Princesses in Training (Chapter Nine)

Alice knew something was wrong the moment she entered the castle gates. Instead of the hustling noise of a busy knigdom, it was quiet. Too quiet. Alice approached the throne of Alexander's parents and began talking. "I couldn't help but notice that the castle is exceptionally quiet today. Where has Alexander gone to?"

Alexander's mother sollemly replied: "We aren't sure where he is. It's not like him to disappear like this." Both parents were very worried. It was obvious they hadn't slept at all last night. Pretending to be more cheerful, she added: "So, alice, what brings you to our castle?"

"I needed an escape from the sorrow of my kingdom. Surely you have heard of my father." As she said this, tears were gathering in Alice's eyes.

"Why yes, I have. I am very sorry." Alexander's father replied.

"Well,I had a question to ask you. Would it be possible if I stayed with you? my Mother would not mind. She knows where I have run off to." Alice stood up to leave, putting weight on her injured hand. With a loud shreik of pain, she sat down again.

"Alice, go to the nurse immediately. You have broken your wrist, and need to get it fixed right away. Show it to the nurse so she can bandage it for you. Then come back here. How did you hurt yourself?"

"Well, I was running throught the forest between our two kingdoms where I tripped over a tree root."

"It must have been painful. How on earth did you continue to walk up to our castle?"

"Well, it was so cold out my arms had gone numb. It didn't hurt for more than five minutes."

"Sometimes I worry about you Alice. Now go to the nurse immediately!" Alice could tell by the tone of voice that Alexander's father was serious.She carefully stood up and obediently walked to the nurses station, where she had her hand iced, bandaged, and put in a sling. Alice knew her father would be furious if he saw her with a broken wrist. If only her father were healthy enough to punish her. The ounishment wouldn't matter. He father would be healthy again.


"Hello Alice. Now that we have had the serious matter of your wrist taken care of, we can move on to other things." Alexander's mother said. "First of all, what are you going to do while you're here?"

"Well, I would normally take my classes. But you don't have those set up anymore, do you?"

"No, I;m afraid we don't. Ever since Alexander's sister died five years ago from the plague those classes have been removed. Besides! With all the stress you're going through, the last thing you would want is classes. Tomorow you will get a better cast, so you can do things like horseback riding. But until then, I'm afraid you can't do much running around." When she heard that, Alice sighed, loudly.

"Well, for sewing class, I need to make a corset for a doll. Do you have the supplies for that?"

"Why yes, As a matter-of-fact I do. But are you really willing to homework on vacation?"

"I actually enjoy sewing. It keeps my hands busy."

"But can you do it with a broken wrist?"

"My fingers aren't wrapped up, are they? I just need to take off the sling and I'll be fine."

"Ok, fine." Alexander's mother ran off to get Alice some fabric. "We're going off to search for Alexander again. We will be back in a few hours."

"Ok, that's fine. Good luck with you search!" As she said that, alexander's parents walked out the door. All was quiet except for the sould of Alice occasionally dropping her needle.


Many hours later, the parents of Alexander returned. Much to her disapointment, Alexander was not with them. Everybody was so worried, they hardly noticed it was dark. Alice finally figured it out because she was having a really hard time seeing her stiching.

"Well Alice," Alexander's father finally said, "You have a busy day tomorow. My wife is teaching you to go horseback riding. I suggest you try to sleep. We have an empty bedroom with a change of clotes in the closet. It's in the highest room, in the tallest tower. Our daughter loved it. She was about your age before she died."

"Ok sir. Thank you very much for your kindness. I really appreciate it. Good night!"

"Good night to you too Alice!" Alexander's parents both replied in unison. Alice walked through the castle, up the stairs, and into the bedroom. Inside was a beautiful canopy bed, with pink shades on the window.The closet was larger then usual, filled with a huge assortment of sundresses and corsets. On the floor was a huge collection of shoes, buth heels and flats. Tucked away in the corner was a single pair of riding boots, lying on top of a pair of tattered and muddy riding pants. Alice could tell by the closet that this princess would had been nice to get to know. With thought of horse back riding in her head, alice closed her eyes and drifted off into a deep sleep.


Alice awoke late the next morning to the smell of bacon fryng down the stairs. She immediately sprang out of bed and got dressed. On this particular day, she chose a long faded yellow corset with some high heels to match as hwr outfit. She walked over th the large nightstand and bagan putting her hair up in curls. As she removed the curlers, her red hair unraveled and formed perfect curls all down her back. To complete the look, she took a crown out of the nightstand drawer and placed it atop her head. It had pale yellow jewels, just like the color of the dress. "Getting ready is much more enjoyable when you can do it yourself," Alice thought silently to herself, "I could definitely get used to this."

The End

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