Please save me, Dear Valentine.

"I hope he's okay."
"He's okay, he'll wake up soon, don't worry."

Déjà vu.

My eyes opened slowly to a blinding light above me. My Aunt and Uncle sat beside the hospital bed. Gauze were wrapped around both my wrists, it hurt every time I tried to move them. My Aunt and Uncle rushed over to me, telling me how happy they were that I woke up and how grateful they were that I was okay. 

Eglantine was standing outside the room, she was talking to a tall man. He had the same eyes as her, but he had light brown hair. It must've been her father. 

He grabbed her arm roughly and pulled her outside the hospital, yelling at her the whole way there. The staff and people around them began to stare. I watched them leave, wanting to go after them. Every time I tried to get out of bed, my uncle would push me back down and tell me that I needed to stay in bed. 

I felt like I did when I was 5, no matter how hard I tried to help, I wouldn't be able to stop them from getting hurt. 


The let me out the next day, my aunt wouldn't let me out of the house, not even for school. I stayed indoors for a whole week until they finally let me out. My cuts had healed and they had removed all the blades I had in my room. 

I felt like a prisoner.

I didn't hear from Eglantine and I decided I should go check on her. I looked everywhere, the park where we met, restaurants, I even went through the trouble of asking people on the streets if they had seen her. Nobody knew where she lived or where she might be. 
I would text her throughout the day, asking her where she was. I would never get a reply, I would worry all day and night. I would have dreams about her and being happy with her.

Eventually I realized, even though I had only just met this girl, I cared for her. We had so much in common and she was such a wonderful person. I hoped constantly that she would come back and we could talk and hang out together. 

After a while, I went to the police, the did an investigation, they looked for her and after a week, the found where she lived. 
Inside the house, they found her body, it had cuts and bruises along her arms and legs and on her face. Her father was missing and they were far from finding him. Through all my pain from losing Eglantine, I did all I could to help find him. 

They never really did find him...


The End

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