3º Chapter - Leonardo

At night, Madalena was in the terrace praticing her new ability. Everytime that she opened her hand to the sky and she thought about it, a jet of fire was fired wildly. She was in there for hours trying to control it, but all the time that she extended her hand and thought about “fire”, it appeared suddenly.

She looks confused to her hand.

- How this appeared to me? – she asks to herself.

Then she sees a light turning on in one of the apartments in front of hers and she thinks that is time to return home to not alarm the neighbors with her fire power.

“ It will be difficult to practice this without being notice and make someone call the firemans”  – she thinks uncomfortably, getting down the stars, looking to her hand.

She opens the door of her apartment, and enters warily, since her parents were already sleeping. She looks to the clock over the table next to the door and sees, to her surprise, that were already 1 a.m.. She had spended all that time, since the dinner, practicing. She goes to her room, dresses her pijamas and lies down in her bed.


He was in his room, looking to the mirror, seeing his wounded face. He raises his hand, seeing, indignant, his burned mark, sign of failure. His black jacked was extended in his bed, were he left it when he arrived home, after the fight in the alley. The door opens, calling his attention, and a girl enters with a bowl with water, and a cloth.

He then seats in a chair and her too in an opposite chair to him. She ties her long and straight dark brown hair, and grabs the cloth, passes it by the water and touches his face with it. He shudders lightly in pain, by the touch.

- Come on, big boy. Don´t be so pussy – she say, tenderly and joking, sounding almost sedutive.

- This is how I´m feeling. A big pussy. But I swear that they will pay for this – his tone was implacable.

- Calm down, Eduardo. You´ll have your revenge in the right moment. Now you need to rest and recover.

- That is the last think that I´ve to do. You know perfectly what it happen if we stop consuming energy.

She looks to him with an obvious and uncomfortable look.

- Of course I know. I already felt the symptoms – she remembers it, earnestly - But you were defeaded by two strange Psychics. You have to think clearly how you will defeat them.

- You have right, Amanda. I have to get rid of them before they spoil our plans.

- We will make it. You´ll see it - she says, firmly, showing the same determination as him - But now, try to calm down a little and let me take care of you.

" The knigh was approaching of her with his sword raised. When he was about to hit her, he jumps from her horse and grabs a branch, and raises to it, nimbly, like a gymnast jumps from a bar. Immediately, he takes an arrow from her back and shoot it to the knigh who didn´t had time to look back. He falls from his horse back, and stood trembling in the ground. She jumps from the branch and approach of him, seeing him stay quiet with his eyes open.

- Forgive me, God, for this death – she begged lamentably, doing the sign of the cross.

Then she approach of her horse and grabs him by the rein. She guides him to inside of the florest, since she knew that was dangerous to continue by the road.

She opens her hand and emerge from it a small boll of fire to illuminate her way. "


Madalena wakes up immediately. She looks to her hands.

- She had the same power as mine.

She goes get a notebook and writes all the pormenours of her dream, believing that was an important message.

She spended the last hours before she goes to school, searching in Internet about psiquic powers. She saw many of them that were described superficially, like those which was seen in movies, but none of them could tell her what she wanted to know. There wasn´t stories or reports about people with psiquic powers. Only people who could see and communicate with spirits, which was believed that they were fake.  

She gave up of searching and went to take her breakfast with her father, who stood with her in that morning to help her with a service, while her mother went to the Cake Shop. When they finished, they carried a picture, completely covered, to the car, and followed in it.

- Why Madame Rosa asked you to do a picture for her? – asked her father, curiously, looking to the road.

- She said that was a surprise for someone. She told me that wanted something special.

- Well. Your pictures are special, that is true.

She smiled pleasant to him with his praise. After a while, they stop next to a big fence of a property. Lena gets out of the car, goes get the picture from the trunk and goes to gate of iron. She opens it easely since was unlocked and enters in the garden. It was a small mansion, colored by a discolored light pink, because of not be painted for years, with antique windows, doors and the balcony, which had rails covered with small dark spots.

When she approach of the door, she knocks in it and hears a voice from the inside.

- Who is there? – asks a shrewish voice in a untrusted tone.

- Its me, Madalena. I came to bring you the picture that you asked me.

She hears the door being unlocked, and then its open, showing an old and slim woman. He was dresses with a blue pijamas´s dress and slippers. Her face was completely wrinkled and her hair gray and unkempt, probably because he had woke up early.

- Thank you very much, my dear. My boy will love it – she says, tenderly, holding the picture – Wait here a second, please.

She disappeared for a moment, and when she returns she extends two notes of 50 euros to her.

- Here it is.

- No, please. You don´t need to pay me. I paint for love not for obligation – say Lena, humbly, showing the palm of her hands, but Madame Rosa grabs one, not with force, but gentle, and puts the notes in it.

- Of course you need it. I know you need money for your university. And your work is honest, so… I will not accept a refuse – she say shaking her finger and smiling.

Lena puts the note in her pocked, almost feeling the obligation of accept it.

- Ok. Thank you very much. I´ll use it well. Tell me if your son likes the picture.

- I´ll tell you. Don´t worry. But he´s not my son, but is almost – he reveals, tenderly.

- Goodbuy, then.

- Goodbuy, my dear – she shakes her hand to her, closing the door.

She returns to the car, where her father was waiting for her, and they proceed they way. Lena takes the notes from her pocked and put them in her wallet, which puts it inside of her schoolbag. Her father sees her put the note in the wallet.

- She payed you? – he asked simply.

- Yes. I told her that It wasn´t need, but she insisted. Well. More money I have to my university´s expenses.

- Well. Very nice of her – she could hear some disapproval in his tone.

- Why do I feel some disapproval in your words?

He looks at her with an uncomfortable look, trying to think in what he was about to say.

- Is just… - he begins – we don´t like that you get along with this woman – He say, speaking for her mother too, that she understhood.

- And why?

- Because… We don´t trust her.

She looks oddly to him.

- Why? Because of her worn appearance? It wasn´t you who told me once to not judge people by their appearance? She may have a weird look, but I clearly see that is just that, because she´s a nice person.

- Yes, yes, I told you that but… - he hesitates – Is not that that worries me.

- Than what is it?

He stays quiet, shaking lightly his head, thinking.

- If you don´t give me a good reason to not communicate with her, than I´ll still talking with her just like always – she says, firmly, crossing her arms.

- Just our words aren´t enough for you to trust us?

She laughst lightly and cinicly, shaking her hand.

- Your words almost made me believe that I was crazy, when I was not. If it wasn´t for my will´s force you had enclosed me in a psychiatrist institution – she says without screaming, but revolted.

- Honey, we did what we thought that was for your own good. And we wouldn´t let you stay there all your life. We would have taken you from there.

-  It wasn´t that that hurted me. It was the fact that you don´t believed in me.

-  But…

-  You know what? – she interrupted him suddenly - I don´t wanna talk about this anymore. It always brings discussions between us. If you don´t believe me, I can´t force you, but don´t force me too to think the same way that you do. If I can live a normal life, believing in what I do, then I think is enough reason for you to not interfier – she says, firmly.

He stays quiet for a while, looking serious to his front.

- Very well. If you prefer that way…

- Yes I do.

They continue they travel in silence. They arrive to university and Lena gets out of the car, ignoring her father.

- Lena – she heard him calling her, in a calm town.

She turns to him.

- Yes?

- Don´t forget that this afternoon you will need to go help your mother in the Cake Shop. I go to the doctor this afternoon.

Is tone was calm, trying to get a good conversation with her.

- Don´t worry. I´ll not forget – she answered, in the same tone, smiling lightly, forgetting the previous conversation between them.

She turned to the building, hearing the car go away.

- Lena, wait – she hears a recognizable feminine voice.

She looks back and sees Neusa running to her.

-  Hi, Neusa. How are you?

-  I´m ok. A little tired because of this run – she says recovering her breath.

-  Didn´t you come by bus?

- Yes, I did, but... when I saw you... I run from the bus station to catch you - she says, still puffy.

- Oh, ok.

- Would you like to come to my house to take a snack this afternoon?

Madalena looks with a light surprise expression to her, happy with her invitation.

- I would like to, but this afternoon I´ll go work in my parents Cake Shop. Maybe in another day. But thank you for the invitation.

- Its ok - understhood Neusa - Hey! Did you ever heard talk about the Jumper, the mysterious guy that is saving people by the town? – she changed suddenly of business.

Lena opens her eyes, not looking to her friend, afraid that she could "see" her memories.

- Yes… Yes I did. I read about him in the newspapers – she says, faster.

- Its said that is the hero of our town. He had saved a lot of people.

- Good… That is good – she stammered.

- The girls that he saved say that he´s fantastic – she looks up with shining eyes – I whish I could be saved by him just once. It would be sush a magical experience.

Lena smiles tenderly, remembering what happened in the day before, when she opened her eyes surrounded by his strong and warm arms.

- Yes, I believe – she say, simply and in a disguised tenderness.

They arrive to their class, where they stood, landed to the wall, waiting for their teacher.


The library was almost empty at that time of the morning, which provided a good environment for him to study. He readjust his glasses in his nose, before continue to writing. He was so concentrated that he didn´t heared the person who seat in his front, in the opposite side of the table. Feeling that was being observated, he raised his head, seeing the man which was looking to him firmly.

-  Sorry if I interrupt you, but I needed to speak with you – he say, in a calm tone, looking serious to him.

He was a man by appearance with more than 40´s years old, by his worn features. His hair was brown and long until the middle of his back, completely full of thick wires of hair, and had midnight blue eyes. Was dressed in a very bizarre way, with a white t-shirt, with red letters in the middle of it; he had long and wide jeans, and had metal bracelet in each arm, and was using a metal necklace too.

The other guy opens his eyes to him, without move his head, not looking to him with discomfort, but oddly.

-  Now, Luís? But I´m studing – he say, with logic, but not with arrogance.

-  I know, but I´ve an important message to you, and I need to tell you before I go to my class.

He lands his pen over the notebook, and looks to him.

-  Talk. I´m listening.

He lands the arms over the table, and sighs before he continue.

- Is about Madam Rosa. She´s being worried about you, Leonardo. Since you returned to Lisbon that you are very different from the time when you went to the United States.

- Its normal. I´m not a child anymore.

- I´m not talking about that. Of course that you are an adult now, with a mature personality, but you are so distant too. She misses you a lot.

- Why she misses me so much if I went to see her in the last week?

- Because is not enought for her. She wanted to see you more. I´m gonna take a snack with her this afternoon. Do you wanna come with me?

He holds his pen and looks to his notebook.

- Sorry, but I´ve to study. I´m gonna see her in another time.

- Forget the studies for a moment. Don´t you have consideration for her?

Leonardo looks shocked to him.

- How could you say that? How could I not have it? – he say, lightly indignant.

- Than prove it, coming with me.

They look quiet to each other for a minute.

- Ok. I go with you – he surrendered.

- Good. She will be very happy to see you again. But please, don´t you miss this at the last hour.

- Don´t worry. I wouldn´t.

- Very well. I go to my class.

He raises from his chair, and goes to the door of the library while Leonardo continued with his studies.


After the first classe, Lena and Neusa get out together and in the company of another girl and two boys that were from another class but that Neusa knew. They follow together laughing of the conversations of each other. In the outside of the building, the redhead girl turns to Neusa.

- I go to the bar to eat something. Someone wanna come with me?

All of them denied, looking to her with gratitude.

- You can go. We stay here waiting for you - says Neusa, kindly

She shakes her hand to them while she deviates, giving the notion that she was about to return quickly. When she arrives to the bar, she joins to the small row of students that were waiting to ask their snack. When is her turn, she asks for a cheese´s sandwich and a juice. While she waits for her snack, she feels a hand touching in her shoulder, she turns back to see who was, and sees Sheila, the black girl that she knew in the previous day.

- Hi - she greets her, timidly, shrinking her arms.

- Oh! Hello, Sheila - she greets her too, surprised of see her - How are you after what happened yesterday?

- I´m ok. I´m not traumatized, if is that what you want to know - she say, smiling ironically, but joking at the same time - I was about to ask you the same thing.

- I´m ok, too. Don´t worry about me. And I stay even better knowing that you are safe.

- I wanna talk with you if could that be.

Lena accepted with kindness, and, grabing her sandwish and her juice, she and Sheila go sit at a table.

- So, what do you wanna talk with me?

Sheila leans agains the chair back, looking to the table with difficult to look to the redhead girl. Finaly she raises her head to her.

- I wanna apologise to you because of the way that I treated you yesterday. You didn´t deserved that I talked with you like that. And then you saved my life after the way that I treated you - she says with guilt, feeling that she didn´t deserved her help.

Madalena looks to her with kindness.

- Don´t worry about that. I understhood your position. Everyone has their own proud.

- Yes. Maybe is that.

- Anyway, who is that blond girl that insulted you yesterday? - she asks with curiosity.

- Oh, that one - says the black girl shrinking her shoulders with contemp - She´s a donnish. Her name is Catarina. She comes from a rich family and because of that she things that she can give orders just like that to the others and feels superior to everyone. We went to the same school since we are children and all those years she passed all the time making fun of me and being bad to me. But she had a lot of envy of me because I always had better grades than her, which made her treat me even worse.

- Really? She must be an horrible girl for what you told me - supposes Lena, sharing the same impression as Sheila.

- And she is. And when I get pregnant in the middle of the high school she was even worse. 

Madalena remembers of the baby that Sheila was carrying when she was attacked.

- That baby that you were carrying yesterday was your daughter?

Sheila confirms with an head moviment, looking seriously to her side.

- And who is her father?

- I prefer to not talk about that, if you don´t mind - she says, begging lightly.

- Of course, I understhand - understhands Madalena, feeling the pain in her collegue´s words.

- But there is another thing that I wanna know - she says, in a misterious tone, looking with careful to her.

Lena drinks a little of juice, and answeres, after she swallow.

- And what is it?

- Yesterday, before I being attacked, I saw your preocupation before it happened, just right after you stop my fight with Catarina.

The redhead girl opens more her eyes, lightly alerted.

- Yes, and then?

Sheila waits a little before she speaks again.

- You knew that something was about to happen to me?

- Are you accusing me of something? - asks Lena, not angry with her, but with careful.

- No, I´m not saying that - answers Sheila immediatly, shaking her hand in denial - I just want to say that...

- Look, what it matters? - interrupts her Lena, trying to do it with education - You are in safe. It didn´t happen nothing to you and your daughter. So what it matters the rest? - summarizes her in a logical way.

- Is just a curiosity of mine. I already understhood that you have a secret, but you can stay calm that I not gonna tell it to anyone - promises Sheila with calm - So, please, ask to my question. Did you sensed the attack before it happened?

Madalena stood there looking seriously and undecided to her without know what to answer. That was a business to much serious to be shared with someone just like that, but she knew that Sheila was already to much suspicous for her be able to deny the truth.

- Yes, I sensed it - she confessed, without looking to her eyes - But, please, you can´t tell this to anyone. I´ve afraid of the others´s reaction if they know something like this.

- I already told you to not worry about me, that I will not tell to anyone. But explain to me how that works - she asks, looking with a bright and curious look.

Lena suspires before she speak, still not very confortable with that conversation, not because she didn´t thrusted in her collegue´s words, but just because that business was very intimate.

- It happens when someone is in danger, how it happened in your case, or when someone has problems that disturbs their lifes. Those visions appears to me when I touch in an object that those people touched. In your case, it happened when I holded the peace of your jersey in my hand - explains her, with detail - Together with that, I have premonitory dreams too.

She sees her collegue looking astonished to her, with her eyes very opened.

- So, are you afraid of me now? - asks Lena, looking by side to her and with careful.

- Afraid? I´m wonder with that. That is awesome! - she exclaims with enthusiasm.

The redhead girl looks admired to her.

- Are you serious?

- Of course I´m. Those gifts of yours are incredibles. I wish I could have them.

Lena shakes her head, looking with disapprobation to her.

- You don´t know what you´re saying, believe me. For you who is in the oustside can be awesome, but for who has these gifts almost all the times they are a burden.

- Why do you say that? You don´t like what you do?

- Not that much, really. But also I´m not denying for myself that I can do this. I´ve learned to accept it and live with it. But I prefered to not know so many things about other people.

Sheila looks to her tenderly and comprehensively.

- I think I can understhand you - she says, taking a pen from her bag - But could you do a small demonstration of your gift?

- What do you mean? - asks Lena, confused.

- You touch in my pen to see if you have a vision.

- But it just happens when someone is about to be in danger or needs help. Anyway, have you sure that you want to know? Because I can know your future and also your past - warns her.

- I don´t care. I just want to know what do you find - she insists, completely relaxed.

Lena looks to the pen, undecided if she should do it or not. Finaly she surrenders to her request and holds the pen. Immediately, a flash pass throw her mind, and Sheila sees her stunned expression. When the flash over, Lena looks to her collegue who was looking to her apprehensive.

- So? What did you saw? - asks Sheila curious.

Lena looks to her with careful.

- Do you have problems with your parents? They despise you since you got pregnant? - she asks carefully.

Sheila opens more her eyes in surprise, and then she turns her face and closes her eyes like if she was embarassed.

- I don´t wanna talk about that, please - she begs lightly.

Lena gives her pen back looking sad to her.

- Do you understhand now why I don´t like to have this?

- Do you really can see everything about someone? - she asks in a shy tone.

- Just when someone is in danger or needs help. And it seems that you need help with your parents - she suggests, knowing that was true.

- I take care of that business, if you don´t mind - she says, politely, trying not to offend her.

- Look. I know that I don´t have nothing to do with that, but if some day you need to talk about your problems, I´m here for that - says Lena, tenderly, touching her hand.

- Thanks a lot - she thanks to her sweetly, touching in her hand too.

They look to their clocks and they get a surprise when they see that was almost time for the next class.

- Well, it seems that we have to go now - says Lena, getting up, just like Sheila.

- Can I´ve your phone number and your facebook page? I would like to add you as a friend.

- Of course - agrees the redhead girl.

After they share their phone numbers, they write in a paper their facebook page and give it to each other.

- Thanks. Buy - says Sheila, shaking her hand to her, leaving the bar.

Lena turns to the opposite side to do the same thing and sees Neusa walking in her direction, clearly looking for her, and she understhands that she forgot of her.

- So, girl? You didn´t comeback to us.

- I know. Sorry - she apologises, leading an hand to her forehead, sorry for left Neusa hanging in the outside - I lost myself in a conversation with a girl that I met yesterday.

- Yes, I saw that when I enter in here - says Neusa, looking to Sheila who was with her back turned to her, walking away from there - I must advice you to not talk to much with that girl - she advices her, seriously.

Madalena strange her words.

- Why? Do you know he?

- Yes. She has violin class with my mother. She goes to my house every week to improve her violin techniques. I don´t like her very much. She gets out with lots of guys, one after the other.

- Really? - asks Lena, surprised.

- Yes. How can we know what kind of mother she is living that life, or how many boyfriends she had stolen - she says with repugnance.

Then she grabs Lena´s wrist slightly and pulls her.

- Is time for we to go to the next class. The others maybe are already in there.

- Yes, lets go.

Lena was following her, still thinking in what Neusa told about Sheila.

After classes, Lena and Neusa have lunch together in school, and after, they get the bus together, since Lena didn´t brought her bike.

- Are you sure you don´t want to come to my house? - insists Neusa, in a sweet tone, begging her to reconsider.

- I´m sorry, but I really can´t. I´ve to help my parents today.

"TRRRIIIIIIIIIMMMMM" - they heard the sound of a cellphone, that Neusa understhands that is hers.

She takes it from her bag and answeres.

- I, my love. How are you? - she greets with enthusiasm and sweetness.

Lena could hear the murmurs from the cellphone.

- Yes, it can be. I have nothing to do this night... Ok, so, see you later - she turns off the phone with a sweet smile, which Madalena didn´t ignored.

- Who was?

- My boyfriend. He was inviting me to go to the cinema with him tonight.

- You didn´t told me yet that you have a boyfriend - says Lena with a roguish smile.

Neusa shows the cellphone screen to her, which was showing the foto of a guy with brown hair, long until the shoulders and with a small beard in the chin; and had brown eyes.

- He is cute - says Lena with sincerity, holding the phone.

- I know - says Neusa with a fake presumption, smiling with proud.

- Is he in university too?

- Yes. He´s taking the course of Civil Engineering in Lisbon´s Polytechnic.

- Interesting.

In that moment, Lena sees that they were arriving to the bus station where she wanted to stay.

- I´ve to go. I see you tomorrow - she says, getting up.

- Ok. Have a good work - says Neusa, saying goodbuy.

After leaving the bus, Madalena walks to her parent´s Cake Shop. She was walking, thinking in Neusa´s conversation about her boyfriend, that made her feeling the need to have one too. Until now, she felt atraction for many boys but she never had a relationship with any of them. There was one that she met when she had fifteen years and with who she became a good friend, but she wanted more than have a friendship relation, which he didn´t wanted which leaded to their separation because of lack of interest from both. Since then, that she wishes to find her true love, special because she was seeing many girls of her age with their boyfriends, and she with anyone, which was making her feel a little displaced. At the same time, that situation was making her think in Sheila´s case. The girl seemed to be nice, but could she thrust in a person who had that life?

In the middle of her thoughts she hears her phone´s sound. She takes it from her schoolbag, and seeing that was her Karaté´s teacher, she answeres immediatly, since she was waiting for her news.

- Hello, teacher. Is everything ok with you?

- Yes, is everything ok. Don´t worry. Was just to inform you about that - she informs her, from the other side of the phone - But is curious. I saw in radio that it happened an accident in 25´s April Bridge this morning. If I went by there, I don´t know what could had happened to me. It was a big coincidence you had adverted me to not go by that way, and occuring an accident in there at the same time.

- Yes... It was really a big coincidence - she babbles, feeling a light suspicion in her old teacher´s voice.

- I know that you knew that that accident would happened, but I´m not going to ask you how, since I know that you don´t wanna talk about your secret. I just wanna tank you for you had adverted me - she says, comprehensively.

- I apreciate you comprehension, teacher - she thanks, humbly.

- Keep in touch with me.

- So do you, teacher. I´m gonna miss you.

- So do I.

And they turn off the phone.

In that moment, Lena arrives to the Cake Shop and enters immediately. She greets the employees who were in the counter and enters by the service door. She goes to the balneary, where she takes her clothes and dresses her Cake Shop´s uniform. She passes by the kitchen to greets her mother, where she was cooking some cakes.

- Hi, honey. Thank Godness you came. We were really needing help.

- I know. While dad don´t return from the doctor I´ll help you. I go to help in the counter.

- Thanks, Lena.

Arriving to the counter, she begins to help her collegues with the clients. She began her activity in the Cake Shop when she had thirteen years, when she had age enought to help her parents. Since then that all the summers she helped them a lot with their business and in school times when she could, which helped her to won experience in helping clients. Actually she didn´t do that so that much because of the increase of her responsabilities in school, and because of many paintings that she was selling, but she still helped them sometimes.

When she was making the payment for a client, she hears the door bell, but she didn´t payed attention to who had entered, since was paying attention to the client in her front. When she finishes, she turns to the new client to help him.

- Good afternoon... - she greets him, stopping suddenly when se sees him.

Altough she had saw him just once, his figure was unforgettable. But, this time, he wasn´t dressed like an executive, but with some jeans and with a white sark, so fair to his body, helping to see the perfect features of the muscles of his chest and arms, which she already could contemplate when she saved her in the alley.

She looks to her, surprised too of see her in there.

- Redhead? What are you doing here? - asked him, surprised, not in a rude tone, but simple and firm, taking his sunglasses, showing again his intense light blue eyes.

- I´m working, just like you are seeing - she explains.

- Don´t you study? You have face of who should be in school.

- Of course I do, but now I´m helping my parents. And I´m not in a banal school, but in university - she informs him with a disguised sarcasm, trying to sound calm to not bother the others clients, since he was beginning to annoying her with his firm and implacable tone, like if he thought that he had reason in everything, the same way that he talked her when he stopped her bike before she could had an accident.

- Hmm! I understhood.

- What will you wish? - she proceed with her work, since he was a client too, and to not upset the other clients, altough anyone appeared after him yet.

- I just want a coffee and a cake to take away - he answers, putting his normal glasses in his face, which were making him seem very intelectual.

Lena couldn´t help feeling the shivers traveling around her body of looking to him. She was annoying but was so handsome. If without the glasses he was so handsome, now, together with them was added to him a touch of intellectuality.

- Which one? - she asks, shaking her head lightly, trying to foccus in her job.

- That cake of nutts - he says, pointing to the showcase, to the last shelf.

Lena takes the coffee to him and prepares a box to the cake.

While he was drinking his coffee, the young man was looking around trying to know that place better, and pays attention to the paintings that were decorating the walls around the place.

- These paintings are very well painted. Their colors are very cheering. They give a special touch to this place. Where did you get them? - he asks interested, not with a smile, but with a pleasant expression.

- I did them - she reveals, simply, putting the cake inside of the box.

He looks to her even more surprised than when he saw her for the first time in the Cake Shop. He bends down his glasses a little with his finger, and looks to her with suspicion.

- You did this paintings?

- Yes. Why? -she stranges his suspicion.

- Are you sure about that, redhead? You don´t need to pass by an artist to call the attention of the others.

She looks incredulous to him after hearing his words.

- I´m sorry? I´m not lying. Those paintings are mine. Do you want that I go call my mother to confirm it to you? - she says, altering a little.

He raises his hands, in signal of redention.

- Very well. If you say so - he say, simply.

She gives the cake inside of the box to him, and looks to him without a smile.

- Here it is.

- Thank you.

He gives the money to her before he holds the cake, and after receiving the change he prepares to leave.

- Wait? - he says, suddenly.

He turns to her, surprised.

- Yes.

- I... need... to talk to you - she babbles.

- About what?

- About... what you told me yesterday in the alley.

He approaches more of her, looking around, afraid that anyone could listen her.

- Can you speak more lower please? Anyone can know about this.

- Don´t worry that I´m not gonna tell your secret or mine - she says, lowering her tone - But I need to know what do you know about this business. For me this is new and mysterious. I don´t know anything about this.

He shakes his head with disapproval.

- Keep with that ignorance that is better that way.

- Why do you say that?

- Because like that you keep yourself out of troubles. Follow with your live the most normal  has possible.

He was about to answer, when a lady of middle age approach of her, extending a note to her.

- Thanks, miss Lena. The cake was wonderful. Say to your mother that I thank her too.

- Thanks, Lady Debora. I´ll tell her.

When she grabs the note, another flash passes through her mind. When it finishes, she sees the lady getting out of the place, before she could warn her.

- What happened? - asks the young man, touching her hand, seeing her worried.

- That lady will be stolen. I´ve to go help her - she says, with hurry.

- No - he says, immediately, extending his hand, in signal of make her stop - I go there. Keep yourself out of troubles. And I appreciate that when you have all those presentiments, that you tell me.

He leaves te Cake Shop, leaving her surprised with his attitude. After that, one of the employeds approach of her.

- Do you talk with this man? - she asks, with light sedutive look.

- Not at all. I just talked with him two times. Why? Do you know him?

- Of course I know. After hearing gossips and seeing him by there many times, just like all. His name is Leonardo Monteiro and he comes from a rich family. He came from the United States to study here, his natural country. Its not difficult to know how he is famous, isn´t it? He´s handsomes and rich. Every girl would desire a man like that - she says with desire in her voice.

- Yes, that´s true. But the beauty and the richness aren´t the most important things in life - says Lena, firmly, returning to her work.

Leonardo arrives to Madame Rosa´s house. He stops the car next to the wall and gets out of it with the cake. He pass by the open gate of iron, which was always open, and knocks in the door. The door is opened in a few seconds, showing the Madam in the other side, who receives him with a tender smile.

- Oh, my "son"! You don´t know the happiness that you give me of see you again - she says, opening the arms to embrace him.

- I´m happy too of see you again, Madam Rosa - he says in his careful and firm way of speak, but that could let hear the tenderness in his voice.

He bends down to embrace her, since she was small, and after he gives the cake to her.

- Oh, dear. It wasn´t needed. I´ve so many sweets in the kitchen. But...! - she exclaims, suddenly, looking to the scratch in his right arm, which was a little more deep than the normal, bleading a little - What happened to you? - she asks pointing to the wound.

- This is nothing. I shaved the arm in a shelf - he lies, trying to sound convincent, to not have to explain the whole story.

In fact, that wound was caused when he got out from the Cake Shop, after the lady which future the redhead girl had saw. A few moments after he got out, a thief threatened her, like the redhead girl had predicted, and he had to help her. During the fight the thief used a knife which passed superficially by his arm causing that wound. Fortunately, he could dominate him and the lady stood in safe.

Madam Rosa didn´t wanted to do more questions and invites him to enter. He follows her by a corridor which had a beautiful dark green carpet. In each side of the corridor, there was some plants and some antiques furnishings, but very well preserved, and some paintings suspended in the walls. It was the first time that Leonardo saw those paintings, which style seemed the same from those made by the redhead girl. But he doubted that those in Madam Rosa´s house were made by her. After all, there are more painters in the world or she could had bought them in some store.

When they arrive to th kitchen, Luís was already in there, waiting for them.

- Is good that you could come - says Luís.

- I told you that I would come.

- You can start eating, my boys, since I´m gonna join you right now - she encourages them.

When she seats, each one prepares their own meal. They choose between tea or milk, thinking in each one preferences, and choose to follow with a peace of cake or toasts.

- Sorry for the question, Leonardo - she starts, swallowing a peace of cake - Why do you decided walking by there jumping from building and building to catch criminals?

- Because is the only way and the only moments that I´ve to free myself and to be just like I am - he says, without regrets of doing it.

She looks to him in a motherly way.

- I understhand you. You are forced to hidde your gifts to not be impaired - she says, looking also to Luís, referring to him too - But I´ve afraid that something could happen to you.

- Don´t worry with me, Madam Rosa. I´ve everything controlled. What can a vulgar thief do against me? I´m in advantage compared to him - he says, secured of himself.

- But I still think that you should be more prudent - she advices him, turning next to Luís - And you? How is going your relationship with that woman?

He swallows a piece of toast and answers next.

- Our relationship is perfect. I never been so happy with a woman before. She´s everything to me - he says with devotion, leading his hand to the left side of his chest - The only thing that is missing to solve is the business with her daughter - he says with some discomfort.

She drinks a little more of tea before she proceeds.

- I don´t have nothing against that woman with you are involved. But I´ve afraid that you can ended hurt in the end because of that. You know that when are children of one of the elements in the middle, they can degrade that relation.

- Is just a question of talk with her to solve the things. Just all - he says, simply, to simplify the things.

- Do your girlfriend knows about your gift? - asks Leonardo.

Luís affirms with his head.

- Of course. I wouldn´t hide something like this from her if I wanted to have a sincere relationship with her.

- How did she reacted when you tolde her?

Luís looks to infinite, lost in his thoughts.

- The first think that she thought was that I was crazy. She wanted that I went to a psychiatrist to treat me. But then, I proved to her little by little with experiences and she ended believing in me.

Leonardo looks admired to him.

- And your relationship keeps stable since then?

- Yes. She respects a lot my gift and supports me all the times that this power leave me undecided. She´s a great support to me.

- I´m happy for you - says Leonardo with sincerity.

Madam Rosa extends her arms to touch in each one hands, and looks to them with tenderness.

- Take care of your lifes, my "sons". I couldn´t bear if something happened to you.

In that moment, she remembers suddenly.

- I almost forgot. I´ve a present for you, Leonardo. Because of all these years that I couldn´t give a present for you in your birthday.

- It isn´t need, Madame Rosa - he says.

But she ignores him, in a educated way, and disappears from the kitchen for a moment. When she returns, she was holding a rectangular object in her hands, completely covered, that she extends to Leonardo.

- Here it is. Please, acept it, Leonardo. I would like to know if you like it, not just me, but the person who did it.

He grabs the object, feeling curious, and starts to unwrap it, slowly. When he sees the painting, he looks surprised to it, admired with its beauty.

- Well. This is amazing. 

- I knew that you like paintings, so I decided to give you one. Now I can tell the girl who did it that you liked - says Rosa, with a smile, knowing that he was being sincere saying that he liked it.

- Who is the girl who painted this? - he asks curious.

- Oh, you don´t know her. Her parents have a Cake Shop near of Campo Pequeno and she works in there sometimes, but she spends more her time in Campo Grande´s Garden, painting her pictures - she informs him, sitting again in her chair at the table, showing that she likes the girl that she was talking about.

Then Leonardo things in the possibility of be the redhead girl with who he has being crossed since yesterday, the one who painted that painting, remembering the paintings in her CakeShop. But then he things that could exists another potential painters for that painting, with the same particularities that Madame Rosa told him.

Later, after her father returned from the doctor to continue his work in the Cake Shop, Lena returns home to do her homework. She goes to her bedroom, puts her schoolbag behing of her desk chair and turns on her computer. She seats in her desk chair, waiting that her computer be ready, thinking in what Leonardo told her before he left the Cake Shop, going after that lady, which future she saw.

" I appreciated that always that you have those presentiments, that you tell me instead of you being involved"

That frase was stuck in her head, at the same time that she was looking to her hand. So she had that gift and she couldn´t use it to help people? She had to continue contain it like she did before she decided to accept it, after all the problems that she had because of contain it? No! She was decided to collaborate with the Jumper, but she wouldn´t let him have all the merits. She was decided to act by herself.

In this, she sees that her computer was ready and goes to her facebook´s page. When she gets in, she sees a friendship request of Sheila. She thinks if she should accept it or not. She seemed to be nice, but she didn´t believed that she could be a good influence to someone, with the life that she had. Believing in that belief, she rejects the friendship´s request.


The End

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