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"Yeah. Here, I'll let you read over it. Don't mind me, I'll be working on this unlucky fella," Cid hands Ben the death records for Sam.


In the report it reads that Sam died in a car accident involving his vehicle and another that cut out in front of him at an intersection somewhere in the city. There are pictures of his wounds of a gash in his stomach, severe bruising on his face with a cut beneath his left eye, two broken ribs and a broken nose. 

Sam died from internal bleeding.

"Is there any additional information on the wreck? Perhaps a description of what happened to his car? Or who the other party involved was?" Ben asks. Something didn't add up. The type of injuries sustain seem too traumatic for an intersection crash unless the driver was speeding so terribly. 

"Beats me, pal. You're going to have to contact either his insurance company, see if there is more on file at the station, or perhaps get in contact with the towing company that took his vehicle in." Cid now started using some sort of drilling utensil behind Decker's ear out of Ben's view.

"Okay, good call.  May I make copies of this?"

"Whatever you gotta do, son. Go for it." Cid says as he focuses on the body.

Ben nods and leaves the morgue after asking the secretary to make copies of Sam's files. He goes back out to his vehicle and uses his smart phone to list and call every towing service in the area. After calling every single one he could find listed on the internet he finds out that no one has any record of towing Sam's car.

"This is strange," he says after getting off the phone.  He sighs and leans on the steering wheel and thinks for a while. "Why wouldn't anyone have any record of this. It had to have been totaled in a wreck he died in. Then again, stranger things have happened."

"What if Decker..." Ben scrunches his mouth to the side as continues thinking. He turns on the ignition and drives back to the precinct. He remembers Decker and his supposed involvement in the black market and the fact that he was given Sam's heart. He remembers his last words as he went into the light 'maybe justice was already served'.

In the precinct he goes to the back room where the records are kept. He does a search on Sam to see if there was anything in the local paper about him. There were no articles, just a paragraph with his picture in the obituary stating he died in the car crash and left behind his parents Colby and Lauren Van Raul, his wife Trina Van Raul, and his daughter Nina. It says his profession was in auto repair.

Ben does an address search in public data records for the location of the Van Raul household; Sam's parents. He jots it down and then he's on his way.

After arriving he knows on the door and waits for someone to answer. The door opens and an older woman greets him with a perplexed look on her face.

"I'm sorry for bothering you ma'am. I'm Benjamin Waverly, a free lance detective working for the Pittsburgh Police Department. Are you the mother of Sam Van Raul?" Ben shows her his badge.

"Sir, I have guests this evening.  It's Christmas. My son past a year ago, why are you bothering me with this right now?" She asks.

"I apologize. But, I believe there is some involvement with another death that may be linked to your son. I'm looking for any leads I can and this is this is the only one I have on understanding what happened."

"Did my son do something? Why does this have to be today?"

"I'm sorry. I just need a small bit of information."

"I'm sorry, too. It's strange that you come here a day after the one year anniversary of my son being killed in a car wreck. Merry Christmas, please come back after the holidays," the woman closes the door in his face.

"Ugh..." Ben turns around shacking his head and walks back to his car yet again. He decides to take a break and head to his apartment for a while.

The End

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