Chapter Three: hardest part of the jobMature

Shauna's mother had been impatiently waiting; feeling powerless as any mother would as she paces the living room of her home in suburban Pittsburgh. With Christmas just a day away, all she can think of is all the times she watched her little girl walk down the stairs to see her light up at the sight of the Christmas decor, the smell of turkey roasting in the kitchen, and numerous wrapped presents beneath the tree. Her Father sits, staring at the ground. He had called off work to keep his wife company and also await any further information.

Shauna was a good teenage girl. Geeky, scared of most insects, loved to play lacrosse; she was a typical all-american who had good grades and stayed out of trouble. The only problems she had in school were caused by boys who couldn't leave her alone. She had no real enemies and she tried to get along even with the less fortunate kids. Her parents, as they are silent, think so themselves what they could have done differently.  A horrid empty feeling embeds into their hearts and stomachs. They just want to have her home for the holiday and give their little girl her presents. 

As they wait for answers there was a scratching at the front door that Zeus often made when he wanted to come inside. Shauna's mother ran quickly as she heard the familiar scratching and opened the door to see nothing but a charm bracelet sitting on the top step to the front door.

"Shauna's... bracelet?  Honey!"

"What's that?" Her husband walked over.

Zeus, as he existed no longer in physical form tried to bark and grab their attention. Shauna had given her bracelet to Zeus to take back home but neither Zeus or Shauna knew they Zeus had passed as well. Something that it not usually understood by animals. All they know is they no longer have the attention of their owners.

"It's Shauna's bracelet! I don't understand how it got there. I heard scratching and-" The mother stopped mid sentence as she hears their phone ring. Meanwhile, Zeus keeps trying to jump up on each of their legs hoping for some petting or scratching behind the ears as a welcome home. But, they continued to ignore him for they could not sense him there.

"Hello?" She answers. "Have you found her? Where is Shauna? No. No! She was just alive, uh... No!!" She hands the phone to her husband and leaves out a loud cry as she goes to sit down on the couch.

There were more exchanges of words regarding the horrible news that Shauna was indeed found at the bottom of Lake Erie. Ben and Karen, with Zeus's help found her drowned and tied down with cinder blocks. No evidence leading to a possible perpetrator has yet to be found except for the fishermen who mentioned hearing a strange voice coming from under their boat the evening before she was found.

Zeus continued to walk around the room trying to get their attention and it still did not work. He was confused and very sad. He understood something was wrong.

"Please, stop crying. You're going to get sick. I'm very sad, too. But, I don't want to see you get sick.  Please?" Her husband tried to calm her down. "We have to be strong for her. Have faith she has gone to a better place."

"I want Shauna, back," her mother whimpers.

Zeus tries to howl. He still goes unnoticed.

"We can look for Zeus. We can find him for Shauna and make sure he is okay," the husband, Shauna's father offers.

"Forget the god damn dog, I want my daughter!!" The mother stands up and screams, scaring Zeus as he runs through the front door. He stops on the porch looking back and barks one last time. He remembers Karen and they way she called out to him. She knew he existed. So he decides to go find her.

The End

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