The ChaseMature

Tara finds herself being wanted by powerful magicians. The problem is she doesn't know why. Never one to ignore a puzzle, she sets out about finding why she is so important, with some fun, danger, and romance along the way.

Tara sprinted through the woods, branches scraping at her arms.Her heart was pounding as she heard yelling from behind her. They were chasing her, and she wasn't totally sure she could get away. She still didn't understand why the King's guards were after her. She hadn't done anything wrong..that she was aware of. She burst out of the forest and came to a screeching halt. She had emerged at a cliff overlooking the Sundrai Falls. Gulping, she peeked over the edge, getting dizzy as she saw the water crashing against the rocks far below. Her green eyes widened as she heard her pursuers catching up to her. 

"This is it, Tara. Your only chance." She muttered. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. A cry barely escaped her lips as she jumped over the edge. As she plummetted she could hear the men coming out of the woods. A wry smile spread across her face as they let out curses. She took a big breath as she drew closer to the water. She cringed as she hit the cold water, sinking to the bottom of the pool. She opened her eyes and started swimming away from the falls. She knew the men would be looking to see if she survived, so she made sure to stay under the surface by several feet. She made her way to the river bank where she could see the shadow of a tree. Very slowly, she surfaced, taking in gulps of air. She was careful to not be loud in case the men were still in the area. Once she was sure they were gone, she slowly climbed up the bank, leaning against the oak tree. She sighed, realizing she was never going to be able to go back home. Once dusk approached Tara started walking west, away from the King's territory. She shivered slightly, cursing that the river had been her only option of escape. She would have to see about some new clothes once she got to Trusdia Village. 


Tara had found a massive tree that would keep her hidden for the night. Tara curled up as comfortable as she could in the tree. Her intent had been to get to Trusdia Village, but she had miscalculated the distance. She pulled her brown hair out of her tie, letting it cover her neck. She hoped Del was still in Trusdia. The rogue typically was gone for weeks at a time working for the Vanishers’ Guild. She sighed, closing her eyes to try to drift to sleep.

            -She could hear a woman crying as she padded down the hallway, her nightgown scraping the ground. She stopped and listened to see if she could follow the sound.

            “Mommy?” Tara’s voice sounded young and loud. The woman let out a painted cry, which was followed by a loud crash. Tara started running. “Mommy!”

            “No! Leave us alone.” Tara’s mother pleaded. “We’ve left you to be.” She sobbed. Tara approached her mother’s room with caution. She peered through the crack in the door. Her mother was standing against the wall on the other side of her bed. Her eyes were red from crying, and she shook as she stared toward her window.

            “The power must be destroyed. No one can know.” The man’s voice made Tara tremble. She felt her stomach tighten.

            “And no one will! She is hidden and will stay that way.” Tara watched as her mother’s eyes widened. She shook her head. “No! Please no…” The room filled with a brilliant blue glow, making Tara’s mother shield her eyes. She shrieked in agony as a ball of magic slammed into her. Tara gasped, frozen in place as she watched her mother disintegrate.

            ‘Mommy!” Tara muttered, sitting up. She gasped as she slid off the tree branch. Cursing, she managed to pull herself back up. She panted slightly, the last few images of her dream flashing through her mind. She wiped sweat from her forehead and reviewed the area. She frowned as she saw foot prints in the soft dirt. Judging by the size, it was a human man. Tara smirked, ruling out a rogue searching for her. Even a low skilled rogue would at least attempt to erase signs of their presence. She was about to climb down when she heard voices.

            “Grodan, we aren’t going to find her. She’s probably dead by now.” A gruff voice spoke from just beyond the trees. Another man snorted.

            “The King’s advisor doesn’t think so.” Grodan said. “But he doesn’t want her dead, Cassan.”

            “Why the hell not? If she’s such a threat, why not kill her?”

            “Cass, we are never to question the advisor.” Grodan stepped into the clearing. Tara held her breath to keep still. She took in his appearance, committing it to memory. His dirty blonde hair fell in his face, but it didn’t hide his icy blue eyes. A scar ran from his left temple almost to the left corner of his moth. Tara’s eyes rested on the crystal pendant he wore around his neck. The second man, quite a bit shorter than Grodan didn’t have one, but Tara was certain it was significant. Cassan’s black hair was cut short. His brown eyes darted from side to side. He kept one hand on the helm of his sword. The two men paused for a moment.

            “Do we have to go all the way to Trusdia Village?”

            “No. He sent a scout there this morning.” Grodan turned around. “Let’s head back. She probably went toward Eronsen.” Tara smiled as the two men disappeared in the direction they came from. She stood a better chance at escaping one scout than two.

The End

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