Sid goes it alone...


Usually Sid will simply call out to Angelina, & she'll come & fetch Beth, she's already a a wreck on medication, what harm can it do her, darn it. But today, he was exeptionally angry. His two assistants at work had been acting up for a few days. It now seemed, everywhere he looked, there was a problem child. He had had enough.

He'll deal with the little pest at hand presently. If only Angelina dealt a bit more strictly with her! She'd be a normal child. Why, he'd grown up one among six siblings, & his mother had never had such 'issues'! Sid's anger surged as the child kept screaming like a whistle. He could of course throw a tantrum of his own, & Angelina will have no choice but to come & take her away - but today he needed to show this Angelina how a child is managed.

“What cake?” “Ummm! I want to go make cakes.” “Cool” Sid deposited her in the kitchen & stood at the door with his arms crossed at the elbows, from where the Living room TV was still visible. Howard Webb is tonight's referee. Beth can hardly reach anything in the kitchen. She's managed to take out 3 eggs in a bowl. And a milk carton, for whatever reason. Eboue buys a free-kick on the right channel after drawing a foul from Maxi. Sid has no idea that his 4-yr old cannot beat an egg, much less break an egg neatly into a bowl.

Fabregas has wasted the free kick by smashing it into the wall. Beth has smashed the three eggs into the bowl, & is now fishing out pieces of shell with her right thumb & fingers. Sid suddenly notices that, & is suddenly very bored of making “cakes”. He lifts the child by the ribs & bends her into the kitchen sink. Gods be praised, Beth is similarly bored, & washes her hands. They leave the eggy faucet & z mess on the countertop as none of their business, Angelina will look to it.

Sid carries Beth to the living room, & settles in front of the TV, tucking Beth in his lap, & holding her in both arms. Beth is more confounded, than anything else, at this unprecedented display of affection. That shuts her up for a few seconds, while she simply stares at Sid's face. Sid tries to catch up with the game. A loose ball falls to Maxi, who fires at goal. His strike appears to catch an arm, but no penalty is given. “What are you watching” “It's an important game” “I want to play important game”

Trouble. Last thing Sid wanted at this hour is to take his maddening daughter outdoors. He simply ignored her. Beth continued to whine & bawl. Sid continued to grow more irritated & started reconsidering whether this was a good time to prove a point. Should he simply bark at Angelina to come take this headache of a child away? Just before half-time Beth fell into her full-fledged tantrum routine, which terrified both her parents. Once before, she had to be rushed to the hospital due to holding her breath. But today, Sid was seething with dissatisfaction. He could strangle Angelina right now. What the hell did she expect to do with Beth? & he wanted an answer right now.

The End

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