Prisoner of Love


Weeks I sat, tied to this chair. I was enclosed within thick concrete walls, my prisoner kneeling before me on the floor. I screamed, and hollered, at the door.

‘Nobody will hear you.’ he whispered in my ear as he ran a finger down my shivering neck.

I took a shaking breath and mumbled something inaudible.

‘Speak up.’ he said.

I struggled again. His hand froze around my collar bone. Suddenly he laughed, though his eyes were filled with rage. Those complex eyes. A veil of questions behind every gaze.

And then a sinister silence fell between us and he drew even closer. I felt his breath on my cheek. A mocking voice, yet he closed his eyes and whispered in a tone, frightful and meek.

‘How can you think that, my dear?’

He did not know - and could not guess. A tear fell from my eye and suddenly he hit me across my face, but then his hand returned, shaking, sorrowfully dear. Gently he brushed away my tear.

He unmasked the small silver gun hanging from his belt. He raised it up and held it to my head.

The End

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