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"Hey cutie! You're making a lot of progress. Last night was amazing," Karen smiles and goes up to Ben and wraps her arms around him.

"Hey," Ben stares down at the ground. The phone call he had received earlier was still on his mind making him feel sick. He wants to talk about what happened eight years ago. He wants to know why Karen avoids it every time he asks and why he's not allowed to try to find out who did it. He has reason to believe that Karen knows exactly who stabbed her and left her to die but every time he tries to ask she gets angry and refuses to say a word about it then goes on about how they should just focus on helping others. In other words, that was the past, this is now, let's take care of now because they can't change anything.

"Is something wrong?" She looks him in the eyes.

"No, I'm fine. Just tired. Those trips are hard on my sleeping patterns," Ben adds. "I have to go into the precinct."

"Okay, well I made breakfast. Won't you have some before you go?"

"It's already nearly eleven. I have to get going."

He leaves the apartment as Karen puts away the food. He gets in the car and pulls out a bottle of pills that the psychiatrist prescribed him months ago. He had not taken even one of them because he knows that they are designed to block out all the things that he sees. Ben had told the doctor about seeing ghosts once before a year ago during a conversation about Karen and next thing he knew he was given a bottle of pills to help get rid of sightings. Though, until now, with everything going on he hasn't even thought about taking them. He wonders for a moment what life would be like if he took these pills. Maybe, he could let go. Maybe he could start a new life. Maybe he could start over.

He stares at the bottle for a moment and puts it back in his coat pocket and drives to the precinct.

"Hey, got some work for ya. A young man was found dead outside Bash nightclub last night. He was missing parts. Just like Decker," Franky explains.

"Another one?" Ben asks as he sat down in front of Di Angelo's desk.

"His name was Devin Brenner. We have his brother here for questioning to get some background on him. His name is Geoffrey Brenner. He won't say much, maybe you can help interrogate?" Frank asks.

"I'm not an interrogator, but if you really want me to try, okay," he shrugs.

Frank takes Ben to the interrogation room and tells him to go in. Frank goes to the other part of the room behind the glass.

"Geoff Brenner? Hi, I'm Ben Waverly, private eye."

"I didn't do shit. It's all on my brother. Why the fuck am I being interrogated?" Geoff scowls.

"Geoffrey, pal, I'm not here to arrest you or incriminate you in any way. We just wanted to bring you in to ask you a few questions to see if you can help us figure out who killed your brother," Ben explains.

"Uh huh, well I tried to tell him to fix himself. He was hanging around a stupid group of people, probably up to no good whatsoever. He was into drugs and god knows what else. I tried reasoning with him, even with my fist when words didn't work. It was no use! My brother was a damn idiot and he deserves to be dead! He earned it!"

"This is your own brother you're talking about, pal! Why do you think he deserved to have his innards stolen and left to die out on the street. Tell me, what is your logic?" Ben asks in anger.

"Wait... his... innards?" He asks. "I thought he died of an overdose. He's been on crank for years, man. What the fuck!?"

"His heart, his liver were taken, Devin."

He stares at Ben blankly as his face turns red and starts to shake in anger. "Those bastards!! Those men he was working for... he probably owed them.  Mother fuckers!!!" He gets up and throws his chair at the one way glass and it simply bounces off.

Ben gets up and moves over to the door as two policemen walk into the room and detain Geoff as he points into the mirror. "You find the son of a bitch who did this!  You rip out his heart and boil it in front of him!!" 

The officers take Geoffrey out of the room and Ben shrugs while looking at the one way mirror at Frank.

The End

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