Chapter Four: In need of TriageMature

"Let's see.  Play with a few buttons, disable the cameras at the front desk, and set off a few nurse call buttons and we're good to go.  Easy as cake!" Karen says to herself as she floats down the halls.  She follows the signs through out the hospital and finds the main security room. Luckily, there is now one inside watching the monitors. She turns off the cameras by the nurses desk on the floor where Ben is waiting and proceeds back.

Karen then goes room to room to each bed and presses the call buttons in each room. It causes quite the panic for all the nurses on the third floor as they rush to go check out all the patients.

"Oh my! This is why I miss night shift!" A nurse says as she rushes down the hall. The registered nurse running the front desk goes into action as well.  That's Ben's cue.

Ben gets to the computer console and types in 'Carlton Decker' under the patient files folder that is conveniently already open on the screen. He finds that Mr. Decker had been being treated for quite some time for heart problems. First murmurs, then two heart attacks where the second led him to an emergency operation. He had received a transplant from a donor named Samuel Van Raul one year ago from today. 

"So what happened to Sam?" Ben asks himself. He does a search on his medical records as well.

'Deceased December 24, 2012 due to internal bleeding caused by a car accident. See police report for more details. Patient's heart donated to Carlton Decker on December 25, 2012.'

"A man running sales in the black market gets a heart from a young man who was in a car accident. There's one piece of the puzzle," Ben speaks aloud. 

"Go Ben!  Go!" Karen yells.

He closes the window on the computer and walks away from the desk and goes down the hall to the elevator and presses the button then waits.


"So what's going on?" Karen asks.

"I'll explain on the way to the precinct. I gotta look up more information there," Ben says.

"Oh, great.  More quality time with Frank," Karen rolls her eyes.

"Yeah.  I know he get's on your nerves but he's the only one I can trust who won't give away my secret," Ben tells her.

"I know.  But, there's people on tv that claim they see ghosts and talk to people's deceased relatives for them. Why can't you just come out with the truth?"

"I've thought about it, but honestly if i do that then I'll be over whelmed. I don't want to be famous, I just want to help people. I want people to get what they deserve," Ben crosses his arms.

"Yeah.  I guess you're right. And, if you get famous, the less time you have with me, right?"

"That's right!" Ben smiles and Karen gives him a hug. 

They left the hospital with the information they needed about Decker and went back to the PPD to talk to Di Angelo to see what else they know about him and car accident that killed Samuel Van Raul to see if there was any connection between the two besides used parts. 

The End

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