1º Chapter - The Mysterious Guy

Madalena seems a normal girl to the others, living a normal life like the normal people. But what they don´t know is that she has the ability of see the pass and the future, which will lead her to discover more powers and revelations, and also a big love.

She was running hopelessly, mounted in her horse, by the woods. She looks behind for a moment and sees from a considerable distance the torches approaching of her. She reajusts the bag which was suspended in her shoulders and centers her determinated look in her way. Suddenly, she sees a knight running in his horse in her direction from the opposite side, holding his sword. He raises his sword in the air, and when he pass right by her side, he throws the sword to her.

Madalena wakes up and raises suddenly from her bed, surprised and puffy. She looks to her right side, to the alarm clock, and sees that were 8 a.m. She gets up and walks to her window, looking to the outside with her arms crossed, thinking in the dream that she had a moment ago.

At the same time, a young men arrives to airport of Lisbon. She walks to the outside and looks for a moment, in a firmly position, throw his sunglasses, to the buildings in his front.

- I´m back - he murmured to himself.

He grabs his luggage and approachs of a taxi. The taxi driver immediately helped him to put the luggage in the trunk. Then they enter in the car and he tells to the taxi driver to go to the center of the city.


Madalena was in her karate class, praticing her techniques with a collegue. She was avoiding nimbly the punches of her opposing. She sees an advantage and extends her arm to punch her, but her opposing deviates too and grabs her hand and makes her fall. The fall stunned her for a moment. Their teacher approach of her, looking worried to her.

- Are you ok, Lena?

- Yes... don´t worry - she answers, raising slowly.

Her collegue extends her hand to help her raise and she acepts the help.

- I´m sorry. I abused of my strength - she apologises, humbly.

- Don´t worry. You did what you had to do, taking advantage of my distraction. It made me realise that is something that I need to be careful in a real fight.

- I´ve to agree with you - agrees her teacher sounding logical, smiling motherly to her - You can´t loose your concentration or your opposing will take advantage of that.

- You have right. The next time I will be more concentrated.

- Yes, but it will not be with me.

She finishes her class and leaves the room, followed by Madalena. 

- When will you leave to Algarve? - she asks, walking next to her.

- Next week. My husband got a very important job opportunity in there, so I´ll go with him.

- I´m glad for you, but also very sad, because I´ll not see you again - she say with miss.

- I know, but you will not give up of classes because of that, don´t you?

They arrive to the balneary.

-  Of course not.  This classes are very important to me - she say, firmly, like if was a mission - Do you know who will replace you? 

She undresses her kimono and puts it over the seat.

- I don´t know. I just know that it will be a man - answeres the teacher, doing the same.

- I hope that he´s so good like you.

They take a shower. After that, they dress their normal clothes. Madalena takes her brush from her backpack, and brushes her long and wavy red hair, red like a cherry. It was motive of attention of many people, specially from boys, but also motive of envy, specially from girls. Not that she provoke them. All that things happened out of her controll, but she liked to take care of her image. Her skin was very light and delicated, and her eyes´s color varied between light blue and green, depending of light incidence.

She puts her karate kimono in her backpack, and prepares to leave.

- Goodbuy, teacher. Send me a message when you arrive to Algarve.

- Wait a minute, Lena. I want to give you something.

She takes a book from her backpack and gives it to her.

- This is a book with lots of Karate´s techniques. I always saw you so committed in this classes, like if was a mission to you. If you don´t like your new teacher, you can learn more things by this book.

She smiles grateful to her.

- Thank you very much.

When she grabs the book, a flash pass throw her mind. When the flash over, she looks scarier to her teacher.

- Are you feeling well, Lena? You seems so pale - she say, odd her expression.

- Teacher... - she says with careful - If I told you something, you would believe in me?

The teacher looks confused to her.

- Well... yes, I will. There is something that you wanna tell me?

- Actually, there is - she takes a deep bread, gaining courage to tell her what she needed to know - I think... you should avoid the 25´s bridge when you leave to Algarve. Go by another way.

She looks even more confused to her.

- What are you saying? Why shouldn´t I go by 25´s bridge? You know that is the more logical way to follow, and faster.

- I know, but you can´t go by that way to there.

- But why? - she insists with the questionnaire.

Madalena approachs slowly of her.

- This is all what I can tell you. Believe me when I say that is vital that you do what I´m telling you.

She walks to the door and looks one last time to her teacher before she goes, who was still confused with that conversation.

- Goodbuy. Have a good travel.

Madalena leaves the place and approachs of her bike which was hold to a light post. She mounts on it and follows to her home. When she arrives, she enters with the bike in the building and holds it once again to the handrail. She lived in an antique building, that made her feel in another century everytime that she sees it from the outside. The balconies were made by green iron, which completed that image. When she arrives to her floor, she opens the door with her key. She pass by the kitchen and sees her father, Tiago, sitting at the table, watching television, and her mother, Lidia, stirring the spoon in the pan. She looks surprised her daughter.

- Hello, my dear. You arrived just in time of dinner.

- Good. I´m starving. Just let me put my bag in my room.

After that, she reunited with them to dinner.

- Your university is about to begin - say her mother, enthusiastic.

She was a chubby woman, and small, and was blond, with short hair, and had blue-green eyes´s color, from who Madalena inherited. She had some outworn features, but very maternal.

- Thats right. I´m anxious to begin it - continues Madalena, swallowing - I just have pitty of stay away from my friends.

- All of them went to different universities? - asks her father.

He was of middle stature and was skin, with a skin face and full of freckles. His hair was red, from who her daughter inherited, and had dark brown eyes.

- Yes, unfortunatly. Even Diana, my best friend, went to Porto.

- But you know that is for her own good, don´t you? Like is for you to go to university - say Tiago, in a calm and logical tone - Anyway, you can contact her by cellphone or Skype.

- I know, dad. I´m happy that she could go to university, like me. I just have pitty of stay away from her. I´ll have to start everything from the beginning. New life, new friends - she say shrinking her shoulders, surrendering to the evidences.

- You´ll meet new and good friends, you´ll see it - he encourages her.

- And try to win more sense - say her mother, warning her in a joking way - You may have eighteen years, but you´re still a little impulsive sometimes.

- Thanks for the advice, mom - she say, in a ironic way, but joking.

After dinner, she helps her parents cleaning the kitchen. Then, she goes to her bedroom, and lies in her bed, completely relaxed, resting. She looks thoughfull to the ceiling, thinking in the vision that she had of her Karate´s teacher having an acident in 25´s Bridge, going to Algarve. She always had the ability of predict events by dreaming of them and touching in thinks that people touched, in case they are in danger or need some help. It was a little uncomfortable to have that gift, but she learned to live with it. But what she couldn´t understhand is what it means that dream that she had of the red-haired woman, similar to her, of ancient times, running frantically in her horse. She had the feeling that was transmiting a very important message, but she couldn´t understhand what. She gets up, and leaves the room, passing by her parents who were seeing television in the sitting room.

- I´m going to the terrace to relaxe a bit - she informs them.

- Ok. But don´t take so long in there, because is getting late - say her mother.

- Ok, mom.

She gets out, and follows the stairs until she arrives to the terrace. She opens the door and feels the pleasant warmth of night. She lies in a chaise longue, looking to the sky, thinking in the details of that dream. What could possible mean? The time passed and she couldn´t take any conclusion of it.

Suddenly a figure pass faster throw her look. She shakes her head in surprise with what she saw and follows the figure moviment and sees it landing in her front. She raises from the chair, and curious, she approach more of it and sees that is a person, crouched. The person, begins to raise, slowly, showing the back to her, clearly, not noticing that she was in there. By the figure, she could see that was a man, showing his naked and strong arms by the t-shirt. Since was dark, she couldn´t see of what color was. 

The man begins to turn slowly to her, clearly feeling a presence behind of him. When he looks to her, she could see that he was using sunglasses, and had his head covered by the t-shirt hood.

They fix the eyes in each other for a moment. She didn´t expect of see him in that circunstance and she knew that he was feeling the same, when he looked surprised to her. They stood like that for a moment, sharing confused thoughts.

- Who... who are you? - she begin to speak - Are you a thief? - she retreated a footh, with fear.

Feeling her fear, he approach slowly of her, showing his hands.

- No. Don´t be afraid. I´m not gonna hurt you - he say in a calm tone.

- Then what are you doing here? How did you appeared in here? There wasn´t anyone here when I came here.

- I was just passing by here, that´s all.

She looks confused to him.

- What? Passing by here? What do you mean with that?

- That... I can´t tell you. I´ll just show you how. But I advice you to not tell anyone that I´ve been here - he warns her.

- And why not? - she asks, challenging him a little.

- Because no one will believe in you.

Then, he does a faster jump, disappearing suddenly of her look. Madalena looks around, trying to see him, but she couldn´t. Then, thinking in the most improbable way of escape, she looks to the sky, and there she sees him, flying with his arms extended. Because of the full moon´s light and because he was not sush in a high height, she could see his figure very well. He turns his face to her and smiles.

- Goodbuy - he say, softly.

She stays in there, seeing him disappearing in the sky, surprised.

- But what was that? - she asks to herself.

The End

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