Princesses in training (The Fourth Chapter)

"Aaahhhhh!" King Arthur Exclaimed. "What do you mean my vault has been broken into?"

""Well your majesty?" The kings advisor stammered. Beads of sweat rolled down his forehead. He knew the king was not one to mess with when in one of his temper tamtrums. "It appears that some bandits have broken into your vault in the late hours of the night. There is one thing that puzzles me. The lock remained unlocked in the morning. Either you forgot to close it, or those bandits have the spere key."

"But how is that possible?" The king replied. "The only person who can get into my vault is me and..." The king paused he was frozen in fear considering who the bandit had to be.

"And who sir?" The advisor questioned.

"Alice." The king was trembling when he said this. "My youngest daughter has betrayed me. Go fetch her at once. I must have a talk with her."

"Why sir, I'm sure Alice had nothing to do with this. Maybee you forgot to close the lock last night. you were awfully tired last night."

"How dare you question me? I asked for my daughter, and I will speak with her."

*                                                                               *                                                                *

"You called for me daddy?" Alice replied innocently. She was sure her father would not figure out that she had broken into the vault.

"Now Alice, I will not take any of this innocent nonsense." My vault was unlocked, and you have the other key." The king exclaimed.

Alice needed to think of something fast. The question was, what to do? "Oh no daddy!" She exclaimed. "I had no idea that your vault had been broken into!"

"Now Alice, I will not take any of this innocent nonsense! I know you committed the crime. If you just admit it and return the money, you will not be punished. But If you refuse, I will enroll you in the classes a 14-year old is supposed to take. That's when you learn to walk in high heels and other boring things like that."

At that exact moment, Alice's sister Princess Kiera walks in the room. She sees Alice is in need of help. She goes in there and stands up for Alice. "Daddy!" Keira yells, startling her father. "How dare you acuse my younger sister of comitting such a crime, for she wa in out room with me all night!" The king was flabergasted.

"I'm very sorry for acusing you of breaking into my vault. I just acted out of anger, that's all. Can you ever forgive me?"

"Yes daddy, of course I can"

*                                                                                       *                                                              *It was another night. Alice was sitting in her bedroom, speaking with Kiera."Why did you lie to father earlier today? You know very well that I was nowhere near our room the entire night."

"I know you weren't, because you were with the very same group of bandits that broke into our castle." Keira said.

"Oh please don't tell daddy. I'll do anything for you!" Alice pleaded with her older sister.
"Oh, alright. All I want you to do is not tell father what I did." Kiera replied.

"What! You did something bad? What on earth could a goody-two-shoes like you do that was bad?" Alice was very curious. Her sister never did anything wrong!

"You're never going to believe me." Kiera answered to her sister.

"Oh yeah, try me." Alice cleverly replied.

"I broke into Father's vault."

"What! How can that be? When we got there, All the money was there, and we took every last penny of it!" Alice was very confused.

"The only way  it could work silly. I was in the very same group of bandits that you were in."

"But which one were you? I thought all the bandits were guys!'

"You know, you aren't the only one who can pull off a discuise. I can make a pretty great boy if I really try. Our skill of discuise was something we both got from our mom."

"Wait a minute. Is that what you have been doing for the past three weeks?" Alice questioned her sister.

"Wow, you sure do catch on fast." Kiera said sarcastically.

"Oh would you just be quiet?" Alice teased her older sister. "Wait a second? Why were with the bandits?"

"I have been suspicious of a certain servant for a while. I followed him to a group of bandits who robbed kingdoms. I just went along as a quiet boy who neede money. They showed me their plans. I was shocked to see that our castle was sceduled for the next three weeks. I did all I could do to stop them, but they refused. When I warned the guards, they thought I was being silly. After the three weeks were up, they snuck to our castle. I couldn't just abandon them orthey would be suspicious of me. When they passed our room, I watched in horror as my own sister aided them in the robbery. Why did you do it Alice? Why?"

"I was angry at father for not allowing me watch jousting like every other girl in the castle was. Instead I have to sew and eat properly. I'm sick of those classes Kiera, sick of them!"

"Well Alice ,that was no reason to go robbing your father. If he found out, you could be put in the dungeon, royalty of not!"

"I know, iIjust overreacted and didn't think about what I was doing."

"Well, let's just forget we ever had this little talk and go to bed. What do you say to that?"

"I agree. This talk never happened." And with that last remark, the two princesses drifted off into a deep sleep.

The End

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