Princesses in Training (Chapter Seven)

"Good evening Alice. I've been meaning to talk to you all day. Did you enjoy last night's ball?" The king questioned her. "I noticed you and Alexander snuck out in the middle of it, then didn't return until the final song. What on earth were you doing?"

"Well Daddy," Alice replied, "we left because Alexander wanted to see the horses. But when we were leaving, we slipped in the mud. So we had to go clean up. And yes, I adored the ball. I had no idea Alexander was so michiveous!"

"Well, last night we found earthworms frozen in the ice sculpture. Do youahve an explanation for that?"

"Oh no! I didn't do it. Maybe Alexnader did. After all, he was digging for worms before the ball." Alice quietly laughed. She knew he had done it. She watched him drill holes in the sculpture, then place the worms inside. He replaced it after that, awaiting the screams of an innocent foreign princess.

"Well, I have to hand it to him. If he did do it, it's a great prank. something many pranksterswould be glad to take credit for. But of course, you didn't do anything like that did you? Because you could get into serious trouble." Just then, the dinner cart arrived.

"Don't eat your spaghetti." They looked at is the king realized it was made of rope.

"Oh Alice, I worry about you sometimes."

"And I worry about you too daddy. You seem a little bit pale. Are you alright? There is a deadly plague going around you know."

"Well, i am feeling a bit queasy. But i asure you, it's nothing to be afraid of. Just the 24-hour flu, if anything."

"Ok daddy. May I be excused? I have some things I want to do now. May I go sit in the garden? I promise I won't climb the trees."

"Yes Alice, you can. I think I should be going as well. I am going to lie down now. Talk to your mother if you need anything."

"Ok Daddy. Get well soon."

" I will try to get well as soon as I can. But I asure you, it's nothing to be afraid of. Just a 24-hour flu." But as he said it, the king didn't feel so sure. As soon as Alice walked out the door, he slowly bagan his decent up the winding staircase to his bedroom. But he barely made it through his bedroom door before he collapsed, landing crumpled on the cold, hard, concrete floor.

The End

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