Black El CaminoMature

Ben arrives in the Gomez's neighborhood. He has the vehicle description and license plate number when his client sent it via text message. He parks just down the street as he watches Mr. Gomez walk out to his car.

"I will see you later, mami. I might be working late so don't wait up!" He shouts as he jumps in to a black El Camino.

"Here we go," Ben says as the man in the El Camino reaches the end of the street.  Ben follows him, keeping about half a city block between him and himself. "Where you going, Pedro?"

He follows him for about an hour.  The sun is going down.  The snow starts to fall again. Gomez pulls into the parking lot of a hotel at Bakery Square called Spring Hill suites. The building is a bit cheesy looking with what seems to be Easter themed paintings on the front side with phrases like 'work' and 'shop' as if to accommodate tenants if they are confused on why they are staying here. Brick style at the top floors with lighting that shoots up the sides  at night.

Ben pulls up and parks on the side of the street across from the hotel where he can see the front doors. He watches Gomez walk up and pull out his cell phone to make a call.  Moments later a six foot black man comes outside to wave him in.

"Oh God, don't tell me.  Karen!" Ben shouts as he is looking through his binoculars.

"What's up babe!?" She appears in a flash standing outside Ben's car window.

"Ahh! Don't do that! You're going to give me a heart attack!" Ben exclaims.

"I'm working on it! That way we can spend more time together," Karen smiles and laughs a little.

"Yeah, I love you too, jerk. Look, this is all you, I can't do this," Ben shakes his head.

"Why you say that?"

"I don't want to get into it.  You see who I'm after, right?"

"Yeah. Want me to go in?"

"Yeah.  Go find his room and see what kind of evidence we can get on this dude," Ben says to her.

"I'm on it, cutie!" She vanishes.

Karen goes into the lobby and floats behind the front desk. The manager is standing there reading the paper. 

'Need him out of here. Hmm,' Karen thinks to herself. 'I know what i can do!' She gets next to him and slowly squeezes his stomach.

"Ugh.  Damn tacos. Never eating there again!" The manager rubs his stomach and proceeds to the bathroom.

'Ok.  Gomez, Gomez. What room you in, buddy?' Karen gets on the computer that has all the guest information. 'Got it!'

She floats up to the third floor and finds room three-zero-two and walks through the door. What she saw made her want to laugh. But she had to stay quiet. Strong emotional outbursts either positive or negative are sometimes heard by those without the gift of seeing the dead. Karen covers her mouth and flies quickly out of the room.

'Oh, my god! Oh, my god! That's why he sent me!' She says to herself in her mind. 'How embarrassing!" She contains herself and goes back into the room.

"Baby, do i really need to wear this?" There stood the six-foot African-American wearing a french made outfit.

"I went through all that trouble finding this thing on-line and now you don't want to wear it!? I wore that sexy out fit for you last time, bro! No respect at all!"

"Don't call me bro! It doesn't sound right!" He whined.

"Look I'm sorry, just come here.  You look gorgeous!" Gomez smiles and sits down in the bed.

'Ahh!' Karen shrieks a little and flies out the window and goes to Ben.

"Ben! Give me a camera! Quick!" Karen exclaims.

"What's going in up there?"

"You will see," she laughs.

"Here ya go.  Be careful, don't spook them, now! You'll blow our cover!"

"Right, be back soon!" Karen flies quickly back to the window. "Oh, crap. The window is closed!" She lays the camera on the window sill and goes back in.

"Yeah, see that dust down there? Yeah, right there, dust that shit good."

'If i could puke i would be right now' Karen says to herself. 'How do i get them to open the window?' She looks around and she see's the room temperature controls on the wall. 'Okay, one hundred degrees should do it."

The thermostat beeped as she pressed the button. "Shit!"

"What was that?" Gomez asks.

"I don't know.  Maybe the heat is kicking on?"

"Oh, okay. Whatever.  Back to cleaning!"

"Don't be so bossy!"

"Chill, we're just goofing around!"

"That's all this is to you?"

"Ugh, come on I didn't mean it like that!"

The End

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