Here I AM, knocking at the door

I visit often, but don't live here anymore.

When no answer comes, I should turn: "that's that"

instead I grab the key... I left one under the mat.


I knew and prepared for when I'd be back,

I always end up on the wrong side of the track.

I'm sorry that I'm not, where I oughta be;

but I created this place, for when I'm Prodigal Me.


The problem I face is always the same:

small pleasures I get, and experience shame.

I turn the key once and tumble the lock

two enemies inside: the devil and the clock.


Neither one ever quite as I fear

one is stone faced, one grinning ear to ear.

It's raining and cold, and I'm still at the door.

I think this time, I'm smarter than before.


Leaving the door ajar, I remember the smell

A familiar song plays, called: "Home sweet Hell"

Taking a final glance back, I look and I see

A face in the dark, staring back at me.


I cant look away, something about his face

I step out of the doorway to Satan's place.

As I walk toward the man, the cloudy sky parts.

He says to me kindly, "Son, I give new starts"


When those words hit my ears, I cringe with deep pain,

and say: "But, I've already started over again,"

He takes a step towards me and points where I'd been,

and says... you never decided to give up your sin.


I looked back, embarrassed, grieving time that i'd lost,

and He used a spray-can and painted a crucifix cross.

He knew my thoughts before i spoke them out loud,

and he said, there is only one reason that this was allowed.


Your father loves you deeply, and hates what you've done

Someone had to pay, so He sent me, His son.

I've conquered the man in your "Prodigal shack",

and your Father is waiting for you to come back.

The End

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