An Inconvenience in StoreMature

After filling up the tank in his car, Ben walks inside the convenient store he often goes to when he is in a hurry or of course when he just needs fuel. He knows most of the workers there by name and they often chat when the store is not busy. He grabs a mocha flavored medium sized coffee and stirs in some cream and sugar and goes to the section where they make hot food and orders a sausage, egg and cheese bagel.

As he waits for his order to be ready Zeus strolls in the building sniffing everything as he walks. He approaches a machine that was cooking hot dogs slowly on an open tray with metal bars that rotate to cook it evenly. He slowly floats up as he sniffs around and grabs one of the morsels of meat and tries to eat it. Zeus practically swallows it whole but since he is a ghost it drops on the floor from his ethereal stomach. Ben hears the slapping of meat hitting the ground several times as Zeus continually eats the same hot dog.

"Zeus! No!" Ben yells and the lady making his breakfast looks at him strange.

"I mean. Zeus! My shoe is untied!" He bends down and grabs the hot dog quickly and pretends to tie his shoe. "I uh, like to say Zeus in stead of saying god's name in vain."

"Isn't Zeus a god, too? Pretty much the same thing," the lady laughs.

"Well, you're not offended are you? You don't look Greek!"

"Nope. I'm cool with it," She laughs.

Meanwhile, Zeus, the dog, not the god, is fiendishly trying to steal back the hot dog from Ben.

"God damn it, Zeus!" Ben says without thinking.

"I thought you just-"

"Yeah, it slipped.  You know, turrets. I need more creamer for my coffee. Doesn't taste right.  Nope!" He throws the hot dog in a waste basket and Zeus leaps into it as the can shakes and rattles.

"Are you okay, sir? I'm trying to make your food as fast as I can," says the lady behind the  counter.

"I'm fine. But, yeah, hurry up! I'm hungry!" Ben pretends to be a little irked and kicks the trash can while putting more creamer in his cup. Zeus's head pops out of the trash with his tongue hanging out. He couldn't find the hot dog and decided to find something else.

Zeus then spots an older man filling up a large fountain drink at the dispenser and he decides to check it out. He floats up to the man as he dispenses his drink and begins to lap up the soda. It diverts the stream onto the man and on the floor and the old man freaks out causing him to toss the cup on the floor.

"What the fuck!?" The older gentleman says.

Ben stands there trying not to laugh. "Karen!" He says trying to cover it with a fake cough.

The man grabs another cup and attempts again to get his drink. Zeus is waiting there and drinks again as soon as he pushes the tab.

"I think it's broken!" He yells.

Ben nervously jumps over to him,"Here, I think I know what it is. The spout must be clogged or something silly. Here, here, let me try." Ben grabs the cup from the guy's hand "Zeus, get away!" He whispers.

"Ah, okay. Thanks I guess," The man says with a strange expression as Ben hands him his cup. 

"No prob, no prob," Ben replies.

"Number sixty-three!" The lady behind the counter lays down a paper bag with Ben's breakfast in it and Zeus flies to the counter to grab it. Ben makes a made rush while nearly slipping on the soda that had been spilled on the floor.

"Oh, finally!" Ben grabs the bag just as Zeus lifts it off the counter. Zeus hangs on and starts to play tug of war.

"You poor guy. I don't know how you deal with having turrets. It must be embarrassing! I hope you have a good day!" The lady at the counter says nicely.

"You, too ma'am! God damn , stop it Zeus! Heh, yeah I really have no control some days. Stop it!!" Ben jerks the bag back and forth as Zeus pulls on the bag while hanging from it. 

He walks quickly to the front counter to pay as the dog drops to the ground and starts sniffing candy bars and such.  Ben get's out his wallet as he gets ready to pay. Zeus grabs a snickers bar and starts floating toward's Ben's head from the ground creating the illusion of a floating candy bar.

"Anything else for you today?" The man running the cashier looks up from the register as Ben quickly grabs the snickers bar floating in mid air.

"Yeah, here I'll take one of these I guess," Ben smiles.

Zeus repeats the same process  with a pack of M&M's.

"And, one of these!" Ben grabs the floating bag real fast before the man can see it.

Zeus then picks up a pack of twinkies, forcing Ben to grab those as well.

"Go outside!!" Ben yells.

"Excuse me?" The man at the register asks.

"I'm sorry. I mean I'll take these and then I have to go!" Ben puts much emphasis in the word go as he makes a hand gesture to Zeus to leave the store.

"Sir, all that sugar is probably bad for your condition!" The lady says as she is cleaning up the soda spill.

"Yep.  Thanks! Bitch, cunt, whore! I mean, ma'am! I'm so sorry. I'm so very sorry. I have to get going!" Ben goes with the turrets story as the man at the register swipes his card with a smirk.

Ben rushes out the door and Zeus follows him close behind. Just then, his phone starts ringing once he gets to his car.

The End

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