Princesses in Training (Chapter Ten)

Without any warning, a huge applause erupted from downstairs. Alice ran down them, just in time to see none other than Alexander waiting for her in the wide doorway. Without thinking, Alice ran down the stairs and lept into his awaiting arms, where the two enbraced each other in a welcoming hug. "At lats," Alice explained, "Something is back to normal." As the two happily sat down together for Breakfast, Alexander told of his adventures.

"I had heard of your father's illness and went to your castle to comfort you. But about halfway there, I was attacked by a large group of men. They tied me up and locked my in a tower. I don't really remember much after that. Last night I was taken outsede, where the castle's search party found me and brought me back." IT was obvious by the sound of his voice that Alexander was traumatized by the experience. After he finished speaking, the two sat together in complete silence. It was then that Alice noticed a deep cut on Alexander's cheek.

"How dod that get there?" Alice asked.

"Well, when they captured me, I fought back. So, they cut me so Iwould be quiet." Alexander ovciously didn't want to talk about his experience anymore, so he changed the topic. "So," He asked, "What brings you to my castle?"

"I simply needed a break from my kingdom." Alice replied, "So I thought visiting you would brighten my spirits a bit. But instead, you being gone only made my sorrows worse."

"oh, I didn't realize you came here to escape. So Iwent to see you." Avoiding another awkward conversation, Alexander again changed the subject. "I see you have a cast on your arm. What did you do to yourself this time?"

"Well," Alice replied, "If you must know, I was running to your castle when I tripped over some exposed tree roots and broke my wrist."

"Oh Alice. I knew your clumsy self would break something eventually."

"And I knew your noisy self would get you in trouble someday."

At this moment, Alexander's parents walked up.

"Alice," His mother announced, "I have got news from your castle. Your father is improving from his condition, and has requested that you return home. He is allowing you to stay untilthis afternoon. Then he wants to see you home where you belong." Quickly, she added, "It's time for your horseback riding lesson. Go change into your riding clothes. They're on the floor in the closet. Alexander may come too if he wishes."

"Oh yes," Alexander replied, " I would love to go horseback riding with Alice. Come on, let's suit up now." The three walked off th their bedrooms, where they changed and met outside the stables, Alice and Alexander both waiting for further instruction.

The End

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