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Benjamin Waverly has become a well-established freelance detective. Although, his abilities in the field are astounding, they came at a price and he has one unsolved mystery that always haunts him: the death of his high school sweetheart, Karen Vaughn.

Ben lies on the psychiatrist's couch as he does once a month for his sessions. He leaves out a short sigh as he begins to relax. Looking around the room and at the doctor he reminds himself he is safe. This is the room he can be himself. Sort of. He has his reasons for he still has to watch his words. The fear of regular people thinking you're crazy is one thing, however, your psychiatrist writing prescriptions for you is another.

"Hello Mr. Waverly. How's business?" Dr. Dennis Rhodes. Mid fifties. Seen it all over his years as a psychiatrist. Very professional. He's working on a crossword puzzle with Ben's file packaged underneath his newspaper on a white plastic clipboard.

"Well, the holidays are approaching. So that means crunch time for this guy," Ben points his thumbs to his face as he speaks. "Funny how what is supposed to be the happiest time of year ends up really screwing with people. Things aren't all Christmas lights and corny Rudolph sweaters if you catch my drift."

"Hey, I wore one of those during one of our sessions last year." The doc replies.

"Oh, it's a good look for you. I like the red LED on his nose. You should wear it next time. Definitely helped me open up."

"Right. Well, is it a stressful time for you? I remember you telling me about the," he held the the as he checked my file, "-incident eight years ago happened during this time frame."

"Yeah, I've accepted it though. I mean, it was horrible and I'm always going to miss her. But, a part of me feels like she is still by my side so it's not so painful."

"I see. So you still hold her very dear to you? Have you considered dating anyone new?" Dr. Rhodes asks.

"Uh..." Ben stares of into space for a moment and smiles. He makes a gesture as if he is winking to someone and Dr. Rhodes is too busy with his puzzle to notice. "Not really. I don't really have time for romance. Too busy with work and what not."

"Understandable. Well, maybe it would be healthy to take some time off work and find yourself a mate.  We are social creatures.  And who knows, maybe some intimacy in your life could eliminate the need for these sessions and end your night terrors."

"It's quite possible. Who knows. Maybe when i feel the time is right I'll give it a shot. But, I am quite happy with my life right now."

"Okay. Well, tell me about your sleeping patterns.  Have they been better since I've prescribed you those medications?"

"Sleeping like a baby, doc."

"Great, that's very good."

At that moment, Ben's cell phone began ringing. It is a client who called for his help just yesterday.

"Sorry Doc, I have to take this.  See you next month!"

"Last Thursday of January, right?" Dr. Rhodes asks as Ben sits up.

"Uh, yeah." Ben walks towards the door. "By the way, the word you are looking for is 'escapism'." He smiles and walks out the door.

"How... I've been working on that one since yesterday!" Dr. Rhodes says to himself after Ben has left the room.

The End

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