Princesses in Training

This story is about a 14-year old princess named Alice She does not like to be a princess who wears high heels, but would rather climb trees. The introduction simply tells what will be going on in the chapters that are to come.

" I hate this stupid school!" Alice the kings youngest daughter complained. "I would much rather be knight!" This was a typical morning in the castle of King Arthur. But aside from being a castle, the house was also a small school for princesses, princes, knights, and other people of that sort. There were two princesses in particular. Their names were Princess Alice and Princess Kiera. Those two very special princesses were the king's daughters. The King had no sons, so it was up to his daughters to marry a young prince of knight in training. Then they would choose to be rulers of the kingdom or they could choose to create their own kingdom.  This story is focused on the youngest princess, Alice. She is against the idea of being a princess, and is often very rebellious, untill she meets the love of her life at her first ball. Alice is a mischeivious, immature girl. You will notice that alice tends to trick her father into thinking something other than the truth. She is also a master of discuise, which will help out later in the tale.

The End

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