2º Chapter - The Power of Fire

Madalena wakes up slowly, by the alarm clock´s sound. She turns to it and sees that were 7 a.m.. It was time to get up. She was anxious to begin her university´s classes. She gets up, takes some clothes from the wardrobe and goes to the bathroom. Since her parents were already on work, she was alone at home. She takes a shower, and after, she dresses. She dresses a denim shorts, and a yellow top with short sleeves. She then ties her hair in a ponytail. She wanted to show a good look. After, she goes to the kitchen to take her breakfast. She pours milk into a bowl and warms it in the microwave. While she waits, she goes to the table, to put a towel over it. When she approachs, she sees a newspaper over the table, probably of her father. Looking to the first page, she sees a curious news.

" Misterious Guy Saves People From Troubles " - it says the title.

The text was mentioning that the witnesses saw that guy defending them from thieves or others bad guys in a very stylish way. What was strange was that the witnesses didn´t remembered how he appeared in their front, or how he leaved, after he defended them.

After reading that, Madalena though in the guy that she saw in the terrace some days ago. She couldn´t avoid thinking that was him. She saw him fly with her own eyes, what made her think that he had all the means to help those people. What she didn´t knew is how could that be possible. For much that she though, she couldn´t understhand. What she knew is that he was considered an hero.

She deviates the jornal, ignoring that business and goes get her pour of milk. She puts cereals in it, and eats. After, she puts the pour in the dishwasher, brush her teeth, grabs her school back and leaves. She rides her bike to outside of the building and follows on it. She was guiding calmly, thinking in what was expecting her. She then pass by a place with some stores which had beautiful clothes that she always liked to see when she passes by there, and stucks her look in them for a moment. When she turns to her front again she sees, in panic, that she was almost entering in a perpendicular road full of cars, following one after the other. She tightens the brakes with all her strenght, closing her eyes in fear, feeling the approximation to the cars. Suddenly, she feels a big braking, stoping her bike completely. She opens her eyes and see two hands touching hers in each side of the wheel. She raises her head slowly and sees that the owner of the hands was a man. More a young man, between 20´s and 25´s years. He had a young face but also mature. He was using sunglasses but she could see the serious expression in his face. He was dressed with a linen coat and pants, and with a white sark, like an executive. His skin was tan and his hair was black, with a very good hairstyle, close to his head, but with some points free in the top of his head and forehead, which gave him a impressive impression. 

Madalena observed for a moment his perfect features, which were impressed her a lot, but then, she comeback to reality, when he speaked to her.

- Are you ok? - he asks in a serious tone, but the worry could be felt.

- Yes... Yes... - she says, puffy  - Thank you for save me.

- You need to be more careful.  You can´t drive distracted - his tone was more firmly.

- I know. I was very irresponsible. But this never happened to me. This was the first time that I distracted myself while I was guiding - she tries to justified herself.

- The first time or the second time it doesn´t matters. Only one distraction can be fatal.  Is more important to pay attention to the road than to those weird stories.

This time he sounded a little more imperative, which began to bother her.

- You have right, but you don´t need to be so hard with me. Just because you saved me you don´t have to treat me like a child. I already apologised for what happened - she said with some indignation, but also keeping her humility.

- I´m saying it for your own good - he finalized.

- Well, thank you for the worry but I don´t need it. Now, can you please let go my bike? I need to go or I´ll be late.

He does what she said. She continues her path, ignoring his look on her, not knowing that he was seeing her disappear in the horizon.

- What sush a cocky guy - she says with some annoyance - But I´ve to admit that if it wasn´t for him, maybe I wouldn´t continue my way to university.

After a while she arrives to her destiny, now forgetting what happened before, and holds her bike to a post light. She turns to the building and looks to it, apprehensive. She knew that when she enter to that door, her new life will begin. She goes to the inside and begin to look for her class, following the map that she was holding. After a while, she finds it, already with some students near to the door. She approach of them and fix her look in one girl in particular, who was looking to her in the same way, trying to remember when they saw each other before. The girl had dark brown hair, long until the shoulders and had green eyes. Her skin was tan, which gave a special touch to her with her green eyes.

- Hello. I think I know you from somewhere, but I´m not remembering - says Madalena, smiling politely, trying to remember.

- Aren´t you the daughter of the owners of that Cake Shop where my mother goes everyday to take her coffey?

- Yes I am. I remember now - says the redhead, with enthusiasm - I saw you and your mother in there sometimes. Her name is Sara, right?

- Yes. And my name is Neusa.

They shake hands with enthusiasm.

- So you are in the this university too - notices Lena.

- Yes, in the architecture course.

- What a coincidence. Me too. It seems that we are going to be collegues - she says with happiness - And me that I though that I wasn´t going to find a familiar face in here. All my friends went to different universities.

- Really? That is very boring.

- A little. But I´m ok. I´m still in touch with them by phone, by skype...

- That is good. Is the way that you still be friends.

In that moment, they see a woman using glasses and holding a folder, walking in their direction. She opens the door behind of them and enter, followed by the students. Madalena and Neusa sits next to each other. They take their things from their school bags and put it over the table. Then they pay attention to the teacher, who was in front of the board. She had short and curly blond hair, clearly fake, brown eyes, and was skinny and short. She was dressed with a banal green skirt and a white sark.

- Good morning, class. Welcome to your first day of university. For now on you will pass by a new stage of your life and I hope that you are ready for it, because it requires lots of responsabilities. I´m going to inform you about the subjects that we are going to study in this class.

While the teacher was talking about it, showing it with a projector, they were taking notes. Lena needed to borow a word in her notebook so she extended the hand to the right without look and by mistake, she touches in Neusa´s rubber. Suddenly a flash pass throw her mind and she sees the scene of a man driving wildly a car, and nitidly scaried, and then, he hit the car in a tree. Madalena returns to reality in that moment, apprehensive with what she saw. Neusa looks to her, wondering of her apprehensive expression.

- Are you alright, Madalena? You seems scaried.

- Ahh...! No... - she babbles - Its notting. Don´t worry about it.

Then she grabs her own rubber and borows what she had write, still thinking in what she saw.


After the first class, since was the first class of the year, they leave it earlier. Madalena and Neusa go to the bar and buy a snack. Then they went to the outside, and sit in a bench.

- Neusa..., may I..... ask you something? - she asks, with some careful.

- Yes. What is it?

- Do you... know a man with brown hair, cutted like a militar, and with beard? - she asked, describing the details with gestures.

Neusa looks surprised to her.

- Well, if you are describind the features of my father, yes. But it can´t be since he died two years ago in a car accident. You never knew him.

Madalena felt a big relieve for the event that she saw in her head had already occured.

- At two years ago? It was at that time that I begin to saw you and your mother in my cake shop.

- Yes. Me and my mother came to live here after my father´s dead. She was to much revolted with his dead that she wanted to leave that place. I never agreed with that, because I didn´t want to be farway of that place which brought me memories of him - she say with a lightly sadness tone, clealry of someone who had recovered a lot, but who was still very sensitive to that memories.

- It must be very hard for you. But your mother must had suffered a lot too, for what you told me.

- She said that that city reminded her to much of my father. But, even than, I prefered that she learned to live with that memories and still love that place were she lived all her life with my father - she could hear some indignation in her tone.

- Maybe when your father died, she lost the love that she had for that city too - she suggests, comprehensively.

- Maybe - agrees Neusa, not very convinced - But I don´t wanna talk about this anymore, if you don´t mind.

- For me, thats fine. Sorry if I was to much nosy - apologizes Madalena, feeling guilty for making Neusa remembering sush painful memories.

- Don´t worry. Everything is fine. Is just, this is still very fresh to me.

- I understhand.

Madalena finishes her sandwish, leading her hand to her throat, feeling thirst.

- Are you ok? - asks Neusa.

- I´m just thirsty. I should have brought a drink in the bar.

She raises.

- I go get a juice from that drink machines inside of the school. Do you come with me?

- No. I stay here, waiting for you. You can go - she say, relaxed.

Lena follows to the door which leaded to the inside of the building. She was thinking in her vision of Neusa´s father accident. She just don´t understhant why she had that vision when that eventuality already had occured and that everything was fixed.

When she enters in the building, she sees the drink machine next to her, but also a very disturbing scene in front of it. There were two girls arguing with each other, over the look of a lot of students who were seeing the scene. A black one, with long black hair and completely tressed, and a blond one with her hair tied in a ponytail.

- I knew that you would follow me until here - accuse her the blond one, opening completely her angry green eyes - I was so tired of see you in school and now I must continue cross with you in here.

- Stop with your crazy sense of chase, Catarina. The world doesn´t turn completely around you. Of course I would prefer to be in a school far away from you, and If I knew that you would enter in this university I would have went to another. But now I will stay here until the end. If you are annoyed with that, than I advice you to leave - shoutes the black girl.

- Forget it. I will not let a black person like you give me orders. You are inferior to me. Is you who will leave this place. 

- I already told you that I wouldn´t. And I´m not inferior to anyone, special to you. The difference of grades between us, clearly shows that.

- Like if I need good grades to have a stable life. I already have a promissor future waiting for me. While you, you may have good grades, but you failed in love and has a mother. To bring a child to this world without a father it makes you the biggest failed of the world. I´m not surprised that even your parents have lost the consideration in you - she shouted, venomously.

The black girl looks shocked to her after hearing those words.

- How dare you? - she roared, raising her hand, ready to hit her in the face, but is stopped by Madalena, who grabs her before she could do it.

- Don´t loose your dignity because of her - she says trying to reassure her.

She turns her angry look to the blond girl.

- Who the hell do you think you are to think that you can say those things to the others?

The blond girl looks up and down to her with disdain and answers to her:

- Hey, redhead, I do what I want and I say what I want - she says with contempt - And who the hell told you that you could interfer in this conversation?

- I don´t need the permission of anyone to interfier in sush an inhuman arguing like this. You are the one who don´t have the right to offend people like that.

- I just told her the truth. She just can´t admit it.

- Even if what you said was truth, you don´t have the right to judge her.

- Look. I don´t have patiente to hear sush a lame conversation about moral. Keep it to the kids. As for you, Sheila... - she points an accuser finger to the black girl - I think is better that you begin to think of go away from here.

She turns her back to them and leaves.

- Come back here, Catarina - yells the black girl, going after her, but is stopped by Madalena who grabs her wrist.

- Let her go. She doesn´t deserve your annoyance.

- Let me go, right now.

She pulls her so hard that she rips the sleeve of her jersey. Holding the peace of her jersey in her hand, another flash pass throw her mind. " The black girl was walking by he street with a child of her skin color in her lap. She turns to her left and sees that she entered in a alley. Seeing that she couldn´t continue by there, she turns back and suddenly, she makes a scary face and screems in panick." The flashback pass and Madalena was still looking to the peace of jersey in her hand, surprised.

- Oh, your stupid. What have you done? You screw my jersey - yells the black girl, plucking it of her hand.

- I... I... I am sorry. I didn´t want too...

The black girl turns her back to her, walking from there.

- Hey wait. I need to tell you something. You are in danger... - she say with worry.

The black girl turns abruptly to her, pointing an accuser finger to her.

- Stay away from me. You already done enought.

She turns her back to her again and continues to follow.

Madalena stays quiet seeing her follow, worried and feeling impotent, since she knew the girl wouldn´t listen her.

She goes to the outside, still thinking in what she would do to safe her from that destiny. She raises her head and sees Neusa aproaching of her.

- Why do you took so long?

- I´m sorry, Neusa. I saw an arguing between two girls in there, which didn´t end so that well - she explains, feeling bad.

- Really? But you are ok?

- Yes, don´t worry. It´s not with me that I´m worried about.

- I think you shouldn´t worry so much with that fight. Its overed.

- I know. Is not with that too - she says, still worried - I think I´m gonna walk a little by the school before the next class begin to occupy my mind. Do you wanna come with me?

- Yes. Its a good idea. We didn´t see the library wet, for exemple.

They go together do they round by the school. Madalena already had decided what to do about that vision. Since the girl didn´t wanted to listen her, so she had to protect her with her own hands.

After the last class, Madalena and Neusa walk together to the gateway.

- I´m go home now - say Neusa, relaxing her arms - Do you come in the bus too?

- No. I go on my bike. Anyway, I´ve to do something before I go home.

- Ok. So, I see you tomorrow.

She turns to left of the gateway and follow by that direction.

Madalena turns her look to the entrance of the building, and, in that moment, she sees the black girl getting out from there. She hiddes herself behind of a tree for not being seen. She just didn´t know if that moment was about to begin. Then she remembers the scene of her flashback, when the girl hugs the kid in her arms in panic, showing her watch. The time that was showing was 1:45. She looks to her watch and sees that was almost that time. She just didn´t know if it was of that day. She knew that she had to follow the girl to make sure that anything would happen to her.

Seeing her getting out of the school, she unlocks the chain which was holding her bike, mounts on her and follows after the girl from a considerable distance for not being seen. 

She was walking slowly by the street. After a while she sees her entering in the garden of a house, where she could read in its balcony, a poster announcing that it was a kid´s school. She waits a while, until she repears outside with a child in her arms. The same child that she saw with her, in her vision. She continues following them. The situation continued calm for a while. Madalena was beginning to think if she had wrong in the day that that would happen. She was thinking of give up and leave. But at that moment, she sees her stop and look to her left side, to a fissure between two buildings. Like if something had call her attention. Lena approach a little more of her without she know, and, like the girl, she hears a voice coming from there. She concentrates more and she hears something like "Help Me, someone help me". It was a male voice, sounding weak and in pain. The black girl begins to walk to that side, worried, believing that someone was suffering. When she does it, without she knew, a man appears suddenly behind her, right in front of Madalena´s eyes.

She closes her eyes repeatidly, trying to figure out what she just saw. A man appeared like magic in her front. How could that be possible? Altough she was still incredulous, she couldn´t let of worried when she saw him going after the girl. She hears her screaming and she runs immediately to there. When she sees them, the man was holding a knife and pointing it to the girl, who was looking to him scaried, hugging the kid protectively in her arms. 

- Put the kid in the floor - he orders, threatening her.

- What? - she asks scaried.

- Don´t worry. I don´t want the kid for nothing. Is your energy that I want - he says, simply and venomously - But if you don´t put the kid in the floor right now, I will hurt him too.

- No, please, don´t do it - she begged.

- So do what I told - he yelled.

Slowly and trembling, she bends down and puts the kid in the floor. Then the man approachs of her and grabs her by the neck.

- Now, lets drag all that energy of yours.

- STOP IT - yells the redhead, imperetivle.

The man turns back, still holding the girl by the neck, and looks surprised to her. He had light brown hair, long until the shoulders, a small beard in the chin, and green eyes, which completed his skin face. She was dressed with dark jeans, a dark t-shirt, a dark gabardine, and dark heavy boots.

- Let her go right now - she orders.

- Interesting. We have a spectator - he say, in a ironic surprise - And what are you gonna do if I don´t? - he challenges her.

- This.

She raises her leg and hits him with her footh in his face, making him fall, and release the black girl.

- Hurry. Hold your kid and lets get out of here - she says in hurry to her, taking advantage of the situation.

The girl holds the kid and runs immediately from there. Madalena was about to follow her but the guy appears suddenly in her front, the same way that he did before, and grabs her by the neck.

- Where do you think you are going? You make me loose my prey, so I will change her for you.

- No you don´t.

She makes a rotative moviment with her elbow, making him release her, and punchs him in the face, throwing him back.

- You´re devious bratt. You will regret of this.

He gets up and runs to her who was about to run from there, and grabs her by the arm. She touches his hand, trying to avoid his pulling. She feels her hand so warm, and he releases her immediatelly screaming in pain, holding his hand. She could see a mark in the back of his hand, where she touched him. She looks shocked to his burned skin, so like him.

- How... How have you done that? - he asks apprehensive, looking with caution and angry to her.

- I... I... I don´t know - she says, confused. 

Even she didn´t know how she had caused that burn.

He extends his arm to her and opens his hand, like if he was about to shoot something to her from it. Even if he had nothing in his hand, she knew that something was about to get out from it.

- You are a threat to us. I can´t let you live after this - he says, firmly, with a mischievous look.

Then a block of weevil ice is shoot from his hand and she closes her eyes in fear of see that thing approaching of her, but then, she feels something pushing her and holding her. When she opens her eyes, she sees herself leaning against a warm body, helded protectively by strong arms. She looks up, and sees the face of a man with dark glasses and a hood. She immediately recognized his figure from the night that she saw him, and his features from that morning when he stopped her bike. With the light of the day, he could see him perfectly. She sees that they were levitating in the air, to her surprise. Then, he bends down and they land in the ground. He looks one last time to her, touching gently her arms, and then he turns to the guy in dark clothes, who were looking angry to them.

- Today just appears empaths in my job - he complains.

- I will not allow that you hurt innocent people, specially ladies - says firmly the guy.

- And I will not allow that someone interfier in my mission - he shouts, opening his hand again and shooting lots blocks of ice.

The jumper holds her again and jumps hightly before the blocks could reach them, and lands behind of him. Then, the jumper raises his hand, and somehow, to Madalena´s surprise, a peace of wood, leaned agains the wall, levitates and is trowned agains the guy in black, which hits him in the face. The guy recovers his composure, disappears and reappears in front of him, grabs him by the colar, forcing him to look at him, and punches him, throwing his glasses to the ground. The Jumper looks angry to him and punches him too, making him fall. He raises slowly, looking madly to him. The guy with the hood could see that he was thinking in another attack.

- Stop with that. You are in disadvantage - he says firmly, almost advicing.

- That´s what you think.

He disappears again. Then he reapears behind of him and open his hand again to him. Madalena was behind of them seeing everything and runs panickly to them, seeing what he was about to do to her savior.

- NO - She yells, running with an hand extended to them.

In that, to her surprise, a jet of fire is shouted from her extended hand to them and hits the hand of the guy in black before he could shoot, burning him.

- AAAHHH! - he yells in pain, kneeling, holding his burned hand.

She was shocked with what happened, locking to her hand, from where the fire was shoot.

The guy in black raises his head trembling and looking threateningly to her.

- You will pay for this.

And disappears for once.

The Jumper turns to her and walks in her direction. Now she could see well is clothes and muscled arms. But what was impressing her the most was his intense light blue eyes, which were covered by his sunglasses in the two times that she saw him, which was giving an impressive look to him, together with is tan skin. She had to raise her head to look at him, since he was tall. Her head just passed a little his shoulders. He stops in a firmly position in front of her.

- You are a Psychic - he says simply.

- What? - she hears it, confused.

- A Psychic. Someone with psychic powers, like me. You already shooted fire with your hands. You must be one.

- No, it can´t be. I´ve no idea how I´ve done this - she denies, incredulous.

- Some of the psychic powers appears lately. Do you have any more psyquic abilities above this?

- No. I mean...

She remembers of her usual visions and dreams.

- I´ve premonitory dreams and visions when I touch in objects. Just that.

- That is an ability of a Psyquic.

She wanted to deny that. Altough that was something that made her a little different from other people, that wasn´t a thing so that special. But how could she deny it, after what happened in that moment?

- You were very brave when you protected that girl with the little kid - he says calmly, but clearly proud of her, touching her shoulders - But you need to be more carefull. Just because you have psyquic poweres don´t put yourself in danger just like that.

- What do you wanted me to do, then? I saw her being attacked before it happen, but she didn´t listened me. I had to do something - she say, not angry, but desperate.

- Then, if you have that hability, you need to improve better your actions, and not enter in action just like when you almost entered in that road full of cars - she remembered that imperative tone from that morning.

- I had improved my actions. I was expecting to see a thieve attacking her. Not someone with some weird powers that I never or anyone saw.

- Now you know that exists those kind of persons. Is better if you don´t interfier. I´m here to help those victims.

- HEY, REDHEAD - they heard a feminine voice approaching.

The Jumper turns to her once again.

- Stay away from those people. You don´t know how to defeat them.

He grabs his glasses from the floor, and jumps to the sky.

In that moment, the black girl appears in the alley and runs to Madalena, worried.

- Thank Godness you are ok. I was so worried about you when I didn´t see you run after me. What happened to that guy?

- He... He runned away. I think It seems that my fight style had scared him - she invents, trying to sound convincent - Where is your kid?

- I left her in school to come see you.

They get out of the alley and the black girl accompanies her to the bike.

- Thank you for save me. I know I didn´t deserve your help after the way I threated you, but I will do everything to compensate you - she says humbly.

- Don´t worry about that. I understhand your actions. I´ve my proud too - she say smiling and comprehensively - I´m happy that you are ok. I´m Madalena. And you? - she extends her hand to her.

- I´m Sheila.

They shake hands loyalty.

- I´ve to go now. Take care of you and your kid.

She mounts in the bike and follows. When she arrives home, she goes to her room and lies in her bed, thoughtful. She wasn´t a person of doub of what she sees. She knew it wasn´t an ilusion all that weird things that she saw in the alley. A guy who could disappear and appear anytime and where he wants, another who could fly and levitate things, and she, who could predicted things and could shoot fire from her hands. She remembers that, looking to her hand.

- How I´ve done that? - she asks to herself.

She turns, simply, the palm of her hand to the ceiling, and another shoot of fire is shooted from her hand, but this time, smaller. She raises immediately and looks surprised to her hand. It happened when she thought of it. 

" You have psyquic powers " - she remembers the Jumper´s words.

The End

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