A mission briefMature

"Sir? May I ask what your relation to Mr. Decker is?" The doctor walks out of the room where Decker passed and asks Ben.

"No relation. I am just here to investigate his case. I'm detective Waverly," Ben replies.

"Is there any way the hospital or myself could help?"

"I'm trying to gather as much information about your patient as I can to better understand what happened to him. I have barely any evidence to work with and a hunch. Could I see Mr. Decker's medical records?" 

"I'm sorry, sir. I can't disclose any of Mr. Decker's files. Only the next of kin could give permission to the release of that information."

A nurse walks out with her scrub gear still on. She looks at Ben and they lock eyes as she keeps moving. 

"I should have figured that much. Okay. Thanks for your time," Ben kept watching the nurse walk down the hall and looks back to the doctor. "If you could please notify Mr. Decker's lawyer, I would like to have a chat with him. Here's my card,"

Ben hands him his business contact card and the doctor nods.

"Paging Dr. Barnes. Paging Dr. Barnes. Please come to the nurse's desk." A lady speaks over the intercom.

"I must be going. Good luck, Detective."

"Thanks. You, too."

Ben calls for Karen once he is alone in the hall.

"Your wish is my command," she says as she appears crossing her arms.

"I need you to cause a distraction so I can look up some medical files for this case."

"How would you like me to do that?"

"Well, anything you can think of without scaring anyone. I'm going to go find a waiting room. See if you can get the nurses away from the front desk so I can use their computer."

"They've got cameras all over, Ben. What about those?"

"Shoot. You're right. I'm going to need you to take down the security cameras some how as well," Ben agrees.

"I'm on it, master!"

"Oh, quit that genie stuff."

The End

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