I won't forget youMature

Ben and Karen looks at each other for a moment and then back to the dog. "I bet this is Zeus.  It has to be. He answered to the name," Karen says.

"Yeah, I wonder if he will take us to Shauna," says Ben.

"Zeus! Where's Shauna? Show me where Shauna is!" Karen exclaims to the dog.

Zeus runs in a circle and then runs in the opposite direction.

"Oh, wow. Karen!" Ben yells.

"I'm on it!" Karen starts to follow Zeus out of the park as the dog leads her north. It runs through the streets of Pittsburgh as Karen follows him for a few hours. Then, it's as if the dog realizes it can fly and it takes off continuing north.

"Come on dog, I hope you're not wasting my time," She says. They're flying faster now as the sun goes down and it begins to snow. They get closer and closer to the north west part of the state.

Zeus slows down and lands at a dock at a large lake. It was lake Erie.

"Why did you come here, Zeus?" Karen asks.

The beagle sits on the edge of the dock and begins barking and wagging it's tail. Then, the sound of crying was heard as a girl rises from the water about four hundred yards out.

"Shauna? Oh, no.  Shauna!" Karen calls out.

"Who are you?" The girl stops crying and walks across the lake towards the dock.

"I've been helping your family try to find you. Are you okay?"

"I'm confused. I don't understand. Why can I walk on water? Why can't I feel anything?"

"Something very bad happened, Shauna. I'm sorry," Karen says.

"Wait, you're not scared of me? I tried talking to some fisherman and they freaked out. I don't understand. What happened to me?"

"What is the last thing you remember?" Karen asks.

"I was walking Zeus. We were at the park and some man came up behind me and hit me. He threw me down and then I blacked out.  I heard cars when I awoke in a dark place but I couldn't see anything. Then, when there was light, he hit me again. Now, I woke up and I saw my body down in this lake. I'm so scared!" Shauna cries.

Karen gives Shauna a hug as she looks down into the water and wonders to herself if this is the same man that got her as well eight years ago. It's not likely. But, anytime she find another life lost to a twisted man such as this it really hits home. Karen stands there and cries a little with the girl.

"It's going to be okay.  I promise. I'm sorry this happened. I'm going to get revenge on the man who did this. I want you to find forgiveness for him for your sake. Who ever did this, has a big problem," Karen explains still crying a little.

"But, my family!" Shauna cries.

"You will see them again someday, okay? You have to trust me," Karen holds her tighter.

Just then a tunnel of swirling light bursts down from the sky. It was there for Shauna.

"What is that?"

"It's time, Shauna. I'm sorry," Karen rubs the tears off Shauna's face.

"But, I have so much I want to do here!"

"I know, I'm sorry. But, this is the way things are. It's much better for you to go than to stay here," Karen explains.

"But, I want to see my mom!"

"It's dangerous for you to stay here. You must go. Please, it's the only way you can speak to your loved ones again. You will be safe there," Karen looks into Shauna's eyes as she grabs her shoulders.

"Promise?" Shauna asks as a tear runs down her cheek.

"I promise," Karen gives Shauna one more hug.

Zeus runs up to Shauna and barks as he jumps on onto her leg. "Oh, Zeus. You're a good dog!" Shauna pets her dog one last time. "Zeus, I want you to stay here and look after mom. Make sure she is safe, okay?"

Shauna reaches down and gives her dog a hug and pets him and then looks at the tunnel of light beaming down from the sky into the water.

"You better go before it's too late. I'm going to find that man. I will take care of him.  I promise," Karen says to her.

Shauna nods and gives a half smile and looks down at the ground. She then turns around and floats to the light. Before she leaves she looks to Karen and Zeus. "What is your name, ma'am?"

"Karen," she replies.

"I won't forget you," she says back.

"Same to you."

The End

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