Back at the hospital a young boy who had been in stage five kidney failure just underwent surgery was resting back in his room while his parents sat by him as he slept. His name was Danny. He had a rare birth defect with his kidneys since birth and had been waiting for a donor since he was diagnosed two years ago at the age of four. As time went on his condition worsened and it was thought that this was his last days.

"So what now?" His mother asks the nurse as she walks in to check Danny.

"We wait and see if his new kidney is accepted by his body. It should because the donor had the same blood type," she explains.

"Pardon me, but may I ask who our hero is?" Danny's father asks.

"I don't have that info on hand but I could ask around for you. Right now I have to monitor Danny and I have the rest of the floor to watch. I apologize," the nurse says. She checks the heart rate monitor and the rest of his vitals and leaves the room. She proceeds down the hall way and walks through the door to the steps and makes a phone call on her cell phone.

"Hey. It's me. So far so good. Yeah." She pauses. "You're covering the other end of it, right? Don't fuck me over, Charles...! No, get on it right now. They'll be checking the paper trail very soon. Blow my cover and you'll regret it!" The nurse hangs up and walks back through the door to the same floor she just came from.


Ben walks up to his apartment door and here's the voices of his 'roomates' bickering over something fairly loudly. He puts his ear to the door to listen:

"Catch him! We gotta tame this beast before Ben gets home!" Karen yells.

"I got him!" Ben's dad yells and a crashing sound is heard.

"This is no dog! This is a demon!" Sarge yells.

Ben puts his hand on the door knob and hesitates for a moment before opening it. He walks in and everyone stops moving.

"Surprise!!" They all shout to Ben in unison.

Zeus flies up to Ben and drops an entire Christmas Turkey at Ben's feet and starts licking his face while floating in mid air.

"What the fuck!? Stop. Stop it!" Ben shouts.

"Oh, no. Ben's mad. Bad puppy, bad!" Kahlil points and laughs while sitting on the couch in the living room.

"What the heck happened here?" Ben looks around his apartment which is half decorated for the holiday and half covered in bits of turkey and filling.

"I'm so sorry babe! We tried to surprise you and make Christmas for you but Zeus wasn't a whole lot of help," Karen says while wearing an apron. She made a pouting expression with her face and looked down.

"I see. Well I appreciate the thought. We're going to have to do something about Zeus it seems." Ben states.

"What are ya gonna do? Put him down?" Sarge laughs. "Ha, get it? He's already dead?" There was a short pause. "Well, I thought it was funny." He grumbles.

"No. We can't get rid of him. There's no where for him to go," Karen whines.

"I don't have time for this. Zeus!! Be good or you're going home!!" Ben yells at the dog and he cowers and stops floating. After landing on the ground he sheepishly goes under the table and lays down.

"Hmph. Good boy," Ben sits down on the couch next to Kahlil and grabs the remote. Frosty the snow man is playing before Ben starts flipping channels.

"I was watching that!" Kahlil complains.

"Pay my cable bill and then you can tell me what you were watching," Ben smirks.

"Somebody is having a bad day," Sarge says. "What's up your arsenal, there gumshoe?"

"This case I'm on. And, I still got that serial killer on my mind.  Nothing has surfaced. I haven't heard anything on any leads on him."

The End

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