Like old timesMature

He closes his eyes once again as he clears his mind of all thoughts. He repeats his mantra: 'let me out, again.' A short time passes and the feeling of his entire body relaxing to such a state he cannot even feel the covers rest on his skin. His breathing slows and he focuses on his third eye. It's time to join Karen for a little while for the night. It's almost like a date. The only time they truly feel close. He watches his mind play a trick on him as colors flicker like the turning of a kaleidoscope until finally the site of his astral cord is visible. He does what he had taught himself to do and imagines himself climbing that rope. Soon, he is drifting above himself again.

"That's it. You're getting faster at this. Come to me now," Karen waves him to come out of his bedroom. He begins walking slowly, focusing only on Karen and keeping calm. Any diverted thought can cause him to be yanked right back into his body so he needs complete and total concentration.

"Great!" Now, can you talk?"

Ben's mouth opens but nothing comes out.

"Come on, you can do it.

"He..." Ben tries.


"Hell...Hello," Ben says with a blank stare.

"Haha, hello!" Karen walks up to him and hugs him. He slowly wraps his arms around her and tries to smile.

"You're getting there.  Keep it up! Come on, let's go somewhere!" Karen backs up and grabs his arm and with almost rocket speed she pulls him through the wall to the outside and they instantly fly together above the town. Ben looks at her and smiles and shows it more apparently. His ability to use his astral body is strengthening with each trip.

As the fly, Karen takes Ben across the tree tops of a nearby forest. They fly through the falling snow as it falls through them.  There is no sense of temperature, no sense of inertia as they pick up speed, all there is to feel is weightlessness as they fly and do tricks. Spinning over and under each other, doing ally-oops, and diving through the forest and dodging trees and branches. As if it mattered if they hit anything, it was still fun.

"Wait. Let me try something," Ben says his first full sentence. He lets go of her hand and looks up then back to her and smiles.  He looks back up and jets to the sky. Karen is awe-struck over Ben's fast learning and follows him as she watches him to a barrel roll vertically through the clouds.

"Amazing!" Ben yells as it echoes through the sky. He stops above the clouds and sees Karen burst through the white puffy clouds lit by the moon just after him. He looks at her and laughs a little with a big grin.

"So what do you think?"

"I feel like superman or like peter pan or something. I feel so free!" Ben says as he does a back flip and returns to floating in position.

"Welcome to never never land, Ben!" She does a curtsy and laughs. 

"So, where all can I go?" Ben asks.

"I'm not sure. We could see how long you last if you want!" She clasps her hands as she squeals.

"Alright, let's see what I can do!" He winks at her and he speeds off towards Pittsburgh.

Once they make it into the city, together they float above cars driving through the streets. Flying through random vehicles, stopping once and a while within each one and staring at drivers as they are oblivious to their presence. They go to a nearby mall and infiltrate a clothing store and try on clothes. They freak out a security guard walking by a store front has they play basketball while wearing various sports equipment. Ben wears football shoulder pads and hockey shin guards as Karen wears a goalie mask and tries to knock the ball away from Ben with a lacrosse stick.

"Check this out! Coming at ya!" Ben dribbles from between two clothing wracks and jumps from forty feet away and slams the ball through the hoop after leaping over Karen's head.

"This definitely has it's perks. So much fun.  I'm not even out of breath!" Ben says.

"You're not using lungs right now, silly. So of course!" Karen laughs.

"Hey! Who's there!?" the guard shines his mag lite on the two of them.

"Oh crap! Take everything off!" Ben says.

They drop all of the sporting clothes on the floor and fly through the closed gate of the store front, leaving the mall guard speechless.

The End

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