A Maid Man.Mature

About fifteen minutes of dusting the room, the man int he rather questionable attire began sweating. "I'm so hot!"

"Yeah, you are baby! Ugh, I can't believe how well that dress fits you!" Gomez adds.

"Well, thank you.  But, I mean it's really hot in here.  Did you turn up the heat on purpose? Sounds like something you'd do," he laughed.

"No, no.  At least, not this time.  You're right.  Let's turn that down and crack a window for a bit.  It is pretty hot in here," he gets up and turns down the thermostat as the man in the maid dress opens the window.

Yes!  It's working! Karen thinks to herself.

"It'll cool down here in no time," Gomez says as he hugs the maid from behind.

Why do I have to do the dirty work? I mean I don't even get paid.  No like I can use money or need it.  The things I do for love! Karen waits as the two men lay on the bed and start playing their usual hotel game. They've been seeing each other for half a year secretly living the other half of their double lives.

"Oh, yeah! Clean my clock! Polish my end table! Get on your knees and scrub my hardwood floor!"

"You're getting way into this, mister!" 

"Just go with it.  Earn that pay check you dirty maid!"

Erm, I better take the pictures. I almost forgot! Karen grabs the camera from the ledge and waits until they are fully engrossed in their cleaning activities and not paying attention to what is behind them. A floating twelve megapixel digital camera.

Alright, make this look as incriminating as possible and... Click, click, click. Karen takes several photos of the two men in the hotel room. Problem is, she forgot to turn off the flash.

"What the hell was that!? Gomez! Did you hide a fucking camera! I told you I'm not into that shit!"

"I did not!  How could I? You rented the room, remember!? You hid one and you're blaming it on me!! You bitch!!"

"Oh, I'm a bitch?  Just you...  wait...  if you didn't, and I didn't.  Who the fuck did?"

"Good question!!"

"I'm going to the front desk!" The maid man rushes out the door in a huff.

"Wait, you're still wearing your-" the door slams "out fit... ha ha..."

Oh, no!  I gotta get out of here! Karen flies out the window with the camera and zooms back to Ben who was patiently waiting in his car. Asleep.

"I got it! I got the pictures! Wake up!"

"Ahhh!!! What did I tell you!"

"Look, see?" She shows him the pictures.

"Ugh!  C'mon.  I don't...  what the hell are they... Just give me the camera so i can go and wrap this case up!"

"After all my hard work you're all upset because it wasn't a hot chick this time aren't ya!" Karen laughs.

"Oh, whatever. I'm sorry, just hop in, please," Ben laughs and shakes his head.

Back in the hotel lobby the six foot African American wearing the french maid apparel shows up at the front desk.

"Excuse me!  Hey!  Hey, Mr. Manager guy! I think some pervert put a god damn camera in me and my man's room. What you going to do about it!?"

The manager is lumped over the counter with his head down. As he looks up to see the man in his strange clothing he suddenly feels his stomach tighten up again.

"Oh, my lord.  I mean, I'll have someone come look right away," he runs to the back room, "Oh god, now it's coming out the other end!" He exclaims as he holds his mouth and abdomen as he frantically searches for a trash can.  

"You better be calling a crime scene investigation right now, mother fucker! Or else I'm suing the hell out of this hotel!!" The maid man shouts.

"Hueaaahhhhhhh!!!! Huuaaaaahhh!!   Blleeeehhhhhh!!!!" Goes the manager loudly.

The End

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