Princesses in training (The first chapter)

"why do I have to stay here at school daddy?" Alice was questioning her father. This was just one of those days where Alice's annoyance and rebellious attitude was at its full capacity.

"Silence! I will not have this arguing nonsense. You know very well why you have to stay here. To be a ruler, you need to be trained like one. Speaking of training, I believe you have some classes to go to." THe king was obviosly not in the mood for her childish behavior.

"But daddy! I wanted to go watch Charles joust! Couldn't  I just watch him then go to class?"

"Why Alice, you know very well that none of your teachers would appreciate that. You can't just go and watch Charles joust. You'll be missing your first class of the day!"

"That was the whole point. I hate dance class. How on earth do you dance the waltz wearing a corset and high heels? It's just not natural. And you've always told me that if it's not natural, don't do it. That's why I'm not allowed to climb trees."

"Are you going to keep arguing like this forever?'

"Why, does it bother you daddy?"

"Yes, very much."

"Then yes, I am going to continue to argue like this untill you let me go watch Charles."

"My goodness child! You are acting like a five year old! This is just ridiculous. If you are going to bug me all day, then no you are not to be going to watch Charles joust. You will be taking classes weekdays and weekends."

"Fine! You must hate me to do something like that! Give me the one thing I hate the most! That's just cruel daddy, cruel! I hope your happy!" ALice stormed out the door, convinced she had been a good enough actor. But the king could spot a liar a mile away, and he knew Alice was up to something. And he was pretty sure he knew exactly what it was.

The End

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