- That is what you need to find out.

The redhead girl couldn´t understhand if she really didn´t know, or if she didn´t wanted to tell her. But she understhood that her explanation finished in there and that was useless to insist with her so, she decided to think alone in that business.

In that moment, she sees her, extending and apple for her.

- Do you want a fruit?

She holds the apple, with a grateful look.

- Thanks.

In that moment, a flash pass throw her mind. In her vision, she sees Madame Cecilia in the kitchen, that she knows that its hers, preparing a meal, probably the dinner, because she could see the twilight from the windows next to Cecilia; and a boy, with a face of have a little more than ten years, running to her. He asks her to buy a skate to him, but she refuses, calmly, explaining that she couldn´t buy it in that moment. But he insists once again, and she refuses again, trying to be the most enlightening as possible, but he begins to feel annoyed. Then he screams to her that if she hadn´t send his father away from home that he could have everything that he wanted. He run away from the kitchen, living Cecilia with tears in her eyes. The flash finish in that moment, and Lena sees herself again, holding the apple.

- What happened? - she hears Cecilia asking her.

- Hu.. Nothing, nothing - she mumbles, shaking her head.

- Are you sure? You stood so still, like if you stopped in time.

" Almost" - thinks Lena, since was that the feeling that she always has when she has a vision. But she knew that she couldn´t tell to her friend what really happened because, since she was a psychologist, it was more probably that she don´t believed her or think that she was crazy - Can I ask you something? - she says, looking to her with some careful.

- Of course.

- How is your relation with your son? - she asks trying to arrive, indirectly, to the point that she wanted - Because, In the last month, everytime that we talk about him, you try to change of business, or you speak, trying to hide some sadness that I already noticed.

Cecilia expression turns into a serious one and sad, bending down her head.

- My relation with Jaime turned very difficult since my husband left home. He blames me because of his father departure - she explains, without looking into her friend´s eyes - And he has right. It was me who made him leave.

- Yes, but, you know that sooner or later he would have done that, even for his own iniciative. He was having an affair and, since that, that he passed all the time without giving you vallue - explains Lena to her, trying to make her understhand - He was making you feel unhappy. It was better for you that he went away.

- I know, but, if only he had protested a little when I said to him to leave. But he did it without looking behind - she remembers it, bitterly - But what hurts me more is to know that he doesn´t care of his son anymore.

The redhead girl looks shocked to her.

- He doesn´t care of Jaime?

- Since he left that I never saw him or he gave news, not even to his son. He even doesn´t send money to help with the expenses of his own son.

- And your son blames you, when you were the one who took care of him? - asks Lena, a little more alterated.

Cecilia takes a deep breath before she continues.

- I never told him the reason that made me send his father away. I just told him that my relation with his father wasn´t well and that we were going to divorce.

- But you should tell him, because, like this, he will continue to blame you.

- No, Lena, please - she beggs, turning to her immediatly - I don´t want that he hates his father.

- And you´ll allow that he hates you? - asks Lena, indignated - You who were the one who took care of him alone?

- I prefer to believe that this fase will pass without I have to tell him the true. Don´t get me wrong, Lena, but I will ask you to not interfier in this business - she asks her, calmly, holding her hands tenderly.

Lena had will of continue that conversation. In fact, it was difficult for her to see a son hurting his mother who did everything for him, and she wanted to change that. But since she felt that her friend would be mad with her if she insisted, she decided to stay still.

- As you wish - she nodded, calmly, but, without hidding her thwarting - But I´m still saying that I don´t agree with your methods. And you can count with my help, if you need it.

- Thanks, Lena.

And they continue eating, slowly.

After more two hours, they return home and leave their bikes at the hall of the building, next to the stairs, where they always leave. Next they go up by elevator to their floor. Lena is the first to get out.

- Thanks for coming with me - she thanks to Cecilia.

- I´m the one who thanks to you. We need to combine another running - says Cecilia, before the elevator´s door close again.

Lena enters in her apartment, she leaves her tennis in there, and goes to her room. She leaves her bag over a chair and turns on her computer. While the computer wasn´t ready, she prepares the clothes that she was going to dress after she takes a bath. When the computer is ready, she goes to her facebook where immediatly, she sees another friendship request from Sheila. She looks thoughfull to the request, thinking if she should acept it or not. But immediatly she thinks that she wasn´t a good influence to her and that she should stay away from her. With that, she refuses the request, turns off the computer and goes take a bath.

In another place of Lisbon, a young couple were walking happily together by the street. They weren´t walking hand in hand but were looking to each other with affection. The girl turns her look to him and says:

- I liked a lot the afternoon that we passed together. I would like to see you again.

They begin to approach of a fissure alley between two buildings, which called immediatly the boy´s attention. He smiled simply to her.

- I would like to but, I´m afraid that wouldn´t happen again.

He grabs her suddenly by the neck, and before she could say anything, a wave of electricity gets out from his hand and catch the girl´s neck. After a small convultion, she faints and he carries her to the alley before someone could see what was happening. Holding the unconscious girl, he looks to her with malice and approach his face of hers.

- I liked a lot the day that we passed together, but I like more what you have to give to me - he says in a lower and implacable tone.

He approachs his mouth of hers, staying one centimeter of touching her lips, and begins to suck her energy. At the moment that her energy ran by his body, she was feeling his forces increase, like if was a drug stimulating him. When he finish, he looks to the pale girl who he was holding, and lets her fall in the ground, leaving her in there, since she was useless to him now. Then he teleports himself out of there.

When were almost 7 a.m., Madalena wakes up to go to school. She had to wake up earlier because was treathening to rain, and she decided to go by bus, because it wasn´t sush a good idea to go by bike. She dresses some blue jeans and a white top. Then, she brushes her long red hair and ties it. Then she goes to the kitchen, from where she sees her parents leave, since they had finish their breakfust and were preparing to leave.

- I left some toasts ready for you, my dear - says her mother.

- Thanks, mom.

They put on their shoes, dress their jackets which were in the stand next to the entrance, and open the door.

- See you later, dear - says her father, before he follow with his wife.

When they close the door, Lena approach of the table, looking to the toasts that were for her. She also looks to the newspaper which were over the table too, that she knew that was of her father. She sits at the table and holds the newspaper, curious, looking for more news of the Jumper. Altough Leonardo was a conceited, she liked to know how were going his adventures. After all, the moment when he saved her, will always be in her heart. But, instead of that, it was another news, in the first page, that called her attention.

The news were mentioning the case of some people being found unconscious in alleys, without any sign of violence, but mysteriously weakened. More then that, when they woke up, the victims didn´t remember of anything about what happened to them, not even what happened in the last hours before they being found.

Lena was reading that news with her eyes very opened, trying to understhand what was written. Those circumstances were really strange and were making her remember when Sheila was attacked in the alley by that man, who appeared like magic behind of her, before he attacked her. She remembers when he said to her " I´m gonna suck your energy ", before she interfier in the attack. Could that man attacked all those people? Was that the reason that they stood so weake, because he absorved their energy, like he wanted to do to Sheila? And if it was, how he did it? Any other person would thing in more racional reasons to those attacks, but, in her case, after all the weird things that she had saw until that moment, she couldn´t reject that conjecture. One thing she understhood in that day when Sheila was attacked. Everything is possible in the world.

She lands the newspaper over the table, and starts eating a toast, thinking in that business. What she could do? The question was pertinent. But she knew that she needed to do something because, that situation couldn´t be solved by normal hands.

After she takes the breakfast, she grabs her school bag and leaves. She goes to the bus station, and catch the bus to school. The bus follow by some stations until he arrives to one where Neusa enters in it. When she sees the redhead girl, she goes to sit next to her.

- Good morning, Lena - greets her Neusa - You didn´t went to school by bike this time?

- No. The sky has some grey clouds. I had afraid that could rain - explains Lena.

- Yes, that is true. The weather is a little threatening today.

After she says that, Neusa goes with her hand into the inside of her bag.

- Since you are here, I´ll give you this.

- What do you want to give me? - asks Madalena, feeling curious.

Her colleague takes two pieces of paper from her bag and give one to her. Lena looks careful to it, and sees that is a ticket to an event.

- For what is this?

- Is for you to go to an opera in São Carlos´s Theater tomorrow. My mother is going to do part of the orchestra so, she could get some tickets for me.

- I see. And for who is the other ticket.

- Is for a friend of my boyfriend who is going with us too. 

- Your boyfiend will go with you? - asks Lena a little apprehensive.

- Yes, but don´t worry. You will not feel excluded between us. Thats why we invited that friend to go with us.

- Oh! Ok. I see. That makes me feel better - says Lena, feeling more relief - And that friend of your boyfriend is cute?

- Very cute. You will like him - says Neusa, blinking one eye to her, and hitting her lightly in her back.

- I´m anxious to meet him - she expects, anxious, interlacing her fingers.

When they arrive to the university, they go to their first class, talking lively, about that business.

When he arrived to the medical university, Leonardo goes to the hospital which was right in front of the school, holding his medical uniform. Before he enters in the building, she takes a circular medallion from his pocket, which was made by golden metal and had a peace of glass, similar to a diamant in the middle. He touchs in the diamant, puts the medallion again in his pocket and enters in the hospital, dressing the uniform. With that medallion, noone could see him pass so he was walking completely relaxed, but determined to do what he wanted. He goes to catch the elevator and gets out in the floor that he pretended to stay. Since he was in hurry to go to his Medical´s classes, he goes flying to the room where he wanted to be. When he arrives, he looks lightly to the inside of the room where was the last girl who was found unconscious in the alley, in the day before. She was awaked, looking to the window next to her, lost in her thoughts. Then she looks to her front, after hearing someone enter in her room.

- Good morning. How are you? - he asks, formally, but showing preoccupation.

- B..B..better - he mumbles, looking to him with bright eyes.

He was the most handsome man that she ever saw.

- You are with better appearance.

- Yes, but I´m still very confused.

- You continue without remember of what happened?

- I´m afraid so.

He makes a small pause, thinking in what he should ask, before he continues.

- I´m sorry to ask, but, If you allow me, may I ask you what is the last thing that you remember? - he asks, trying to sound just curious.

- The last thing that I remember is of leaving Colombo, at some days ago, with some bags with clothes and letting one of them fall. I also remember that, after that, appeared a boy who helped me to catch the bag. Is the last thing that I remember - she explains, trying to remember of something else, but was useless. It was like something had sucked her memories.

- Do you remember how was that boy?

- Yes, actually I remember. He was so cute - she says, smiling - He had light brown hair and short, not like a military man use, but skirting his head; and had eyes of amber´s color, very beautiful. But I think that isn´t relevant to this case - she says, ignoring that business.

- Do you only remember of that? - he insists, but with careful.

- I´m afraid so. I already forced myself to remember of something else but was in vain. Is sush a weird sensation - she says, feeling powerless.

- I understhand. But more important than that is that you are fine now.

Then, he extends his medallion to her and says, in a hipnotic way:

- You will forget of me and that I was here.

Then she changes for a indifferent expression, turning again her look to the window like she was before when he entered in her room, and he leaves it, putting again his medallion in the pocket of his pants and undresses the uniform, while he was walking. Then he takes his cellphone from the other pocket and clicks in one number in the screen. Someone answers immediatly from the other side.

- Luís, I already talked with the girl. But unfortunately she doesn´t remember of anything.

" Are you sure that she didn´t told you nothing relevant? " - asks Luís, from the other side.

- Actually, I think she did. She said that the last thing that she remembered was of a boy helping her with the bags of clothes that she bought in Colombo - he explains, wondering about that - I know it seems sush a casual and normal situation but, I think we need to give importance to that. You know that some of then has the habbit to play with their victims for some time before they attack them.

" Yes, you have right. Without any doubt that this was work of them. And if that boy, if was him, was the guy who attacked her, then he aborded her to be playing with her before he use her. " - determines Luís, with certain of what he as saying.

- Thats right. We really need to continue investigate this business, because certainly they will continue with these attacks. I need to find out who they are and were they are hidden - says Leonardo, firmly.

"Do you think it´s possible that they can start to kill their victims?"

- These normal victims, no. But I know perfectly who they could start killing, if they are doing what I´m thinking - he says, feeling worried - But I need to switch the phone now. I´m gonna enter in my class.

" Ok. Later we talk about this. Good luck for your classes ".

- Thanks.

He turn off the phone and goes to the university, which was right in front of the hospital.

After some hours, Lena and Neusa leaves the first class, and go to the bar. While she was walking, Lena was looking mindfully to her notebook. 

- This subjects of Drawning classes are becoming more difficult. I can´t leave one single class without taking my doubts - she says, looking serious to the drawnings that were very well done, in her notebook with leaves without lines.

- You have right - agrees Neusa - And the matter of classes are becoming even more difficult.

- Yes, but that we were already expecting. This isn´t the same thing as the high school.

- But your draws are so beautiful - says Neusa, taking Lena´s notebook from her hands, with her permission, and looking pleased to it - I think you will not have so much difficult as me, since I´m less good than you.

- Don´t say that. We can make everything with a little of effort. Even you - she says, encouraging her, in a way that she doesn´t think that she was being conceited about her qualities.

- Yes, you have right - she agrees, returning the notebook to her friend - Talking about that. You are free tomorrow at afternoon?

- Yes. Why?

- Would you like to come to my house to do the homework together and to take a snack? Like that we could help each other with the homework.

- Thats a good idea, but, tomorrow isn´t the theater in São Carlos?

- Yes, but we will have enought time to prepare ourselfs after the homework, before the theater - says Neusa, with certain - Even if you want to go to the hairdresser, we would finish the homeworks around the 4 or 5 p.m., and that gives you enought time to go there.

Feeling some doubts, Lena takes a look to her clock, to make the counts.

- Well. It seems you have right - she says, counting with her fingers - We have enought time for all that. Very well. I acept the invitation - she acepts, happily - But if my parents asks for my help in the Cake Shop I can´t refuse it - she informs her.

- Very well.

They touch in the hands of heach other in sign of complicity. 

While that, they arrive to the bar and after asking for their meal, they go sit at a table.

- Do already hear talking about of those attacks that are happening by there to those people who were found weak?

Madalena swallows a little of juice before she answers.

- Yes, I read today in the newspaper. Is a very weird situation - says Lena, without revealing her suspects.

- Yes, it is. How can something like this happen to someone? - asks Neusa - Because they said that they were found without energy.

- Honestly, I don´t know what to say.

- We have to be more careful walking by there. Or we need to pray for the Jumper to save us - she says, with a bright in her eyes and with her hands united.

- You have a boyfriend. Don´t forget about that - remembers her Lena, joking.

- I know that. But between my boyfriend and the Jumper my feelings are differents. My boyfriend is the person who I love and who will always be with me. The Jumper is that superhero by who every girl wants to be saved - she exlains her point of view - The Jumper belongs to all the girls. Theres no way that someone could have a serious relationship with him.

Madalena regognizes her logic of thought. With so many girls that the Jumper was saving, it will be difficult to him to have a serious relationship with someone. Which it means that she was only another girl that Leonardo had saved. She couldn´t left of feel a little hurt with that.

But, suddenly, Lena sees her friend face turned into an apprehensive expression, looking to behind of her. The redhead girl turns to behind to see the motive of her friend unpleasantness and sees Sheila approaching of them. She decided to not avoid her anymore, and raises from her chair to go talk with her.

- Where are you going? Don´t talk with her - presses her Neusa.

- I´m sorry but I own her an explination for I had refuse her request of friendship. Maybe, after that , she will not bother me anymore - she says, firmly, but with a light soft tone, to make her understhand her side in a good way.

She begins to walk in Sheila´s direction, who clearly wasn´t with a good face, not agressive, but not happy too.

- Sheila... - she begins, calmly, knowing that the conversation would be difficult.

- Don´t say anything - interrupts her Sheila, drily, showing her palm, to making her stop - I already understhood that Neusa poisoned you against me - she says, making Lena understhand that she saw her and Neusa together.

- It wasn´t Neusa who poisoned me against you. Is true that she talked about you, but I´m the one who decided to stay away from you - says Lena, firmly, with a serious look - I´m sorry but you are not a good influence to me.

- Why? Just because I hang out with lots of boys? - asks Sheila, fixing her look in her with a hurt look, but without regrets of what she was doing in her life.

- No - denies Lena - I don´t care if someones has that life. I´m not anyone to judge that. But you steal the others girls´s boyfriends, and that, yes, annoyes me very much.

The eyes of the black girl begins to fill with tears.

- How do you know that? You just have the words of your "precious" friend who has a hate of death for me - she says, bitterly, pointing to Neusa - Why didn´t you decided to find out that for yourself and not for the others words? It would be more decent and honest from your part. But, like you said before, you are noone to judge me because of that. Just because I´ve that life I never failed as a mother. I always keeped my daughter away from that - she reveals to the redhead girl - And for your information, I never stole the boyfriends of the others girls, that I know. I always choose uncommited boys to avoid problems with jealously girlfriends. If any of them had a girlfriend and didn´t told me, that is their problem.

Every revelation from Sheila was leaving Lena´s guilty hearth even more wounded with guilt. In each words of hers, she recognized her failure.

- Thanks for respecting me just like I am - says Sheila venenosly and sarcastically, turning her back to her.

- Sheila wait - begs Lena, preparing to follow her, but is stopped by her who turns to her suddenly, pointing an accuser finger to her, looking to her with anger and with tears falling from her eyes.

- Don´t you dare to follow me - she orders, and continues her path again.

Madalena returns to her table where she was sitted next to Neusa, feeling her heart full of guilt.

- Why are you like that? You did the right thing - says Neusa, odding her slaughtered expression.

- No, Neusa. I didn´t - says Lena, in a ghostly tone, but firmly.

- What? How can you say that? You know the life that she has and...

- Neusa! - she says, in a hight tone, making her stop - Just shut up for a while, ok? - she says, in a boring way, but trying not to offend her friend.

Knowing that she didn´t wanted to listen her, Neusa continues eating her snack, without looking to her. They stood like that in silence, until they went to their next class.

After school, Lena and Neusa walked together to the bus station, but without looking to each other. Lena because she was with guilty conscience, and Neusa because she knew that her friend didn´t wanted to talk so, she decided to leave her alone. They entered in the bus, and sitted together, still without talking to each other.

- You still don´t want to talk with me? - brokes Neusa the silence, but in a careful way.

Lena looks to her by side.

- I just need a time to think. Thats all - she says, not in a rude way, but enought to make Neusa understhand the she didn´t wanted to talk at all. 

Arriving to the station where Neusa was going to stay, she gets up from the bench and looks to Lena one last time.

- Buy - she says, shyly.

- Buy - says Lena, with a light smile, making her understhand that she wasn´t angry with her.

Then Neusa leaves the bus, and Lena continues her way until she arrives to her house.

She leaves the bus, still with guilty consciences and thinking in all the previous situation. The true is that she hasn´t the right to blame Neusa for what it happened. The girl didn´t liked Sheila and she wasn´t forced do like her. If she believed in Neusa exagerattions about Sheila, then it was her fault that she hadn´t enought mental´s independence to refuse believe in others´s words and to not search about Sheila´s life for herself. Now she didn´t know what to do to solve that situation.

She entered in her appartment, where she was alone, and went to her bedroom, were she left her school bag over a chair. Then, she lied in her bed and stood in there. She knew that she had lots of things to do. She had the picture for her nighbor to finish and the homeworks from school but, she, in that moment, hadn´t will to do it.

While that, in another point of the city, Eduardo was looking to a tan girl, with long and straight dark-brown hair, who was walking by the other side of the road, looking happily to her cellphone. He was holding an small circular object in his hand, similar to a compass, with an arrow inside of it. He was seeing how the arrow was pointing stubbornly to the girl.

- I catch you - he says, to himself, looking to the girl.

Then he disappears from the point where he was and reappears in front of the girl, who stops looking to her cellphone, after the surprise of see him appear like that in her front. Then he grabs her by the neck and a wavy of electricity gets out from his hand and runs by her body. She falls unconscious in the ground after the shock. Then, he holds her in his arms and disappears with her from there.

In her bedroom, Madalena decided to do her homework, to stop a little of have pitty of herself, altough she was still very sad. She didn´t know if Sheila will ever forgive her.

She then looks to her clock, and sees that was time to go to her karate´s classes. She wasn´t with so much will to go, but she wanted to know her new karate´s teacher. So she raises from the chair, prepares her sport bag, and leaves her house. Since didn´t rained in that day, just like she was thinking that was going to happen, she went to the club in her bike. 

Arriving to the club, she goes to the balneary, undresses her normal clothes, and dresses her kimono. She ties very well her hair in the top of her head and goes to her classroom, where were already many of her collegues, praticing their techniques. 

- Hi, Lena - she hears her collegue greeting her, the one who won her in the last pratice between them.

- Hi, Cassandra - she greets her too, with simplicity.

- You don´t seems very well today - says her friend, seeing the absence of a smile in her face, since she always see her very happy.

- Is just some personal problems. Just that - she says - Don´t judge me wrong but I don´t wanna talk about it - she says, politly, in a calm way.

- Ok. Don´t worry. I will not force you - acepts Cassandra, touching gently in her shoulder.

She wasn´t very beautiful, but had a strong expression in her face; she had fake blond hair and short, which, in that moment, was tied in a small ponytail behind of her head; brown eyes, and tan skin.

- Do you wanna practice a little before the new teacher arrives, to chear you a little? - she asks her.

- Yes. It can be. I really need to improve my techniques - she agrees, trying to make her friend see that she wanted to chear up.

After a while of being praticing with each other, they hear the door open one last time, and all of them knew that was their new teacher. All the girls stood static looking with bright eyes, to the man who was passing in their front. Lena was with her back turned to him, since she had been praticing with Cassandra with her back turned to the door, so she looks to where everyone was looking, and she couldn´t believed in what she was seeing. He was Leonardo. Was he their new karate´s teacher? Was that possible?

Is his turn to look to his class, and immediatly fix his eyes in the redhead girl, since was the most different of them, with her head of cherry in the middle of them. Feeling the hipnotical way that they were looking to each other, Lena turns the head to her side, looking by side to him in a shyly way.

He stops in the middle of the class, and looks to all of them. Then he makes a bow to them, and they did the same think to him, in a respectfully way.

- Good afternoon - he greets them.

- Good afternoon - all of them greeted him too.

- Like all of you saw, I´m your new karate´s teacher. My name is Leonardo Monteiro and I´ve 23 years old. Don´t let you deceive by my age, because what I´ve to teach you is much more than that - he says, seriously and firmly, walking in a place to another in their front - Before I begin, I want that you be very aware that the karatés is an art to turn you more stronger and to help you defend yourself without the use of weapons. It is also a very important weapon to defend the others. But attention! - she says, increasing his tone, but not screaming, just to won their attention - Is not for you to walk by there showing your techniques just like that, or disturbing the others. The Karatés techniques are not for being used to cause disorders. Is just to be used to protect yoursefs and the others. Do you all understhand what I´m saying?

All of them agreed, with respect, even Lena who was impressed with his speech.

- Is anyone here who wants to make a question?

One of the students extended the arm to the air, and Leonardo gave permission for him to speak.

- Allow me to ask you were did you learned Karaté.

- In a school in United States. But, I had particular classes with a japanese man of middle age, who, saw that, in that time, I was a easy prey for many bullies, so he treined me a lot until I came to Portugal.

- Like the guy of Karate Kid? - asks another guy, in a light joking way.

- Yes. It was a situation very similar to that - answeres Leonardo, firmly, without being affected with his joking tone, making that funny expression disappear from that guy´s face - Any more questions?

Nobody answered.

- So, lets begin. But before, I would like that the beginners come to my front. Then the average, then the advanced. Since the beginners need to focus more in my gestures, is better for them to stay in front of me.

All of them obeyed him. Madalena was more than a medium student, so, she went to the advanced position. Then, he begins his class, and everyones copies his gestures, punches and kicks. Madalena was trying to copy him well but, her lack of will, because of Sheila situation, was affecting her very much, so, she was failing a lot. And it seems that Leonardo was seeing it, because of the moments that she looked at her in a disapproving way. After some time, was time to praticing the techniques with each other and Lena and Cassandra, chose each other again. During the fight, Cassandra sees that Lena wasn´t completely concentrated, and that was worring her.

- You don´t seems very well, Lena.

- I´m sorry, Cassandra. I´m really trying to concentrate myself but... - she says, leading a hand to her forehead, but his interruped by Leonardo who approachs of them.

- What is happening here? - he asks, not in a rude tone, but serious.

- I´m sorry, teacher but, Lena isn´t ok today - explains Cassandra, not ignoring the fact that her friend was avoiding to look to Leonardo.

But Leonardo was still looking to her, in his firmly way.

- Lena, you know that an enemy will not wait for you to be ok to attack you, don´t you? - he says, with logic.

In that moment, she looks to him, ready to respond.

- Yes, but...

- In that case... - he interrops her - ... When you are here, you need to concentrate and think that you are fighting with an enemy, not in sush an agressive way, since you collegue isn´t your real enemy... - he says, pointing, politely to Cassandra - ... but the enought to make you think of improve your mistakes. So, please, think in all your personal problems out of the classes - he said, not in an ultimate way, but firmly.

Annoyed with his words, Lena didn´t loose time to win more composure and returned to her fight with Cassandra, feeling more motivated, with the intention to prove him that she was a good fighter.

When the class finished, all of them went to the balnearies. After taking a bath and dressing, Lena sits in a bench, shoeing her shoes, next to Cassandra, who was doing the same thing, who was looking to her with a suspicious look.

- Do you know or new teacher?

Lena looks to her with a careful look.

- Why do you think that?

- Because the way that you looked at him when he entered in our class. I saw that was something weird with that. When he entered in the classroom, you look at each other like if you knew each other. And the way that you avoided to look at him when he approach of us, was very weird to. 

The redhead turns again her eyes to her tennis which she was tiying.

- I just saw him in some circunscances - she says, without taking her look from her tennis - And everytime that I meet him, he always annoyes me with his conceited way of be - she really wanted to tell her about the time when he saved her, the time that stood keep in her heart, to make her know that she just don´t think bad things about him, but she couldn´t tell it without telling his secret, and that she couldn´t do.

- You just don´t know the luck that you have of knowing an handsome guy like him - says Cassandra, blinking one eye to her.

- What do you mean with that? - asks Lena, looking oddly to her.

- Nothing. Just forget it - she says, relaxed, to make her not give importance of her words.

After they dress, they go to the outside of the club.

- I´m going lunch in the cafe - says Lena, pointing to the cafe next to the club - Do you wanna come?

- I´m sorry, but I need to go home now.

- Ok. See you in next class.

- Buy, Lena.

After they say goodbuy to each other, Lena goes to the cafe and sits at one table. An employ appears immediatly and asks her, politely:

- What do you want, miss?

- A juice of pear and a cheese´s sandwish, please.

He writes in his small notebook.

- Very well. I already bring it.

In that moment, Lena hears her cellphone anouncing that was sended an message to her. She looks to it and sees an image of a guy with good look. She knows that was the special friend of her friend Diana, who went to Porto, since she was about to show his foto. She smiles, looking to the foto, proud of her friend´s happiness.

Leonardo leaves the club, holding a sport bag in his back, and turns to the cafe side and sees Lena sit in the esplanade, looking to the cellphone with a smile, while the employ serves her meal. With a light roguish smile, he walks to her, and stops when approachs to her table.

- Talking with a boyfriend? - he asks her, with the same smile.

Recognizing his voice, she looks to him with a boring look, but that he was thinking that was fun.

- No! I don´t have a boyfriend - she explains, droningly.

He was dressed with a with t-shirt and blue jeans. She was forcing herself to not look to his well defined muscles, since his t-shirt was completely glued to his body and showing his strong arms. His muscles weren´t overated or light. They were in the point, probably results of many martial arts´s training and gym.

He sits in the chair in front of her.

- Hope you don´t mind that I sit in here.

- Why would I? These chairs are for everyone - she says, trying to sound indifferent, hidding her annoyance.

Then, he asks his meal to the employ, and looks to her again, sitting with his back straight and firm, and with a crossed leg.

- If you are annoyed because I was demanding with you, I´m sorry, but I´ve to be like that with my students. In these classes we need to be very exigent - he says, firmly, in a calm way, to make her understhand.

- I´m not annoyed with you - she says - Is true that I was a surprised when I found out that you were going to be my new karate´s teacher, but that´s the least of my problems. And the fact that you are demanding, well, all of we need to accustom to all or teachers - she says, in a logic way, drinking her juice without looking to him - I was sad with the business that is bothering me since I went to the class - she reveals, after drinking the juice.

- And what is that business?

She opens more her eyes to him, holding the package of juice.

- Why do you wanna know?

- Well, I don´t wanna se a student in my class decentralized - he says, credibly, changing of crossed leg.

She looks to the table, thinking in her problem, with guilt and an embarassed look.

- I... did a terrible thing to a friend - she begins in a lower tone - I barely knew her when I discovered that she was hanging with many boys. It was not that which bothered me - she highlights - What happened is that, another friend of mine told me that she was stealing the others girls´s boyfriends, and I believed in her words. When I accused my friend of that, I left her shattered and, when she told me her version of the story I felt so guilty for not had tried to know more things about her for myself and not believing just in the others´s words - she relates, passing her fingers by some tears that were falling from her eyes - And now, she can´t forgive me.

Leonardo, stood looking for her for a while, after she finishes, thinking in what she said.

- Well, you can say it. I´m a terrible person - she says, looking with difficult to him.

- You were a terrible person if you didn´t assumed your mistake -he says, calmly, making her look admired to him, still with her eyes wet - Many people have the tendence to judge those who hang out with many boys or womans. But, the true is that there are worse sins - he says, looking to his front, without centering the look in anything - People just criticize that because, in their mind, having that life, is not very well seen. But I already verified that is not that that will turns a person in someone bad. In fact, many of those persons are people with a broken heart.

She looks curious to him.

- Sorry to ask you but, is talking the voice of experience? - she asks, in a suspicious and funny way.

He looks to her by side, but without any difficult of doing it, keeping his firm expression.

- Actually, it is - he says, without shame.

- And don´t you ever thought that you can broke the heart of those girls?

- No, because, before I get involve with them, I make itself clear, to all of them, that is a moment without commitment - he says, drinking a little of his coffe - In that way, after that moment, they don´t came after me, crying that they are in love with me.

- Ok. If is your way of deal with it - she says, not approving or disapproving, only respecting.

- Anyway, if you want that your friend forgives you, you need to insist of talking with her to apologises to her. Don´t be to much insistent, because like that it seems that you want to force her to forgive you, but, don´t give up too. Do it, step by step.

- You have right. I can´t give up - she says looking to the infinite, and taking her cellphone again from her sport bag. Then, she looks for Sheila´s number and presses it.

It didn´t took so much time for her to answer.

Yes. Who is?" - asks Sheila, politely. Clearly she didn´t registered yet Lena´s number in her cellphone.

- Hi, Sheila. Its me, Lena - she informs her, in a shy way.

"Oh! Its you " - she says, disappointed - "If I knew that was you I never had answered to your call - she says, making herself clear that she was ready to turn off the cal."

- No, Sheila. Please, don´t turn off - says Lena, desperate - I´m really sorry for what I did to you. I really am. I want to be your friend. 

"You know that is very difficult for me to think in become your friend now, don´t you? You hurt me a lot " - asks Sheila, in a calm, but sarcastic way.

- Yes, I know, but... I´m really sorry for what I did. Can you just acept my apologies for now? - begs Lena.

It makes some seconds of silence between them.

"I will just acept your apologies if you come beg them directly to me " - determines Sheila, firmly - "Today!"

- Is fair. But can you tell me where you are now for I go meet with you?

"I´m arriving to my house."

Sheila gives the adress of her house to Lena.

- Ok, Sheila. I know where it is. I´m gonna meet you now.

"Don´t take so long, cause I need to take care of my baby" - informs Sheila, drily, turning off the phone immediatly.

Lena puts her cellphone in her sport bag, and then takes her wallet and raises from the chair.

- I need to go. Sheila is waiting for me - she says to Leonardo, with some hurry.

- Are you going by bycicle? - he asks, giving a fast look to the bike which was stuck in the lightpole in front of the club, that he knew that was hers.

- I have to. I can´t let my bike here.

She goes to the inside of the cafe to pay her meal, and then leaves again.

- Buy, Leonardo. And thanks for the advice - she thanks to him smiling faster.

He shakes his hand to her, without moving from his place, smiling lightly to her, but that she knew that was sincere. 

She frees her bike from the lightpole and rides on her to her destiny, over the look of Leonardo, who was seeing her leave.

She was anxious to meet Sheila. She wanted so much that she could forgive her. The idea of hurting the others feelings tore her heart, specially when was unjustified. In that moment, she swore to herself that she will not have anymore preconceptions. They only cause pain.

After some long minutes, she arrives to Sheila house, which was a building, not very hight, but modern, with a simple and banal arquitechture. But, just when she arrives, she gets impressed with the scene of Sheila, in front of her building, with her kid in her arms, surrounded by two girls, one blond, which she recognizes immediatly as Catarina, the girl who provoked Sheila in their first day of University; and another girl, with light-brown and long hair. Both were looking hostilely to Sheila, who seemed scary.

- This is the last time that I order you this - says Catarina, threateningly - Or you´ll leave the university, or you will receive a big thrashing.

The kid starts crying.

- Catarina, please. My daughter is frightened. Don´t do this? - she begs, holding protectively the baby in her arms.

- Like if that bastart didn´t deserved to disappear like you - she says, sharply.

- Makes your decision, Sheila - says the other girl, who was behind of her - Or you leave the university or we´ll give you a big lesson, to you and your kid - she treaths her.

Sheila looks scarier for both sides. She was about to give her answer, when a familiar voice stops her procedure.

- Hey! What are you doing? - screams Lena, running to them.

- You again? - says Catarina with contempt.

- How dare you threat a mother and her baby child? Is monstrous, abominable - she says, increasing her voice´s tone, indignated.

- This girl and this baby are a serious shame to this world. The bastards shouldn´t be allowed in this world - says Catarina, coldly, pointing to them.

- You are sick. How can someone say sush a thing about an innocent child? - says Lena, shocked with her cold words - Leave Sheila and her baby alone.

- Or what? - challenges her the other girl.

- Or... - she makes a short pause - ... I´ll be forced to make you go by force.

- Oh! So you wanna fight - says Catarina, looking to her with a fake surprise - I´ve to admite that is beautiful of your part to take your friends role. But that will not save you from us.

She extends her fist to Lena, who deviates nimbly from it, and grabs her hand, gives a punch in her face, and makes her do a rotative movement with her body in the air, and then falling with her back in the ground, leaving her complaining of the pain in her back because of the fall. Hungry with Lena, the other girl, runs to her, yelling in anger, ready to punch her. But when she approachs of her, Lena deviates again and grabs her wrist, making her do the same rotative moviment as Catarina, and making her fall in the ground.

Then Lena takes her cellphone from her pocket and shows the screen to the girls extended in the ground, and puts playing the recording of them threatening Sheila and her kid. She had put it recording when she saw them threat Sheila, because she thought that would be needed to have some proof of what they did. The girls were still complaining of the pain in their bodies, but when they listened their recording in Madalena´s cellphone, they forgot it immediately, and stood concentrated listening their voices.

- I´ll just say this once - says Lena, bending down to them, whispering threateningly - Or you leave or university exactly today, or I´ll make everyone in school listen this, including the rector. Did I made myself clear? Do you have the notion of what could happen to someone who threats a kid? - she says, to makes more impact in them.

- Ok, ok. Don´t do it. We´ll leave - begs Catarina, raising slowly with a hand in her back.

The two tried to compose themselfs, and leave that place, limping.

Then, Madalena turns to the black girl, who was still holding the baby in her arms, and looking surprised to her.

- Well, Lena. That was amazing. - she says, wondered with her.

- I think I was a little hard with them, but when they threated your daughter I... - she says, feeling a little guilty but showing her anger towards them.

- Oh, please! Don´t feel guilty because of this. They just deserved. Who mistreats a child and receives a thrashing because of that don´t deserves pitty - justify Sheila, secure of what she was saying.

- You have right! They don´t deserve pitty - agrees Lena, firmly - But, Sheila. - she begins change of business - Can you forgive me of what I did?

- Of course I can - she says, smiling tenderly to the redhead girl, touching gently her arm with one hand - How couldn´t I after you saved me? And you deserve, since you forgived me when I was mean to you, in the first time that I met you.

- Thanks Sheila - she thanks her, looking with gratitude to her.

- Do you wanna come in and stay in my house for a while? - she invites her, pointing to her building.

- I would like to - acepts Lena.

They walk to the entrance of the building, by the look of Leonardo who was over a building, dressed with his Jumper´s clothes, fixing his look in them with a proud smile.

- Well done, redhead - he praises her, without she listen

The End

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