Please don't go, Dear Valentine!

Everyday, I was lonely, without Eglantine, my life had no meaning. I would pass by the park everyday for school, I would stare at the bench we met at for a long time, so long that I would be way late for school. I didn't even pay attention to the bullies, all I could think about was her. Even though we had only known each other for a short time, I knew that I cared deeply about her, you could even say that I possibly loved her. 

It hurt me to know that she died the same way that my mother died, the pain was the same, I was right there and I wish, oh how I wish I could have saved her. But I didn't, if I could go back in time and save her, I would. I needed her here, she helped me through the day. 

I didn't know what I would do anymore without her, the pain was so intense. 

Everyday after school, I would run over and visit her grave, telling her about my day and about how much I missed her. Each day, I missed her a little bit more. I would have dreams at night about seeing her again, about saving her. 

I would stay at her grave until late at night, sometimes I would fall asleep on the freezing cold ground beside her grave. 

I couldn't let this girl go, I thought about her day and night. There was an endless pain in my heart. Sometimes, I could here her voice, calling out my name. Maybe, it was just me going crazy. 

I don't know what this girl did to me. 

Soon, I couldn't take it anymore, every day my heart would break a little more. I would now cry constantly over Eglantine. I would cut myself when my Aunt and Uncle left me unattended, crying my eyes out while doing so. 

My Aunt and Uncle were at work, I was at home 'sick'. I couldn't take it anymore, I took a knife and went outside, the snow falling all around me. It was beautiful outside, I smiled one last time.  

I lay down on the snow, making myself comfortable underneath a tree. I sighed, closing my eyes and thinking about her while I made slits in my wrists. I lay back and watched the snow fall around me as it all faded to black.





 Thank you all for reading and recommending this story. Thank you, you've made me happy for the past few days I've been writing this.
Thank you.
                                                          - ForsakenHenchmen


The End

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