"Haunt you later, babe."Mature

"Hello, Mrs. Gomez, how may I help you?" Ben answers the call as he is leaving the building.

"Hey, detective. I was wondering if you could check on my husband. He says he is about to leave for work but i saw his work schedule and he is supposed to be off today. I was wondering if you could follow him?" Mrs. Gomez had called the day before asking for Ben's services and is now giving him a lead.

"Okay, but there is a charge for a stake out. Standard fee is about a hundred a night," Ben adds.

"I am fine with that.  I just need to know if I can trust him.  He has been acting pretty peculiar. I mean you remember everything I told you last night, right? If he isn't being true I'll get my money back when i sign the divorce papers."

"Right.  Text me your address and his license plate number and I'll either call or text what I find out ma'am."

"Parada en tu hermana! Ella no es un saco de arena, que poco diablo! Oh, sorry.  These kids are driving me up the wall! Hold on," she puts the phone away from her mouth, "He dicho alto, idiota!" She gets back on the phone. "Yes, yes.  Thank you very much!"

"Uh huh, no problemo,"

"Goodbye, detective"

Ben hangs up and proceeds to his car. He grabs a snow scraper from the backseat of his dark blue Dodge Stratus and begins cleaning off his vehicle. It's been snowing lightly all day.

"So, what was that wink for?" Karen sneaks up and gives him a hug from behind.

"You know how i feel about dating someone else.  I already am in love," Ben smiles as he slowly keeps brushing off the snow.

"Aw, I love you, too," Karen kisses his neck as she holds him. "Why do you keep seeing this guy?"

"It's good to talk to someone that's not always about business and who is not a gh..."

"You were about to say it weren't you?" She says after a short pause. "You know how I feel about the 'G' word!"

"I'm sorry, it slipped.  You know i hate upsetting you, babe!" Ben turned around and sees a heavy set teenager. His face is plastered in white make up, his hair is spiked, most likely zero gauge ear rings, with a black shirt and some sort of other pieces of metal in his skin.

"So... I think I'm in the right place?" The teenage boy stares at Ben awkwardly for he appears to be talking to himself.

"Dr. Rhodes?  Yeah, he's uh...  He's great."

Karen laughs almost uncontrollably in an otherwise momentary silence.

"Cool," the boy walks away and looks back and mutters 'so weird' under his breath.

"That's what happens when you sneak up on me! I'll talk to you in the car!" Ben exclaims in a low volume.

"You're so cute when you're perturbed!" Karen laughs some more.

Ben finishes cleaning off his vehicle and jumps in. 

"So you have another case? Another possible 'CMW'?"

"Do you listen in on all my calls?"

"Like I have anything better to do!"

"Yeah, probably a 'CMW'," Ben replies. A 'CMW' is an acronym for 'cheating man whore'. Ben has acronyms for everything these days. Saying the full term gets quite redundant.

"Okay. If you need any help just say my name," Karen begins to disappear. As she gives Ben a kiss on the cheek she says "Haunt you later, Babe," in a half joking/half mad Ben almost used the word 'ghost' again. Then, she is gone.

Just then, as the detective was about to put the car in reverse to pull out of the parking spot a the psych ward, his phone receives Mrs. Gomez's text with her home address and her husband's vehicle information. Ben's text notification is a short bit of the classic blue oyster cult song 'Don't fear the reaper'.

"Okay, back to work I go." He says after reading the text. He places his phone back down and proceeds to go to the Gomez home.



The End

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