Princesses in Training (The third Chapter)

"Alright Young knights. We have a new student today. his name is Erik. " The knights in training were in the middle of their morning classes.

"Oh man, this armour is heavy!" Alice muttered under her breath. She had decided to become a knight. She was very glad for her ability to discuise herself as somebody else. It really came in handy when it came to situations like this.

***                                                                         ***                                                                       ***

Night arose. Alice was exhausted after trying to find her weakness. The teacher finally came to this conclusion: "You can't even hold the sword." He had promised to help "Erik" with his weakness. But from now on, he was to be put into the beginners group.

***                                                                          ***                                                                 ***

Alice was Angry at the king for not allowing her to watch Charles joust. Even though he allowed her to stay until her sister left, on the way out the king commanded  her older sister Kiera to leave. And of course, the behaved princess had to listen to her father. So Alice didn't even get to finish watching Charles joust. "Why did my sister have to be so obedient? it always ruins all my fun." Alice mumbled to herself. As she sat alone in her bedrooom, she noticed something very peculiar. her sister was not in bed like she was supposed to. "Maybee I'm starting to wear off on her." Alice thought to herself. But that didn't seem to be right. I had to be something else. Just then, Alice heard rustling outside. Then she overheard them talking about robbing, and the king. Leaping out her bedroom window, she sprang into action, startling the bandits.

"Stop ypu filthy Bandits!" Alice commanded. 'I am a princess!"

"Oh please spare our lives! We'll do anything!" The tallest bandit proclaimed.

"I will spare rour lives under one condition."

"Whatever you want, we will do it."

"I want to aid you in robbing my father."

"But why would you want to rob your own castle?" The shortest bandit questioned her.

"Why I do of don't want to is none of your business." Alice replied. The bandits quit questioning her. They just followed her as she led them deeper and deeper into the castle, all the way to the vault. This held some of the king's most prized posessions. As she  reached into the pocket of her nightgown, she pulled out a key. SHe placed it into the lock, and there was a silent click.

The End

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