Are you okay, Dear Valentine?

Eglantine and I exchanged numbers and emails before heading back to our homes. I ran back home, the cold air turning my nose and cheeks bright red and taking the feeling away from my finger tips. Even though I was freezing cold, I was happy. It had been a while since I had been this happy, I finally found a friend, one that knew the pain I felt. One that was nice and kind to me.

I climbed up into my bedroom window, dusting off the small drops of snow off my shoulders and peeled off my clothes. I changed into my pajamas and fell asleep quickly. 


I shuffled my way through the hallways at school, people nudged and shoved me harshly, calling me mean names. I pushed my way through the day, only barely surviving. 

I came home and went straight to my room, feeling the anger still inside my chest. I was on the verge of crying. People at school break me everyday, at first I began to fight back, but I soon realized that it was no use. All my attempts at making friends and defending myself failed miserably. Now, I just sit back and take it, no matter how badly they hurt me. 

I rolled up my sleeves and took out my blade from my secret hiding place, lining it up on my wrists like I had done millions of times before. I cut hard into my wrist, feeling the pain from today fall away with each cut. Taking the blade away and doing the same back to my other wrist. Blood poured out and soaked my rolled up sleeves. 

My phone began to buzz, checking it I found that Eglantine had sent me a message, ' Meet me at the park in 15 minutes'. How come she always seems to find me in my darkest times?

I took my time getting ready since the park was a couple blocks away, I took a jacket this time, black with a skull on the shoulders. The sleeves covered my cuts and scars nicely. I flipped the hood over my head and left the house without my aunt or uncle seeing me.  I hopped on top of my bike and rode down to the park. 

By this time I was already 5 minutes late, I could see Eglantine beside the bench. She checked her watched and sighed. I could see her looking around and snuggling deeper into her jacket. 

Her hair was loose, it flew behind her every time the wind blew. She spotted me and waved me over, she looked relieved. She looked down and I could see her expression change. I looked down and saw a huge puddle of blood underneath my arms.

I could see her running toward me, I began to fall and with all my strength I tried to stay up. It was no use. Everything happening around me was going in slow motion. I felt as if I was going to die, I just let go, smiling before I fell back and hit the ground, passing out. 

The End

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