Problem Child

(I wrote this a long time ago, it grew into a cliche when I continued it... let's see you guys make it something original)

Angelina turned over, giving a her pillow a quick punch before settling down again, she been in bed for the last hour, her husband Sid was taking care of Beth and she was using her first quiet moment in weeks to start reading a book she’d bought 3 years previous, but never touched.

Angelina was a business woman and a busy mother; she had Beth 4 years previous and since had had two break downs and had started counselling. It wasn’t her job that was causing her the distress, she could quit a job; it was Beth.

Beth had problems, she’d been brought up like any other child, but her behaviour was far from normal. Ever since when she was a baby she’d behaved badly. When she was newborn she had cried unless you held her, and could scream for hours, much longer than most children. As she’d gotten older she’d wanted just as much attention, and Angelina marvelled that she wasn’t screaming now.

Usually it would be Angelina caring for her, after the sitter, who they had to pay double to make sure she did as exactly as Beth said while Angelina was at work, Sid worked full time usually, and had unsociable hours so he barely saw neither his daughter nor his wife.

Sid had wanted to watch a football game, Arsenal vs. Liverpool, and their VCR was on the blink so taping it was out of the question. She could hear the cheers and chants coming from the other room, and a very excited commentator and she knew that soon enough Beth would want Daddy’s full attention, and she would be called in to watch her, or Beth would start screaming.

As if on cue Beth’s high voice suddenly piped up.

“Daddy! Daddy, I want to go make cakes.”

The End

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