Bad coffee, organ theft, and a twinkie.Mature

"Zeus.  Bad." Ben looks at the dog as he flies into the back seat. He answers his phone after getting back in the car. It was Frank again with some news on the Shauna case and some information on a new one.

"Benjamin," he says.


"Some new information has turned up with the victim's remains. Our team has studied twelve previous similar cases that involved twelve other young women ages ranged thirteen to nineteen. Shauna's case, how she was abducted and the manner her body was disposed correlates with the others. We're gathering evidence from all cases but we're not left with much. We've mapped out hot zones on a state map from ranges from Erie all the way to the state of New Jersey. By averaging the victim's last seen locations with their discovered body's positions we can pin point high areas of interest for the killer. We're even going as far as scanning credit and bank card purchase records for key words of weapons and utilities that may have aided the killer. Purchases made by anyone who buys these goods will have their names put on a list just in case with criminal back ground checks done on each."

"Jesus, Frank. Can I eat breakfast first?"

"Shut up."

"Carry on," Ben drinks some of his coffee while Zeus tears up the twinkie package in the back seat.

"Well, that's all we got right now. What I was wondering is if you and your intel can check out these hot spots form time to time. We'll have dispatch send out a flash alert for the case to local districts in these towns. But, for now, I got something else brewing up I'd like you to taste."

"I hope it's better than what I got," Ben puts his coffee down and makes a face of semi-disgust.

"A man named Carlton Decker who is suspected for helping run an under ground black market was dropped off at a local hospital at three A.M. this morning."

"What's wrong with that? He can't run his illegal crap if he's in the hospital."

"Ben. He was missing a kidney and half of his liver."

"Pfftt!" Ben spews coffee on the inside of the windshield.

"Need a napkin? Yeah, the culprit knew what they were doing.  They gutted him alive and left him with enough organs to keep tickin'. It seems the intentions were not murderous by the results of the biopsy but it sure as hell wasn't nice."


"Could be. Could very well be. Think you could look into it?" Frank asks.

"Yeah, send me an address and a room number to my e-mail and I'll be on it."

"Much obliged. And tell Karen just because I can't arrest her I will find some voodoo shit if she keeps hitting me!"

"Ha ha, I'll spread the word. Later guy," Ben hangs up and hears the sound of a ruffling plastic wrapper.

"Zeus. What am I going to do with you. You can't eat anymore, buddy," Ben makes a half frown, looks back at the wind shield and begins to clean up the mess. "I can't yell at you for making a mess.  I'm just as bad. Karen? Could you look after Zeus for a while? Take him to the apartment and uh...  ghost-dog train some or something?"

Karen appears beside him. "I saw everything.  It was so funny!!" She's almost in tears.

"Uh-huh.  Please? You know I don't wanna take away our decision to keep him.  He is cute but I can't have him interfering with work."

"Alright.  I guess I could do that. But, don't knock him yet.  Maybe he could join us in crime fighting! You wanna be a detective, Zeus? Aw, look at him attack that twinkie! How could you be mad?"

Ben stares at her with a blank expression.

"Okay.  This is me leaving with Zeus. Let me know if you need anything, babe!" She takes the dog into her arms and vanishes.

The End

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