Princesses in Training (Chapter Eight)

"Your majesty! I have some-" The king's advisor was just begining his morning rounds when he discovered the king, unresponsive on his bedroom floor. He immediately ran the other direction. "Nurse, nurse!" He cried out. "Come quickly! It's an emergency!"

"Sir," the nurse replied, "I will need you to calm down and tell me what your emergency is. Has Alice fallen out of a tree again?"

"No, it's the king. I was going to inform him of some very important news, but when I got to his bedroom, I found him unresponsive on the floor. He is still breathing, though it is rather shallow."

"Oh dear! This is an emergency! Let's hurry now, before we run out of time!" SO the two rushed to the king's bedroom. Once deciding he was stable enough to move, they lifted him up onto the bed. It dodn't take long for the nurse to come to a diagnosis.

"it's the plague sir, stage five. I don't think there's much hope for him now."

"Oh dear! How will I ever break the news to Alice? After all, her father is her closest family member."

"Well, last I saw, she was in the garden."

"Thank you. I shall go talk to her now." So he slowly walked the the garden. The advisor thought he would rather be at a funeral march. Even that would be easier than breaking the dreadful news to Alice.


"Ahem... Alice, I need to talk to you." The advisor said, with a very serious look on his face. It was obvious something was wrong.

What is it? Is it something with my father? Is he doing well? He was feeling ill last night."

"Well, that's what I came to talk to you about. Your father had the plague. It's at stage five. The doctors fear he won;t make it, Alice." By the time he finished talking, alice had gotten up and started running. She didn't know where, but she wanted to escape the sorrow of her own kingdom.

"He has to get better! He just has to!" She whispered, in between sobs and gasps of air. Suddenly, she had an idea. "Alexander! I can go stay with him! He'll understand me! After all, he lost his sister five years ago to the very same plague."


After the sun had completely gone down, Alice started to hurry through the woods. It was a full moon, so she wouldn't need a candle. She started on her way, but she soon discovered just how far Alexander's castle really was. What took an hour with a horse took an entire night on foot. After about an hour, alice became so tired, she had to sit down. Her feet were sore and blistered. After ten minutes, she decided it was time to get going. She sprang up and ran past a tree, only to trip over its roots. She landed hard on mer right wrist, and with a crack, sent a searing pain up her entire arm. It immediately swelled up, and in the dim moonlight appeared purple.

"Probably broken." She mumbled under her breath. The pain only lasted minutes because it was so cold she had gone completely numb.

After traveling for hours, she finally reached Alexander's castle. Once the sun had risen, she the gates opened. She walked in, hoping to let all her sorrows out on a long walk with Alexander. Little did she know that instead of making them better, coming here would just make her sorrows worse.

The End

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