Prison of the Chimera

Wake has someone else living inside his mind.

I - I can't do this, man. This is ridiculous.

No, it'll be fine. Be confident. Girls love that.

You've never even spoken to a girl.

I've read about this online.

Yeah, well so have I.

The difference is that you're too chicken to actually do it.

Well, you do it, then.

Alright, but this means that I get to go on the date.

'Hi, I'm a voice inside Wake's body.' Yes, that'd be a fantastic first impression.

I'll just be you. There isn't much of difference anyway. I know everything you know, after all.

Okay, fine [I was getting fed up with this conversation]. Go for it, prove me wrong.

I surrendered control of our body to Sam and receded to the back of our mind. It's a little hard to explain how this worked... I didn't fully understand it myself. Neither did Sam. One second you're in charge and the next, it's someone else at the helm of your bodily functions. I observed as Sam approached Bridget and struck up a conversation. The first time this ever happened, it was rather shocking. You retain all five basic senses - touch, taste, smell, hearing and sight - but are unable to control anything at all. You become a spectator to your own life... this is how Sam lived, this is all he ever knew during the years before the accident. As an observer, a lot less tension is placed on you. If it was me in control, standing a foot from Bridget's face, I wouldn't have been able to pronounce vowels. Sam held it together, though. "You like horror movies, too? That's great!The Girl in the Box is playing Friday night downtown, how about we catch it together, get to know each other."

He had stated it as a very persuasive suggestion, not a question. I could tell by the look on her face that she loved this. Oh, the significant differences that subtle verbal tricks can make. My mind began to cloud up with the stupidest thoughts known to man. What if she ended up really liking Sam, and vice-versa? I obviously was not her type. What if things got serious between them and they got married or something? Would I have to live the rest of my life in the back of his skull, watching Sam's happy life with his beautiful wife?

"No way, I have biology in room 212 too! How come I've never noticed you there?" Sam blatantly lied. He knew that I always stared at her in class. This was a tactic of his. Sadly, it was working...

Back to my fears at hand: No... that's crazy talk, Wake. That's completely ridiculous.

Hmm, I dunno man, she is pretty hot...

Shut up Sam, stop freaking me out!

I'm kidding, bro. I can't believe you were nervous about talking to this girl. She's a boring little thing. Her favorite movie is 'Burrito 2: Taco's Revenge'. I can't date a girl whose favorite movie is about an anthropomorphic caped burrito vigilante fighting a similarly anthropomorphic evil taco super-villain with a mustache - and neither should you.

Oh thank goodness.

Bridget and I stopped in the middle of the hallway all of a sudden. With her wavy blonde hair and captivating eyes, I considered Bridget Bridges way out of my league. And yet, Sam considered it beneath him to date someone like her. I'm not sure why Sam hadn't moved out of my body yet. We were completely different personality types... well, besides the fact that he physically couldn't. "Hey, listen," Sam began, "I just remembered, I work that night."

"Oh..." Bridget sighed. She was genuinely disappointed about this. That was shocking.

She played with her hair, gazing deep into my/Sam's eyes. "Well maybe we could hang out some other time?" she suggested.

"Uh yeah, sure," Sam lied, "We'll see how it goes."

We walked away from the popular blonde girl in the frilly pink skirt. Like Bridget, I too was genuinely disappointed.

Can I get back on the wheel now?

Yeah, my work here is done. Learned your lesson?

Don't just mindlessly crush on every pretty girl I see?

Actually, I didn't really have a lesson. I just wanted to prove to you that I could get any girl in this school like THAT.

We switched control back to me. If Sam had control of our fingers, he'd probably be snapping them as he said 'that'. Now Sam was once again the observer of my/our life. I wiggled my fingers and toes to ensure that everything was back to normal, and cracked my neck once or twice. Much better.

Ah, thanks for that lovely demonstration.

Oh wait, I did have a lesson. We're practically the same person. If I can do it, so can you. Now, go find a girl actually worth your time and show some confidence, champ.

We might both be in this body, but we're completely different people. I could never do anything like that.

Nonsense, I'll coach you. I'll tell you everything to say.

This isn't a children's sitcom. That stupid strategy doesn't actually work.

Well the people in those TV shows usually use walkie-talkies or something like that. Technology malfunctions. I don't.

Maybe I don't want to date anyone.

Alright, suit yourself. Next time I catch you staring at some girl from across the classroom though, I'm going to slap you in the face.

He knew this was impossible. Both of us needed to agree for the transition of command to work. I wasn't going to give him control of my body just so that he could slap me across the face.

I wish I could put you on mute sometimes, Sam.

Hey, how do you think I feel? I get all of your thoughts streamed to me live regardless of whether I give a damn or not. And trust me, I usually don't give a damn what you're thinking when you're on the toilet, Wake.

Yeah hey, I've always wondered about that. How come I can't know what you're thinking, but you get all of my thoughts shoved down your throat?

Probably because you're the primary controller of this body. That may or may not have something to do with it.

Oh, I just remembered - 

Happy anniversary.

Damn, you beat me to it.

Seven years since we met. Weird, when you think about it.

I am thinking about it.

I know.

The End

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