Problems in the structure of last night's party

I cried while writing, so yeah...

We drank. In a way, we drank to feel better about ourselves, but as it so happened, it also helped us to get along with each other. Ours heads spinning out of control, the smoke of every kind of cigarrete entering our lungs. In the background you could hear an old record of a shoegaze band. The cups were made of plastic, just like our hearts. But they beat like the real thing. I touched her lips, softly red, they were. She said words that didn't mean anything, I kissed her, and we spinned together across the dancefloor. Nobody would mind us, the party had gone too far already, into the night. We waited for the sun to come, but it took too long. I looked deep into her green eyes, they were made of a substance I could not name. I was mesmerized. She said she was not supposed to be with me. I told her we would forget it all in the daytime. It was, of course, a lie. She drank one last sip out of my cup. I put her hand in my chest and told her it was only beating because of her. She told me to shut up, so I did. We vaguely spoke, but our words were never enough. She prefered the silence of our kisses. Tears rolled down my, her eyes, I don't know. But we both knew it was the last time.

The End

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