Tall, dark, and not so handsome.Mature

Together, they fly through the ceiling to the top and stand on the roof as they laugh. Ben puts his arm around Karen as they laughter dies down between them. They look at each other for a moment and giggle a little more as their eyes lock. They hold each other tight and kiss for a few minutes. It's nothing like a regular kiss where you trade saliva and two people feel a sliding of tongue and lips. It's deeper than that. As Ben kisses Karen in their now form it feels for them like a familiar memory crossed with dejavu and a feeling of euphoria; as if their souls were making love for the first time.

But... There's always that one thing about leaving the body;  he always has to come back and wake up.

Ben suddenly feels a fast and confusing sensation of being yanked back. Everything goes black for a few seconds leaving him with only the site of himself being pulled quickly away from Karen as an expression of shock comes across her face. He see's his surroundings: the roof of the mall pass underneath him as he is drugged off the edge of the roof and as his apparition looked like it was about to hit the ground he hits his bed instead with the sensation he was falling still. It jolts him awake as he bounces off the bed, rolls in mid air and falls on his face as he hits the floor. He hears his alarm going off as he lays motionless.

"Ugh.... oh, my god. I don't wanna move," his body is sore and his mind foggy as his memory barely recalls their 'date'. This is how it always is. It's been said that everyone has out of body experiences, though, the body's mind was designed to protect the living from the fear inducing 'dreams' they may have in order to keep a good grip on reality. The reality for the living, for that matter.

He gets up and turns off his alarm clock and heads to the bathroom and does his morning ritual.


In the midst of Ben and Karen's late night rendezvous there was someone watching them fly through the city. He was tall, dark, but definitely not handsome. It's not known if he is even human. He watches closely and marks the location of Ben's soul wire; the grayish silver cord that attaches Ben's soul to his body. He was present while the two were kissing on the roof of the mall in the city but he stayed hidden and out of site. He follows the cord back to his apartment and just as he was about to sever Ben's life line, his soul is zipped back into his body.

The dark being makes a sound of disgust and backs away whilst disappearing into nothing in the corner of the dark room in the middle of the night.

"Soon," he says shortly after vanishing and laughs a low, deep, penetrating laugh heard by no one. This dark creature is a demon who looks for a way into the living world and the sight of a tripper like Ben is just the opportunity he waits for. 

If a person is to leave their body, their vessel becomes an open chance for the dead to live again. All they have to do is enter the third eye while they are out on their journey elsewhere. There are many ways it can be achieved. If the soul is weak enough, they can simply enter the body during their dreams and their body becomes the host for demonic beings. However, if said person is not weak minded, it's much harder. The only way a demon can enter is by weakening them somehow and make them believe there is not much to live for. Great despair is the window for much evil enterprise. 

The End

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