Confirming the leadMature

"Hey man, how's business?" Di Angelo looks up from his desk as he finishes typing something into his desktop computer.

"The Decker case is getting interesting. I'm trying to form a lead but it's getting a little strange. I have no names but perhaps something that could lead to a motive. This was Carlton's first run in with a deadly encounter, however, not his first surgery. Turns out his heart was donated by a man named Samuel Van Raul. He died a year ago and his heart was given to Decker," Ben explains.

"Okay, so he received a transplant. What does that have to do with someone stealing his kidney and leaving him patched up at the hospital?"

"From what I've gathered the murderer didn't want to be a murderer at all. Some sort of old score to settle. Carlton must have died from complications from the garage style surgery. If the killer really wanted him dead he'd be underground and not on his way to the city morgue right now," Ben adds.

"Or they just really suck at playing doctor and they decided to let the pros handle it," Di Angelo says back. "Di Angelo was a wanted man. He was thought to have a major influence on the black market spreading from Pittsburgh, New York City, and down to Baltimore. There's no telling which one of his enemies could have done this or who they are."

"No. But, this sure does help," Ben shows him the note sealed with a kiss.

Di Angelo reads the note and his jaw drops. "Wow, okay. So Carlton got his heart from Sam Van Raul. He died in a car accident. Pretty stupid reason to hate someone. Sam died from something completely unattached to Carlton. Why would they do this? Maybe they have some serious issues with Sam's death? You know, if Sam's heart couldn't keep same alive then why should it help someone else live? I don't know."

"Can you get me access to city morgue records?"


"I want to see Sam's death certificate and autopsy papers. I want to make sure it was just an accident before trying to find other leads," Ben crosses his arms as he explains.

"Ah, good idea. I'll send out an e-mail to the Coroner and have him give you a call. In the meantime, get yourself some lunch, eh? That's where I'm going soon. I'd take you with me but I'd probably get punched again. I just got the swelling to go down from yesterday. No offense!" As he exclaims the last two words he waves his hands and looks around the room.

"Okay, but if I don't hear from him by five I'll send someone to remind you!" Ben laughs.

"Don't worry Ben. I'm very motivated to please," Di Angelo winces with an 'oh, crap' expression.

"As am I. Keep me updated."

"Oh, and don't forget to celebrate Christmas, kid. Don't be all work and no play!"

"Merry Christmas, Franky!"

Back in the car, just after Ben pulls out into the street to start driving he heads towards the Bar Carlton says he met the woman who called herself 'Triage'.

"Where we going?" Karen appears.

"To a bar."

"Why? It's like noon. Things aren't getting that rough are they?"

"Oh, no. Drink of two would be nice. Just going for food and to see if anyone there recognizes a woman named-"

"Triage. I listen."

"Yeah. Surprised you didn't know where I wanted to go."

"I can't read minds, silly."

"It would be cool if you could."

"Nope. But, I can walk through walls and fly.  That makes up for it."

"Yeah. Hey, want to train me some more tonight?"

"Sure. I can't believe you walked last time. Doing much better. You didn't randomly fall through the floor or zip back in your body."

"Yeah. I'll get the hang of it."

They spoke a little more about Ben's practice in astral project. The idea was to help Ben have the same abilities as Karen through time. But, as long as he is still living, they will always be limited. Only the dead can have full control of their astral bodies. 

The End

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