Princesses in Training (Chapter Eleven)

"Ok Alice," The Queen said, "Have you ever ridden a horse before?"

"Oh yes, plenty of times."

"Good. Since you're experienced, you may choose your horse." Alice looked around the stables, but she couldn't seem to find a horse she liked. After a second look around, a hidden horse had come to the front of its stall. Looking closer, she saw that it was a purebred chestnut with a star on is forehead.

"Funny you chose that one. Star is probably as free-spirited as you are. She's never let anybody ride her. But she seems to like you. Why don't you try riding her? The worst you could do is break another arm." Now speaking to the sablehand, she added: "Put a saddle on Star. Alice wants to her."

"But star has never let anybody rider her!"

"Now sir, I gave you an order, do it or you're fired."

"Yes Ma'm. But don't say I didn't warn you." The stablehand reluctantly saddled Star and prepared her to be ridden. He was expecting Alice to get seriously hurt. After the other horses were saddled, The three led their horses outside to be mounted. Oddly enough, Star remained still while Alice sat on her back and put her feet in the stirrups.

"Well I'll be! Star actually let you ride her! Maybe she's can be tamed after all!" The stablehand exclaimed.

"Now don't get your hopes up," The queen cautioned, "The only reason star is letting Alice ride her is because she's just as free spirited as her. In fact, if her dad gives her permission, Alice is taking Star home with her." The Queen remarked.

"But why?"

"Because Star is a strong and healthy horse, and it's not fair for us to keep hercooped up in that stall all day. Just look at her! She loves to be ridden! But Alice is the only one who's managed to get on her back!" The queen turned her attention to Alice. "Now would you like to ride on home and ask your father if you can keep her? With the horses we chose, we just might get there in under an hour!"

"Would I!" Alice exclaimed. "Let's go! I love riding  arunning horse long distances!"

"Great then, it's settled. Alice and Alexander, you ride in the front, and I'll stay close behind." So the three of them squeezed their horses sides. Gradually, they went to a trot. Then they started to run. Eventually, they were running full speed towards Alice's castle. While on Star, Alice felt natural. It was as if the two were made for each other.

The End

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