The ride home was tiring after sitting in the car for the past four hours before  even starting back at eleven at night. The city was quiet as midnight hit. Karen visited briefly in Ben's car to joke about the last case and have a little small talk about how he was feeling and about a few phone calls from new clients he received throughout the day. Nothing major except for one. A missing teen case. A fifteen year old girl named Shauna Warren has been reported missing since two days ago when she never came home from school. Ben was asked by a contact and close friend of his within the Pittsburgh Police Department to investigate named Frank Di Angelo. They got to know each other through a few cooperative work cases for which the PPD invited Benjamin to provide his skills.

Ben arrives back at his apartment complex just outside of the city in a neighboring town called Penn Hills. He can't live in the city or else he could never find peace and quiet. Not because of the living, but because of the amount of lingering lost souls roaming everywhere seeking answers.

If it's not already obvious, Ben has a gift. He developed it slowly after Karen passed. He could never sleep once he heard the news of what happened to her. Months went by as he never left his room in his parent's house. He hated life, hated everything and everyone.

But, something happened. One night, as he laid in bed thinking, always thinking, he heard a voice in his head he was sure was not his own inner voice. As he began talking to this voice, the more he did, the more it sounded like his lost loved one. For three days, he stayed in his room, talking to himself.  His parents were worried and began making plans to call for medical advice. Ben and Karen figured everything out. He found peace knowing she was okay. He found reason to live again knowing Karen still existed. However, Karen did not have the heart to tell him what happened to her.  How she died. Until this very day, she won't say a word about it. Karen knows it would crush him.

(This ends chapter one)

The End

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