Chapter Five: Holiday SpiritsMature

"I think you need to relax for the night," Karen sits on Ben's lap.

"Impossible," Ben smirks as he looks in her eyes.

"I'm not taking no for an answer Ben," She kisses him on the cheek as she grabs the remote and turns off the television.

"Hey!" Kahlil moans.

"I was watching that!" Ben's dad says.

"Come on," Sarge whines.

"Excuse me? Could we get some privacy?" Karen asks.

"Ugh, fine. Kick us out when things get good," Sarge mutters as they all get up and float through the door.

"Kick us out on Christmas, I see how it is," Ben's dad adds.

"Thanks guys!" Karen replies sarcastically.

"Forget about work for a while, huh?" 

"I can't, Karen. I gotta clear these two cases. Work is piling up and the longer Triage and this other killer is out there the more work they'll make for me," Ben sits back.

"What if you got some help? Get your own office and maybe a secretary and maybe train someone else to help you?"

"That's a lot of money to put out."

"Yeah, true. But the more organized you are the less time you spend organizing it all and you can train someone to do stake outs or something," Karen explains.

"Well, having an office where I can actually hear myself think for once would be pretty awesome. But, hiring someone to help me wouldn't work to well because then there's another person I'd explain that I can see...  well you know."

Zeus secretly walks from the kitchen out to the front door where the turkey still lays and chomps down on it, dragging it without being detected back to underneath the kitchen table as Ben and Karen talk.

"Maybe after the holidays you should lease out an office."

"Yeah? You really think so?"

"Uh-huh! Get an office, start advertising your services, and hire a secretary. There aren't that many private investigators that aren't hired onto the police force. Especially ones with your ability and extra help. It would look real professional. You do want to do this as a career don't you?"

"Yeah, well that's why I've went to school for it."

"I know. I was there 'helping you'. How many times did you fall asleep in class with a full ten pages of notes when you woke up?"

"You were a lot of help," Ben laughs. "Yeah, everyone got a kick out of how I could wake up from a dead sleep and know everything the professor was talking about."


It's about six PM at the hospital Christmas night and the nurse had come in one last time to check on Danny. He had awoken about a half hour ago and is tiredly speaking to his parents and opening presents. A horrible place for a young child to be spending his Christmas, though, he was alive to celebrate with his family.

The nurse walks in with a big smile on her face and kisses the young boy on the cheek leaving dark pink lipstick on his face. "How are you feeling Danny? Merry Christmas!" She exclaims in a low volume as she speaks to him bent over his bed.

"I'm sleepy!" The boy says half out of it. He holds some sort of video game in his hands and looks back to it's screen to continue playing.

"You did a good job staying strong today. You're going to do big things when you grow up, I just know it!" The nurse rubs Danny's head.

"Thank you so much for helping our son. We owe you our gratitude! I don't know what I would have done without this hospital!" Danny's mother stood up.

"It's my honor, ma'am. And, I can't imagine how hard this has been. I have a daughter and I don't know how I'd react if I had to see her go through what Danny has. He's truly the hero here," the nurse shakes the mother's hand and then the father's.

"I must be going, my shift is over.  I just wanted to check on Danny one last time before I clocked out. Merry Christmas and I hope this all goes well and your lives can return to normal," she smiles and heads for the door.



"What was your name again?"

"Katrina Van Raul. But, you can call me Trina," she nods.

The End

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