Dead SubjectMature

Ben sits down in his car and calls Frank to see if the coroner has returned his e-mail.

"PPD, this is Officer Di Angelo."

"I got a character description of a woman last seen with Decker before he was found dead."

"Merry Christmas to you, too."

"Oh, go blow it out Rudolph's ass. Five foot six, blonde, busty, dressed in old school blue nurse costume. Confirmed alias 'Triage'."

"Cool. I'll jot that down. I got a reply from Coroner Cid Highland. He says to show up sometime today, he'll be at the morgue looking Decker over."

"Right on. I'll touch base with you later."

"You make is sound so dirty. You wanna touch my base?"


"Yeah, I know. Happy hunting, pal!"

Ben hangs up and drives to the Pittsburgh morgue to meet with the coroner. It takes about a forty five minutes with all the traffic beginning to pick up with it being two thirty in the afternoon. It's snowing lightly and holiday cheer is the last thing on Ben's mind. He does think about calling his mother or stopping to talk to his dad, but he is so used to working the holidays that he and his family both know he doesn't mean any harm by it. Ben just misses the old days when things were easier. When his dad and his girlfriend were both alive. 

Arriving at the morgue, Ben takes a deep breath. He has to focus when he goes to places like this and remember not to pay attention to any lost souls who roam the morgue searching for answers and freaking out of their motionless bodies. If he doesn't, if he gives any of the ghosts attention they all end up swarming him because the realize he is alive and they can see. They will try to use him to fill their deep desire to feel attached to the living world.

The End

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