Chapter two: A quick little flightMature

As Ben lays down to sleep he remembers all the studying and audio tapes he used to think were complete bull. He keeps practicing a new past time that let's him go places he couldn't go before. The weightlessness is very enjoyable to him. The experience makes him more grateful. He feels a strengthened connection to the ether and more importantly to Karen with each trip.

"I'll see you, soon," Karen smiles and kisses Ben on the cheek as he closes his eyes. Benjamin was focusing on not thinking in order to clear his mind from all thought. 

He lays still. Bringing his focus now on getting every single muscle in his body to relax as he lays on his backside with his head rolled back comfortably. As he relaxes sensations, a tingling occurs throughout his body that is like a low surge of adrenaline. It makes him want to jump out of bed as a natural reaction but over time with practice he has taught himself to stay put. Now, it's time to focus his eyes as his lids are closed to the center of his forehead and find that quiet peaceful spot where all is blocked. 

He's getting ready to leap.

The next step begins as he visualizes a silver rope coming from his head with his mind's eye. What begins as imagination seems almost real within minutes. He focuses his entire mind on feeling weightless, disconnected, free. His breathing slows as does his heart rate as his body begins to fall asleep, though his mind awake and conscious. It finally begins after an hour of deep, deep meditation.

His soul lifts. He is without body. He now floats at the ceiling. For a moment he enjoys the feeling; not thinking, no pain, no worry, he is free. He opens his eyes as his body sleeps and focuses on landing.

"You're doing well.  Can you come to me?" Karen asks.

Ben can't seem to form words. He can only attempt to walk forward to reach Karen a few yards away.

"That's it.  You're improving! I want to try something. Here, can you take my hand?" Karen reaches her hand out for his. Ben brings his up as he stares at her without expression.

Karen grabs Ben's hand and pulls him up through the apartment building to the roof.

"Cool, huh? It's like we can go on dates again!" Karen smiles. "I wish you could talk.  I know it will take practice."

Ben tries to smile. It comes off like a twitch and fades fast.

"Hold on tight, okay?" Karen laughs and drags Ben up into the sky slowly. It's snowing with a break in the clouds to see the moon.  The skyline is slightly brighter.  You can't see the city but you can see the light bounce across the sky and light up the snow as it falls on it. They keep rising up to the point where they can almost touch the clouds.

"Here, can you reach up and grab some? Go ahead, try it.  It's pretty cool," she smirks.

Karen holds on to Ben as he raises his arm to the sky and just as he tries to grab the white fluffy cloud he begins to vanish.

"Aw, come on and focus, Ben," She coos.

He falls back to his body as he is pulled down by the silver rope connected to his body's head. In a flash, he see's a scary face he cannot recognize. Seeing it for only a short moment he can see a demonic entity. Then, the feeling of fright crawls over him as he jumps, in his physical body, out of bed in a cold sweat.

"What...  what was that.  What did I..." He stopped. He heard a low pitched voice laugh. Looking around his bedroom he could not see it's source. Ben gets up, gets a drink of water and lays back down. He's heard this voice before, and although worried, he doesn't let it scare him like it used to.

Karen lays down next to him and sighs, "You lasted much longer this time, baby!"

"You're so funny," Ben replies as he shakes his head. "I have to admit it was pretty amazing."

They lay in bed together as any normal couple would.  They kiss and hold each other. After Ben falls asleep, Karen begins working on the missing teen case.

The End

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