A Sense of HumorMature

Waiting in the precinct lobby is always a pain. They already have the information to go seek the missing teenage girl, Shauna Warren, but the problem is Ben would have to explain how he got the lead already. Frank Di Angelo already knows Ben's secrets but there is no way Ben could allow the entire police force of Pittsburgh Pennsylvania nor the media in on his secret weapon. So there Ben sits, waiting while feeling quite awkward sitting on the wooden chair across from the one way mirror that blocks the view of the secretary's room. Ben keeps reminding himself not to peer into the mirror and stare in wonder but he can't help think the secretary probably makes weird faces at him.

"Mr. Waverly?" The precinct secretary speaks from a phone and speaker system.


"Mr. Di Angelo will see you now in his office," she says with voice that sounds like it's stuck in her nose.

"Okay, thank you," Ben gets up and walks through the doors leading to the office rooms and kiosks as he thinks she's totally mocking me, I know it.

"How goes it, Waverly?" Di Angelo was kicking back in his leather chair with his polyester shoes on the desk being careful enough not to knock over a stack of papers.

"Probably not as smooth as it is in this room," Ben jokes. "I got your message yesterday. Tell me more about this missing teen.  Has anyone heard or seen anything new?"

"No.  Not yet.  But, I bet your ghost dogs are hot on the trail!" Just after he says this Franky Di's eyes light up as a sensation like he is being smacked rather hard comes across his face.  He does a barrel roll out of his chair and onto the floor.

"Well, she must of found something just now.  Karen!  I'm joking!  I'm so joking!" Ben steps back. Ben is the only one who can see Karen. Obviously, Frank only knows about her from brute force.

"Sorry, gosh.  She can hit!  Anyways, Shauna was last seen at Frick Park last Tuesday when she was with her friend Ashley after school walking Shauna's dog," he says while looking around the room. "Shauna's mother called Ashley after she realized she hasn't come home for about an hour past curfew and yesterday is when the report was sent out after a twenty four hours with no signs of Shauna."

"Give me Ashley's info.  Phone and address. I'm going to need to know exactly the last spot she saw Shauna at the park," Ben replies.

"Can do," Frank writes the information down. "Let me know what you find out so I can tie up the lose ends as usual. And, please, no more violence. I can't keep finding ways to explain to my wife I'm still getting bruises at work when I'm a paper pusher now," he sighs.

"Well, be nice, then," Ben laughs as he takes the paper with Ashley's home address.

"It was just a little joke. Sheesh. Try having a sense of humor!  Oh, wait, don't hit me, don't hit me!" Frank shields himself but there was no further attacks.

"Catch you later, Franky Di'" Ben chuckles as he walks out of the room.

A few seconds pass by after and Frank says to himself, "I bet the sex is good.  I bet they even have a pottery wheel and everything."

A minute later: Smack.

"I thought you left!!! Ow!! Fuck!"

Ben leaves the precinct and drives to the given address. It was one of the nicer apartments in the area not too far away from Frick park. He goes to talk to Ashley's parents for a while for it's only just after noon and she doesn't get home from school until about three. There wasn't a whole bunch of talking going on after the initial shock convo of how worried Ashley's mother his worried about her daughter's close friend. So Ben sits waiting on their couch for Ash to come through the door.

The End

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