Happy Birthday, Dear Valentine.

"Happy Birthday!" 

My cousins ushered me into the dinning room, there on the table sitting in front of me was a square birthday cake. It was strawberry with white icing and cookie letters with blue icing spelling out 'Happy Birthday, Val'. My cousins forced me to sit on the chair in front of the cake, no matter how much I protested. As my relatives sang the birthday song, I sat there and stared down at the cake, taking a long look at the big blue candles on top. "15," I whispered to myself. 

"Make a wish, Val." My Cousin Adken said turning his attention towards me. His sisters Fara and Caprice agreed quickly, jumping around like two hyper little monkeys. I took a deep breath and leaned toward the candles, closing my eyes slowly. 

"I wish for my mother to come back," I mouthed as I blew out the candles and opened my eyes. Small slivers of gray smoke swirled around in front of my face before disappearing. My Aunt cut the cake and gave everyone a piece, I watched as every one had a good time and talked. I felt completely left out and began to walk back to my room, leaving my piece of cake on the table. 

I slammed the door behind me and hopped onto my bed, taking out a small picture I had of my mother. The picture was a little faded and was torn around the edges. The picture was of my mother and I, she was holding me in her arms, it looked like I was still a newborn. I looked closely at her face, it seemed like she was sad. 

I ran my hand through my hair like she used to and laid back. I hid the picture again and sat up, I could hear my relatives talking downstairs. I decided I should probably go back downstairs and open my gifts. 

As I walked downstairs, I could hear their conversation more clearly. 

" When are we going to tell Val? He has the right to know, I mean, we've been keeping it a secret for 10 years. I think it's time to tell him." I could hear my Uncle Blu say. 

I reached the bottom of the stairs. "Tell me what?" 

My Aunt and Uncle stayed silent before turning around. 

The End

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